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Character A keeps to himself, he does his school work and keeps inside while his peers go out and party, he wouldn't call himself a hermit but it's starting to feel like he really does have nothing but the next assignment to keep him steady. It's not until Character B steps into his life that he feels like he's actually missing out. They're nothing alike, so why should Character A be enamored with them?
character a : mandi
character b : mal

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❛❛ Will ❜❜ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ William James Robertson ▬ Eighteen ▬ Male ▬ Senior

William is in his last year of college and all he wants to do is finish it quietly.

The years of being bullied over being a shy, near silent nobody has taken it's toll on him and he just wants to be left alone. Luckily, his roommate came down with Mono and he is now free of having a overbearing roommate who would tease his lack of social life on a daily basis. He can go on his computer and not have to pretend to be writing a paper! It's the most excited he's been to be alone since discovering masturbation.

It's not easy being around people when you're trying to get a degree in psychology. You can read people like a book and when they are rude to you, well, it's a pain in the ass to see the truth written out on their facial features.

And his family wonders why he's turning into a hermit.

Focusing on his studies is the best way to go about this final year though... and that's all he's going to do.

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ᴛᴡᴇɴᴛʏ﹣ᴏɴᴇ﹕ʙʀᴜɴᴇᴛᴛᴇ﹕ʙʀᴏᴡɴ ᴇʏᴇs﹕₆·₀··﹕··ᴠɪɴᴄᴇ··﹕sᴀᴍᴜᴇʟ ʟᴀʀsᴇɴ

the more you know . . .
- plays baseball
- can't sing for shit
- used to have dreads ;n;
- is a double major in astronomy and physics, how he manages to play baseball, study, and party is a fucking miracle. he'd love to work for nasa or something.
- isn't much of a reader, and has a hard time sitting still, but tried hard in those general english classes. very, very hard. numbers are easier for him, they fall into place in his head, where as reading makes him frustrated and bored.
- musicals are his guilty pleasure. he owns all three high school musical movies for the worst of days.
- openly bisexual with a male preference, much to the dismay of his mother, who doesn't get a say anyway since she didn't spend much time with him after she and dad got divorced anyway (bitch). he keeps her at arms length. has an eight year old half-brother.

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Mal (malxox) | 721 comments laughing cause i started this other roleplay a little while back and they used cole for their fc too. bless riverdale for bringing this kid back. my childhood feels are real <3

ℳᵃᶰᵈᶤ | 22 comments omg, he's so cute thooo, I can't believe it's really him most of the time, he looks so different, except for his smile. Hits me right in the feels too, I want his brother to guest star so badly.

ℳᵃᶰᵈᶤ | 22 comments Did you want me to start? I didn't want to assume. It might be long ish but no pressure, it's just how I start out rps.

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Mal (malxox) | 721 comments can you imagine tho
omg hey jug whats up
um im not jug
ya im his long lost twin brother....
jarhead jones

yes! yes! start :D

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Mal (malxox) | 721 comments also i just realized will is 18 and in his last year of college
holy mother that is intense man

ℳᵃᶰᵈᶤ | 22 comments I know, right? The pressure is real because he's young af and an asshole. XD I would die if like, next season they had Jughead see another version of himself like in his dreams and he has a twin and it's really his brother in a shitty get up to look like jughead.

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Mal (malxox) | 721 comments did he skip grades?? is he a child genuis?? is that why he's antisocial?? did he just take college courses in high school?? im so curios oml
have dylan put on a dress and call himself jellybean xD

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William blinked lazily as the porn on laptop glitched out mid orgasm, causing him to sigh and exit out of the video. He pulled one ear bud out of his ear and glanced at the time, stomach twisting as he realized it was seven in the morning and he wasn't sleeping-again. He was too young and so called intelligent for this shit. Staying up and watching crap porn was beneath him. But look at him: eighteen and in his last year of college?

He was so fucking lucky to be here.

And yet, his success was built on the back of suffering because as smart as he was, he was also treated like the biggest freak in school.

It didn't help matters that he didn't find people interesting.

Maybe he was going to turn into a Sherlockian psychopath and kill someone before he left this shit behind him. He'd be good in prison. He'd have plenty of bitches under heel, he was sure. He could be a right bastard in his mind at the very least.

He tormented his tormentors everyday in his fantasies.

Was it weird that it kind of turned him on?

