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Sam | The Dust Bunny Reader (thedustbunnyreader) | 1086 comments Mod
This is our Foodie Book discussion board for June 2017's pick -- "Chocolat" by Joanne Harris.

Please use this thread for general, spoiler-free discussions! If you wish to scream, rage, share amazement or talk about the plot in more detail, please be sure to use the spoiler tag. I.e. (view spoiler)

I went through a lot of digging to find the recipe that I wanted to correspond with this book. Finally, I picked up a recipe book that was given to me by one of my old bosses -- Le Chocolat. It contains many chocolate-themed recipes from France! How perfect! Below is a candy recipe (for Creamy Chocolate Caramels) I found from its glorious pages. Let me know what you all think.

Caramels Mous au Chocolat
- 3/4 cup granulated sugar
- 2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
- 6 1/2 tablespoons butter, cut into 6 pieces & softened

How to Make It
- Place all of the ingredients in a heavy-bottomed saucepan over low heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture comes to a boil. As you stir, scrape the sides of the saucepan to remove any sugar that sticks to them.
- Once the mixture is boiling, allow to simmer for a few minutes, until a little bit dropped from a spoon into a glass of cold water can be formed into a soft ball (240 to 244 degrees F on a candy thermometer).
- Remove from heat and pour into a frame formed by 4 oiled strips of wood set on an oiled marble slab or oiled baking sheet.
- Allow to cool almost completely, then cut into squares.
- Place on a cake rack to cool completely and stiffen, being careful that the candies do not touch one another.

Completed Recipe = 5 points
Uploaded Picture of Recipe = 5 points

Start Date: June 01, 2017
End Date: June 30, 2017

Elizabeth Norris I finished up this book yesterday. I wasn't expecting to like it so much but I devoured it! The author's writing style really appealed to me and I loved her descriptive writing. Sometimes too much description can be boring, but I wasn't bored once while I was reading Chocolat...that may or may not have been because the subject matter was usually food lol. Anyway, something about it just felt magical. Next up I'm planning on trying out the chocolate recipe and I ordered the movie because I know I'll love it.

Sam | The Dust Bunny Reader (thedustbunnyreader) | 1086 comments Mod
I am SO glad you liked it!! You will have to let me know what you think of the movie!

Definitely bringing this one with me on the airplane this weekend!

Elizabeth Norris Not surprising, but the movie was very different from the book. To the point of completely different ending even. If you take them both separately they were both great though. I still enjoyed the movie. Not to sound cliche, but the book was better. ;)

Sam | The Dust Bunny Reader (thedustbunnyreader) | 1086 comments Mod
Wow, I loved this book! It was not what I was expecting. I definitely appreciated the magical feeling you described. Great read!

Elizabeth Norris I'm glad you thought so too! I loved it. I actually have another book by Joanne Harris checked out from the library right now that I'm going to start soon: Five Quarters of the Orange. Also it just so happens to work for my next rainbow challenge book :p

Sam | The Dust Bunny Reader (thedustbunnyreader) | 1086 comments Mod
Oh heck yes! :))) Can't wait to see what you think of it :)

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