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message 1: by Stacy (new)

Stacy (stacytaylor5) | 4 comments I have an MA in English Literature, and have worked as a proofreader and writing tutor. I have done one novel beta read here on Goodreads, and want to do a novel beta read and full copy edit for free to gain experience. I would provide a turnaround time of about two months. The novel needs to be already edited and polished by the author, and probably beta-read also. No explicit material. Please email me if interested:

message 2: by Adam (new)

Adam | 3 comments Could you specify 'explicit material?'

message 3: by Bethany (new)

Bethany Atazadeh (bethanyatazadeh) | 33 comments Hi Stacy :)

Would love to have you consider beta reading my YA/Sci-Fi/Dystopian novel, it's about 80,000 words at the moment, and my hope is to start sending a few short chapters to my beta readers once a week starting August 1st, for approximately six weeks.

The first two chapters are here on google docs if you're open to considering it:

Message me if you're interested, and thanks for considering! :)

message 4: by Lara (new)

Lara | 29 comments Stacy, I have just emailed you. Thank you.

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