He chuckled to himself, amused by his internal monologue as he pulled out his other ear bud with a sigh, clearing his throat, he reached for his bottle of water and took a drink, eyes lingering on the empty bed beside him for a beat before a smirk pulled at his lips and he unplugged his head phones and googled a better porn site.


I hear that he threatened to burn down his school.” William narrowed his eyes and pulled his beanie lower on his head to hide his eyes and reveal a puff of dark hair from the back.

No shit... that's why he's here? I heard he's like... a super genius.

William closed his eyes and counted to ten.

Have you ever spoken to him?


Good... don't. The guy is a massive d-

“Good morning!” William opened his eyes to see his professor walking into the room with a hot coffee and a bright smile, cutting off the insidious whispers from the curious students a few feet behind him. “How is everyone?” Mumbles answered him. “Good, good.” He sat his books down and gazed around the room expectantly. “I heard we have a new student transferring in... anyone see any new faces?”

No, thought William, having scanned every face as he walked through the door. Just the same idiots that are always here. Though Brad is sporting a new cologne that smells way to cheap to be cancer safe.

“Hmm... I suppose I am a bit early,” the professor continued, resuming his set up as he picked up his dry erase marker and started writing today's lessons on the board behind him.

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ℳᵃᶰᵈᶤ | 22 comments Sorry it took forever, someone hit a pole and at exactly 2 everything in my apartment went out. It was awesome.

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Mal (malxox) | 721 comments ((Well that's sucks xD 2 am? It's 1 here haha
Is Vince supposed to be the transfer student or is he referring to somebody completely different aka a side character??))

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ℳᵃᶰᵈᶤ | 22 comments (Up to you. I figured Vince would end up as Williams new roommate though. Unless you don't like the idea.)

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Mal (malxox) | 721 comments ((Well. I had already kind of pictured him having a roommate and being used to the school so I wish you would have told me haha 😅 Um that's fine))

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ℳᵃᶰᵈᶤ | 22 comments (We don't have to do it. It's up to you, he's your character after all. :) Do what you want.)

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((Don't mind, don't mind. I've got it worked out :P))

Vincent had only been gone a year, but every step was like taking a walk down memory lane. The large, ancient trees decorating campus, and the sweet smell of freshly mown grass overwhelmed him. He almost took it upon himself not to go to class, but since he'd already missed the first week and a half of the new semester, Vince knew that hanging back would be the equivalent of holding back, and that's not what he came here for. His life on campus from here on out would be as new as spring leaves, the old ones left behind and crushed under the feet of unforgiving students.

Well. Except for a few minor details. Say... all of the friends that still went here. It wasn't like he'd been gone a decade or something crazy.

"Buuuddy! You're back!" A small chorus of laughs and grins awarded his studious walk into the classroom. All his buddies hung towards the back, taking seats in places that would guarantee they not see the board well enough to take notes.

Vince adorned his hands, guilty. "Guilty as charged," he grinned. Someone ruffled his hair, chuckling as he ducked out of their grasp and raked his fingers back through the dark locks.

"We didn't think you'd show up... which reminds me: Ev, you owe me ten bucks."

"You're betting on my word?" Vince shook his head, arms crossed. His words were light and playful, a stern contradiction to his posture. "That's just wrong, guys." He looked around the classroom, picking out the faces he didn't know. The campus was large, so it wasn't much of a shock to find that he didn't know most of them. However, he'd been in contact with his friends since the beginning of the semester, and took a marble of pride in his ability to guess who was who based on description and behavior alone.

"Hey," Vince tapped the desk, still on his feet, to get his friends attention. Matt followed Vince's gaze. "That him?"

Abandoning his conversation with Evan - who claimed that he did not, and will not ever, owe him ten dollars - Josh nodded his head, and dropped his voice an octave into what Vince referred to as his 'gossip mode'. "Yeah, that's him. They're saying he burned down his school-- and not on accident, if you know what I'm saying," (view spoiler)

Vince glanced at him, an annoyed disbelief in his eyes, but Josh's gaze was unwavering. "I'm serious man! He's weird ... really weird. I wouldn't put it past him."

Vince responded by straightening to his full height and looking unconvinced. "He'd be in jail if he burnt down his school on purpose. Or at least not here." Josh started to argue, but Vince was having none of it. He'd been accused of some crazy shit himself, and his firm disbelief in this was unyielding. "I'll prove it to you," he said, and walked away.

He came up to the empty seat beside Will (whose name he knew because his friends, despite their tough exteriors, gossiped like the stereotypical female trope) with ease. "You didn't really burn down your school, did you?" he asked seriously, eyebrows rising sky-high.

