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Unamo | 382 comments Hi.

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terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Do you want to go ahead and put down your character??

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Unamo | 382 comments Yeah, I'm assuming you want to be the girl? You don't mind adding characters throughout the story right?

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Of course I don't. It's what makes it fun. And yes I'd rather be the girl. I can play guys, I just prefer not to do them romantically If that makes any sense

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Unamo | 382 comments Yeah that's fine. Seems like everyone always wants to be the girl so I've gotten use to just being the guy. XD

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Lol I'm sorrrrryyyyyyy

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Unamo | 382 comments Sorry last question but I don't want to do something that you don't want. Are we doing destined soulmates like the werewolves on wattpad, IDK if you've ever read those or not? Or just mutual attraction?

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments It's okkkkkkk. I haven't read about the werewolves on watt pad, but I can do the destined soul mates, which would be super interesting since they are supposed to be enemies

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Unamo | 382 comments Yeah, well I highly recommend the werewolf stories on Wattpad. They're pretty good, at least I like them.

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Unamo | 382 comments Name: Kai Sailor
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Latino
Main Language: English and Spanish
Age: 23
Species: Werewolf
Pack: Lobos en las Estrellas Pack

- Comical
- Intelligent
- Childish
- Respected
- Calm
- Authoritative

Human Appearance:

Wolf Appearance:

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments OK give me a few to get mine ready

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Name:Maya Fletcher
Pack/Clan: Near Extinction
Species: Shapeshifter/Werecat


Her hair and fur are the same color as well as her eyes in both forms

-like a cat's. Interested one second and the next, not
-little fearless with a hint of a napoleon complex
--adventurous to the point of almost crazy
-strangely highly observant
-dash of flirtiness

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Unamo | 382 comments Looks good. So what kind of setting should we start out with? Maya has trespassed and now the pack is looking for her?

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Sure. I go ahead and start?? Or do you want to?

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Unamo | 382 comments Go ahead. This is why I like when the other person makes the thread. They offer to go first. XD

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Fiiiiiiiinnnnnneeeeeee XD

Howls filled the air as wolves looped around their territory, looking for the trespasser. Maya, who was said trespasser, was in her more catlike form high up in a tree, keeping track of where they were. Blood dripped from a few fresh wounds. Those didn't concern her. The one that did was from a bear trap a few territories back, on her left ankle. In her more human form, it stated to turn red and swell, becoming hot to the touch. It was the whole reason whyshe was there, up in that damned tree. What was she thinking?? Nothing really. With her wounds the way they were, it was getting difficult to think. No doubt she wasn't really safe in the tree anyway. Anything that would come near would most likely smell the blood and sickness

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Unamo | 382 comments Kai growled softly, this wasn't really what he had planned to do with his Friday night. Chasing down some feline who walked their way onto his pack's territory. His white paws hit the terrain quickly and quietly. Unfortunately for the cat, they had left a blood trail to their hiding spot. Unfortunately for Kai, she had darted just outside of his territory, so physical action wouldn't take place. "Here Alpha." His best tracker barked as a bunch of wolves sat at the base of a tree staring up. The moonlight allowed Kai to see a glint of where the blood had rubbed on the tree. Looking up with his hazel eyes, he barely caught sight of the feline. It made his growl at the fact it just sat up there. Kai let a howl followed by a bark leave his muzzle so he could at least catch the feline's attention. His pack mates joined in, howling and barking aggressively.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Maya jumped when they started barking. She was starting to get dizzy. 'Asking for help was such a stupid idea' she thought to herself and tried cleaning her leg again. It stung and burned so much she could barely manage. It was bad. Real bad. Not as bad as getting stuck up a tree surrounded by a goddamn wolf pack, but close. The reason it was so bad was because Maya knew she would have to come down soon. They probably knew too. And with the way the dizziness and foggy thoughts kept dancing around in her mind, it was either going to be willingly, or by her passing out and falling out the stupid tree. Despite her injuries, she easily leapt onto a lower branch and hissed angrily at the wolves below her

