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Kirra (bookishkirra) | 37 comments Mod
Your rating out of five stars?

Your thoughts on the book in five words or less (or much more)?

Who did you love/hate?

Sharon Mogg | 22 comments Just made it to 4 stars for me!

Whiny teens learning life lessons.

I liked MC and all her friends. They were so sweet and I think we can all relate to being anxious high schoolers. Everything was the end of the world for them and to be fair, things did get out of hand. That was the fault of the public, though. It really was a jealous spat between kids.

I also liked Harley. He was a supportive bro and we could all do with the kind of family that would help you back up when it feels like the entire world is against you, even if it is your fault.

I wasn't crazy about MC's mum. She was a bit scattered. I guess I didn't really like her personality but she was in a bad place and there was actually nothing wrong with her.

One thing I'd like to know is what happened to Tosca's baby!?

Kirra (bookishkirra) | 37 comments Mod
3.5 Stars

Core message: Don't fouk with Anouk.

I totally agree, the public and the web was truly so disgusting, revolting and so much more immature than the girls in the book. MC didn't mean for anyone to ever find her Tumblr blog (but really it should have been password protected if it was all her thoughts, she didn't want anyone she knew to know about) so while what she did was really mean she didn't set out to intentionally humiliate her like that.

Also, while I think MC's friends are jerks for pushing her out like that when it all went down it was 100% what would happen in a real life friendship at that age where everyone bands together and hates on one person, probably because they're all just secretly worried about becoming that one person... I was really annoyed that the guy she ruined her friendship for was a jerk that just moved on to the next girl at the next party, but I guess that makes it even better for the pain and drama!

Harley was cool and I wish we had a bit more of his storyline in throughout it, but he was supportive of MC when it all came through. Her parents were flawed and her father was less than supportive as it usually is with the parent that moves out and moves on after a divorce but again it was all very true to real life.

Ultimately, I'm glad they were all able to recover from it as a group and I hope MC learns from her experience in her new school with a new group of friends. I think it was a really cool book because I can picture it being so close to teenagers and I wish my younger sister would read this book since she's right into all of that social media drama and girl-on-girl fights.

Oooh yes, good question! You should ask about Tosca's baby on Goodreads. You can ask authors questions :)

Sharon Mogg | 22 comments I just sent her a message! Haha so scary. I hope my message didn't sound dumb.

Yeah I think lots of real life teens would benefit so much from reading YA novels. They'd relate so closely to the characters and maybe learn a thing or two!

Nastazia (starzpls) | 9 comments MC was such a drama queen. She really annoyed me how she had all these underlying thoughts with her friends and how she would talk behind them and such but I can understand it.

I didn't like her mum at all, she was weird and completely unrelatable.

I'm glad they all made up but the fact that they just shut her out and took one side, seems like they didn't have good relationships to begin with.

Sharon Mogg | 22 comments Haha yeah, all the things she complained of about her friends were so petty/unimportant

Kirra (bookishkirra) | 37 comments Mod
Yeah it was a typical immature high school relationship and I think the best thing to do would have been to just walk away and leave them all behind for good after how they treated her. She was still awful and she shouldn't have treated Anouck that way but she didn't actually plan to have it go viral, she didn't expect for anyone to see it even if she was angry and mean spirited and they just threw her out without seeing her side of things. I like that none of them were good characters though, they were all awful in their own way haha.

Nastazia (starzpls) | 9 comments Pretty much yeah

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