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William ignored the presence beside him for a long beat, listening to the squeak of marker against the board before he said, “Of course I did.” in a droll tone. He'd been disassociating before the feeling of a human being too close made him itch into awareness. “Can't you see the scars from the cuffs?”

William glanced at the guy beside him, eyebrows coming together in confusion because he had seen the student before-in the halls. He was part of some sport that William hadn't cared enough to read as he passed by.

He hadn't seen him in this class before.

He held up his wrists for him to check out, watching the emotions roll over his features as he did before he lowered his hands and shifted to pull his wrists under his jacket. He didn't say he was just kidding, that the scars on his wrists were from an accident in his youth, he just clamped his mouth shut and basked in being the mysterious young senior.

Still, the athletes face spoke volumes in itself.

He had laugh lines, his brown eyes were bright despite the sight of his scars, his skin was flawless and his lips were full.

William could feel rather than see the friends of the student rallying behind him in his defense, lest William say anything rude to him, but William wasn't going to say anything else. He was fine with being quiet. He was fine with being thought of as a freak. He knew the truth of himself and that's all that mattered to him, so he flicked his eyes away from the near stranger and refocused on the white board.

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Will's words were icy and hit him hard, stark like cold winter air. Luckily, Vince found chilled air refreshing, and the widening grin on his face proved that to be the case here as well. He was tired of his friends gossip and banter, and the young man was proving to be to worth his time.

He snorted, a brief puff of laughter, and took a seat next to the professional brooder. "Believe it or not," Vince turned his gaze on him, tone serious, "It wasn't your wrists that I was looking at."

William was quiet, but not easily overlooked. The youngest kid in their grade -- or, what would have been his grade, if he hadn't taken a year off -- and presumably the most clever of all. His gloomy exterior was a sooty fog, heavy and exhaustive, always ready to ward off enemies if they got too close. Vince saw all this, but he trudged deeper into the smoke, packed for exploration. Despite the cloud that hung over Will's head, Vince could see he was gorgeous. An easy kind of beautiful that escaped you, illusive and hidden in the mist of rumors.

"I'm Vince," he introduced, keeping his hands to himself, but not his eyes. "I'd ask your name, but I've heard it's Will." he paused, observing.

"I also heard that you're eighteen, and a senior. You must be wicked smart. Did you skip a bunch of grades?" there was true curiosity in his voice, and he bent his elbow against the desk, cheek pressed into his palm.

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William felt a strange surge of confusion as Vincent sat beside him, close enough to invade his personal space for sure, not bothered by William's attitude in the slightest when all the rest had fallen to rumors around him. Vincent kept looking at him, like he wasn't even bothered by him. Usually that made his hackles raise up but 'Vince' had an easy air about him that William couldn't see past.

“No,” he muttered despite himself. “I just got bored when I wasn't in school and went to the library. They had advanced college courses and I happened upon one that wasn't a scam.” He flexed his fingers, his voice rough to his own ears, he was used to talking to himself.

He had the best conversations that way but he needed the practice to get better at lying.

“I was just lucky. I know how to use the internet to my advantage and I like psychology.” Which was his major. “It's how I got this far so quickly... though I suppose the rumors are a lot more exciting." Hell, the whole burning down his school thing popped up when someone caught him learning how to blow smoke rings. "Even though most people find me to be a waste of life, I enjoy reading them. ” 

Just as Vincent was reading him, right now. His brown eyes kept roaming over his face, his dilating pupils said that he liked what he saw but William decided to ignore that and he didn't confirm his name, seeing as it would be pretty pointless since Vincent had his goons.

"Your picture is up on the wall," he reminded him. "I don't know why but I've seen your face before." He still didn't really care to know what Vincent did but, "Why'd you leave?" it'd be a weird twist of fate if this pretty boy was as misjudged as he was. "You have a lot of friends...or so it seems, anyway..." He lowered his voice as he spoke since Mr. Wickam was starting to teach now instead of smear his writing with his belly.

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(view spoiler)

Vince was still convinced that only a genius - or a maniac - would would be able to take and pass advanced classes so early in their life, but he let it go. Will didn't seem like the type to respond glowingly to compliments; probably because he was used to being treated like some sort of social pariah. Unfortunately, few years ago Vince would have been enough like his friends to label Will a sociopath, and take to prancing around jesting about how if you got to close bad things would happen.

He was not proud of his high-school years.

