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Brooke | 1376 comments Hey, thanks for making the thread!
I haven't done much fxf, but I'm always open to ideas C: I'd love to hear it.
I'm into anything, really, I'm pretty open, as long as it doesn't involve any weird shit, like incest, or slave/master, that kind of thing!
How about you?

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Brooke | 1376 comments I'm into that idea, for sure C: also, were you wanting to do doubles?

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Brooke | 1376 comments Yeah, for sure!
So did you kind of have any visions regarding characters and plot pieces and whatnot? The idea is great, but vague, which is fun because it gives us room to really develop a story C:
should our charries be childhood friends, or fairly new friends, like a couple of years or so?

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Brooke | 1376 comments ooh, yes, i love that! maybe they find a missing persons report at some point for the character that ran away, and then that could cause drama between them. maybe the runaway knows people are looking for her, so the whole time shes trying to distract her friend, and is tearing flyers off bulletin boards and skirting newspapers and people that recognize her.

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Brooke | 1376 comments (mm, that could be an interesting development! any ideas for that?) They should definitely have a run in with some sketchy people at some point, and maybe have an issue with theft? maybe someone steals their car, and they have to hitchhike?

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Brooke | 1376 comments yes, all of those ideas sound perfect C: i can just imagine them getting back, all out of breath and being like, "where the hell is the car?" hahah! i'm excited to see your charrie! do you mind posting her now, and i can get started on making her polar opposite?

also, what should we say made the girls kind of drift? maybe there was a previous attraction between them, but at the time, one of our characters was in denial about her sexuality? maybe still is? what are your thoughts on that?

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Brooke | 1376 comments ahhh, I love her! <3 i'm working on my charrie right now, sorry it's taking me so long. life happens sometimes :P

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Brooke | 1376 comments girl girl
face claim: Gigi Hadid

Claire Morgan Dwyer / 17 / Female / November 13th, 1999 / Bisexual

Claire came out kicking and screaming, and she hasn't stopped since. She's a wild child with little regard for the way her actions affect others. If Claire wants to do it, there's little anyone can say that will talk her out of it. She embraces spontaneity and isn't afraid of the unknown, and is often flinging herself into situations without thinking things through. Though she may sound reckless and self-serving, Claire never sets out to hurt anyone, and her plans often start with good intentions. They just never quite pan out that way.

[likes] peaches, Smirnoff Ice, books, frogs
[dislikes] school, silence, new homes/people, carrots

[brief history]
Claire grew up in foster homes. Her mother--bipolar, coupled with an addictive personality--held her baby once. Claire has only met her a handful of times, and each time left her drained, confused and even more unsure of her place in this world. She was (is) a handful, and as a result, has been bounced from house to house with no real sense of stability, so she created that within herself. She's a one girl show, and tends to keep people at a comfortable distance because of this. The only person she ever really held close was her first friend, Delilah Summerfield. Though they aren't as close as they used to be, Claire still cares about her, and always smiled at her in the hallways at school. As of right now, Claire is living with a young couple who've just adopted a little baby boy, whom she adores, thouhgh she can't wait to turn eighteen and be free of the system.

(she's still a wip, but i wanted to get up what i had. I hope she's okay! I still want to add a few more pictures)

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Brooke | 1376 comments oh, i'm glad you like her! i think they're going to be quite the pair!! C: and okay, that could work! maybe her social worker tells her she can't go, but she does it anyway haha

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Brooke | 1376 comments which would mess with delilah, considering she likes plans and order and whatnot!

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Brooke | 1376 comments C: hmm, did you have any kind of inklings when the idea came to you? i kind of think a camping scene would be fun! maybe since delilah's an artist, they're hitting up really beautiful places, and she's painting every stop? maybe she's going to a prestigious art school and needs to start building a portfolio or something?

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Brooke | 1376 comments awesome! that list would work well, because they could be neat and interesting things for her to paint. oh, and claire should somehow mess up every single one with her shananigans, and at the end of the roadtrip delilah has nothing done, but maybe somehow puts it all together to create this huge masterpiece, you know?

oooh, just a random idea, but maybe delilah planned to take the road trip on her own, but her parents wouldn't let her go without taking someone they trusted? and maybe they always really liked claire, so in desperation, delilah blurts out that she's coming with her, even though they haven't talked in like, three years? and claire is down to go because she's never been further than the outskirts of the city that they live in?

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Brooke | 1376 comments okay, great! ^.^
so i think we've got the basics down! shall we kick this thing off?

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Brooke | 1376 comments (view spoiler)

Claire tapped her thumbs against the keyboard of her hand-me-down Blackberry as she squinted at the screen. It was washed out and dark from the glare of early July sunlight, and it didn’t help that the screen was worn and scratched from years of previous use.

where are u?

The phone buzzed with another incoming message: we r freaking out here claire. pls call ASAP.

From the front seat, Claire felt the car shudder as Delilah slammed the trunk closed. She couldn’t really believe that she was here, inside a car that had to be decades older than her, waiting for her old best friend to hop in the driver’s seat and take them far, far away from here. And the only place Claire wanted to go in that very moment was, indeed, far, far away.

The squawk of the driver’s side door startled Claire when Delilah yanked it open, and she fumbled with her phone like her friend had just walked in on her watching porn. Luckily, D didn’t seem to notice, just piled in and grinned over at her as she fingered the keys, which were hanging in the ignition, waiting to light this puppy up and take them to places that Claire had only dreamed of seeing. And now she was really going to see them, with her own two eyes, and she still couldn’t believe it. Maybe she wouldn’t, not until it was smack-dab in front of her, close enough to touch.

“Are you excited?” Delilah asked, before turning the keys in the ignition. The car purred to life beneath them. “I’m excited.”

“Hell yeah I’m excited!” Claire said, slipping her phone into the pocket of her jean cut-offs. “I can’t believe we’re really doing this.”

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Brooke | 1376 comments ((no worries!))

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Brooke | 1376 comments (hey, were you still interested in doing this? just let me know either way C:)

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