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message 1: by Ilse (new)

Ilse (eelsaysbooks) | 28 comments Mod
I just wanted to start a conversation.
What are some of your favourite NA tropes..
We already know that YA has a few common ones, for example.. the chosen one, the typical love triangle, the you are not like any other girls type trope...just to name a few BUT what are some of your favorite or maybe not so favorite NA tropes?

I have a few faves.. but I guess I can't get enough of the
bad boy/alpha make trope ..IM GUILTY Im one of those people and also the love to hate relationship... OH and how about teacher to student kinda thing idk why! even though Ive only read like a few select.

message 2: by Whitney (new)

Whitney (whitneywest) | 5 comments Hate to love is my favorite. I love angst. I like the guy that is an asshole but takes a different tone with the female love interest. I love when the girl that's been used by guys in the past (and by the main guys in previous books in the series) gets to find her happiness. I am not a fan of insta love. I love the falling for your older brothers friend. I like the boss/office romance. I need a delicate balance with my romances. I want the steamy stuff (not the kinky) but I don't want the book to rely solely on the sex to carry the story. I need some substance with a lot of steamy. I didn't think I liked romances where kids were involved but I've recently found that I was totally wrong in the that department. I love sports romances, but I don't like for an author to make a character who is involved in sports and then just throws in some sports lingo or slang and tries to pass it off as sports romance. Apparently, I have a lot of feelings when it comes to romance books.

message 3: by Hannah (new)

Hannah Grace (hannahgracie21) | 2 comments As much as I love the alpha male trope, recently I have been reading some books where the guy is kind of a "Mr. Nice Guy," and I LOVE it! (Mostly because that's who I'd fall for in real life, but I digress.) Obviously, he's still masculine and all that, but it's been pretty refreshing to read books where the guy is a good ol' sweetheart. I love hate to love, too - totally agree with everything Whitney said.

I'd say my least favorite trope is one that is a little controversial, and I totally get it if maybe y'all disagree with me. I mean NO offense when I say this, and I really truly sympathize with anyone who has suffered through this, but recently I've found that the "girl got raped/abused" trope has been over-used. I think books that have tough subjects like that are SUPER important, and should definitely be read, but I don't know, I just feel like it has been used over and over as a convenient way to add drama to a plot. Doing this, I feel, really dishonors the survivors of these situations, and I'm just not interested in reading a book where *wham!* the author throws in a rape curve-ball (or the like). I am ALL FOR books that have a serious dialogue about rape, abuse, the healing process, etc., but really hate it when an author just tosses it in a book for some juicy drama.

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