But he was proud of his baseball career. What there was of it anyway. Having his picture on the wall gave his confidence a little boost, and kept the school close to his heart. Sentimentality is part of the reason he caved and ended up coming back to school at the university instead of integrate into a new one.

Vince's smile was bright and it reached his eyes. The heat twisted down to a soft warmth, though, as his eyes turned back to glimpse his friends. They'd gone back to horsing around, for the most part, even as their professor was clearing his throat for their attention. Taking his time to sigh, Vince's gaze found Will's - or, what it could - "They're a buncha dicks." he said honestly. It didn't seem to bother him, "I met most of them my freshman year, and I stuck with them because I was a pretty shit person.

"Which is also why I left. I was barely passing classes, and spent most of my time partying. Or crashing parties, if we could manage." Vince scraped an embarrassed hand through his hair. "So I took a year off."

He paused as Mr. Wickam began speaking, having somehow pacified the five-year-old's in the back. It was getting harder and harder to call them his friends, honestly, but he'd gotten used to them over the years. Obviously, he was a sucker for familiarity. Determined to turn over a new leaf in his life, Vincent drug Will's notebook over to him, searching pockets of a pen, and scribbled - instead of whispering - a conversational note:

played baseball. gonna go out for the team again.
when i make it, i'll look for you in the stands

He slid the notebook over to him, grin punctuating the text.

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(view spoiler)

Will felt his eyebrows reach his hairline as he glanced at his notebook to see Vincent's neat handwriting on his clean pages. Look for him in the stands?

Will glanced up and met his eyes, they were too bright to be human. Did Vincent not see him at all? With Will's almost emo looks and 'don't fuck with me' attitude?

William narrowed his eyes at the offered pen, holding up his mechanical pencil, before his head tilted to the right and he focused on the notebook, jotting down:

i'm not a fan.
even if i was, the thought of being around 'your friends' makes me think of a thousand other places i'd rather be.

To make his point, he made a tiny sketch of a hissing vampire before he passed it back to him, feeling like he was acting his age right now with this little act. He was pale for a reason and would rather block out the sun and stream movies then go out and pretend to care about a sport that really didn't interest him all that much.

Not like that bewildering look that Vincent had given him, not that it was bewildering in itself, no, it was sincere interest and that was confusing the hell out of William.

He didn't find himself all that interesting. If he were a guy like Vincent or one of Vincent's friends, he'd probably think he was a freak of nature.

He was quiet, too quiet, and young, too young, to belong here.

William hardly cared for the gossip but to think someone looked at him and thought he was capable of violence... well, it made one think about themselves in a certain way. He'd rather be pushed away and left alone. It would be better than someone pretending to be his friend just to aid the bullshit following him around.

The idea made him suspicious of Vincent but he tried not to let his fears get the better of him as he tuned out the professor and focused on this guy beside him, who made sweat appear on his skin when nothing else did.

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Mal (malxox) | 721 comments ((gr turned off all my notifications I haven't seen any for months I'm so sorry))

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ℳᵃᶰᵈᶤ | 22 comments ((Did you still want to continue this?))

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Mal (malxox) | 721 comments ((If you're up for it, then yes :) ))

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ℳᵃᶰᵈᶤ | 22 comments ((I am. :) ))

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His brain urged his hand to move. To swipe the pencil and inform the young boy that he wasn't much of a fan of his 'friends' either. In fact, it urged him to inform William of how desperately he wanted needed people in his life that weren't them. That weren't anything like them, actually.

But he didn't.

Instead, Vince bit his tongue and struggled not to laugh. There was a smile in his eyes, bright and giddy, and they stuck to William, reluctant to tear away. When they did, his gaze didn't go far, sinking to the notes they were passing. Vince gnawed his bottom lip before diving in. He scribbled a quick note back, a sly twinkle in his eyes.

you'd make a cute vampire.
lets go shopping, i'll swipe you some fangs.

Vince wasn't the type to celebrate Halloween, but he could think of plenty of ways to make the night worth his wild if Will -- he could call him Will, right? -- was into vampires and werewolves. Pop some fangs into Will's mouth, see how long it took for Vince to get them out. They'd make a game out of it.

Vince scribbled a small string of numbers beneath the text, his phone number, and tacked on a laughable winky face.

He came back to focus and study, not party and flirt with cute boys, but class was becoming less and less appealing. Will looked uncomfortable, being his center of attention, but Vince wasn't much of a multi-tasker, and his curiosity was large and insatiable.

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