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Unamo | 382 comments All the wolves watched as the feline swayed in the tree then took to a lower branch. Kai watched closely as the other barked and once she hissed at them, him ears perked. He growled at the wolf to his left and to his right and almost automatically the barking stopped. They looked at their Alpha in confusion, but didn't go against his demands. "She's going to end up falling out at this rate. I doubt she'll make it to the ground on her own will. Everyone go. I will handle the situation on my own." Of course his pack mates growled and disagreed at this proposal, but an alpha's command was the law. They left feeling annoyed as their one job was to protect the Alpha. Kai did circles around the tree while constantly watching the feline. He himself wasn't sure what he'd do if she came down. Should he attack and kill? Attack and capture? Or should he let her off with a warning? Gauging her injuries, he probably shouldn't let her go. If she got out their in the wilderness, those wounds would get infected and she would get very sick. Guess he would just have to choose when the time came.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments ((Sorry. Visiting my little sister. Last night was the train ride)

Maya quieted when the other wolves left. She stared at Kai quietly. What was he going to do???? None of the other wolf packs she met never been friendly. A little unpleasant sideshow played in her mind, reminding her of the other times she accidentally wandered into another packs territory. The last pack she encountered actually lined those territory with bear traps, which was how she got the dreadful wouldnds on her hind leg. Did the werewolf even know what she was??? Or did he think she was just another mountain lion??? Maya could tell what he was by the s.mell. To her, werewolves smelled a little different. She wasn't able to tell how, just that they smelled....... Different. And judging by the way the other pack members left, she was dealing with the alpha. Bracing herself, she carefully lowered herself onto another branch. Maybe she could prompt him into action, and determine his intentions

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Unamo | 382 comments (You're fine.)

The Alpha thought about it as he made his circles around the tree. His father was going to kill him for bring a mountain lion into the territory. Wolves and mountain lions...well they didn't really get along with each other. However, Kai wasn't one to leave a helpless animal to survive on its own and something about this one was different. He bared his teeth up at her trying to command her to come down. Communication was a bit of an issues seeing as they were two different species. Come on cat! I want to go home! Mom is making lasagna tonight and I'm starving! Being Alpha was so tiring at time. Kai love to act childish and play around but when you're the Alpha you have to be mature and the representative of your pack. "Come on! I just want to help!" He barked and whined hoping she'd come down.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Her ears perked up, understanding him completely. Maybe she could just stay in this form a bit, get treated, and leave..... Cautiously she lowered herself down a few more branches until she was on the lowest one. Thinking it over one last time, she eyed the distance to the ground before jumping off the branch. She managed to land without jostling her injured hind leg and sniffed at the wolf. Maya had no idea how she understood him, with the two of them were completely different species. So she was still weary. It wouldn't be the first time someone lied. She crept forward until she was right in front of him, her twitching

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Unamo | 382 comments Kai was shocked when the feline actually came down on the ground. How she understood was beyond him? The wolf gazed at her injuries and whined. One of her legs looked as if it was about to get an infection soon. He motioned for her to follow him, every once and a while looking back to make sure she still walked. It wasn't long before they came upon a medium sized log cabin. It was modern looking on exterior surprisingly. "It's safe. No one lives there. It's our pack safe house, in case of emergency. We have food and medical supplies." Kai made her wait just a second, if she took off, no doubt he'd catch her. The Alpha stepped off to the side and rustling came from the bushes he reappeared with jeans on and was in the midst of pulling his shirt over his toned body. Kai opened the door and held it open. "You can choose to come in and get a meal and help or you can get off the land as fast as possible. Your choice." Kai waited patiently for the cat to make its move.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments She strutted tight under his arm and inside. Key words were *safe and *food and *help. Briefly she wondered is she should take on her other from, but decided against it. Maybe after he left. The cat let out a huge yawn and continued to think it over....... It would be hilarious to see his face when he realizes he took a member of an almost extinct species inside. Especially one that his helped make extinct. Her clan was nearly decimated generations ago by werewolves actually. It didn't help that the gene naturally flowed and ebbed. She never seen another of her species. Maya shook her head clearing her thoughts. This wolf in particular wanted to help her more than anything. Might as well get help in a more........ Suitable form. Stretching up on her hind legs, she looked him over and in one smooth transition, there was a girl in ragged clothing where the cat once stood. She tilted her head to the side and said "hello there"

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Unamo | 382 comments Once the mountain lion ran into the house, Kai followed right behind. The living room was right there and through an open wall was the kitchen. He moved to preheat the oven and when he turned back around there a girl stood. Looking at her scent shivers down his spine and his wolf purred within him. The Alpha maintained himself though and spoke. "I figured there was more to you. You know real mountain lions don't just follow a wolf into a house. It's kind of a turn off." Kai smiled as he walked over to shake her hand. Once he grabbed it, the tingles shot up his arm. Kai looked from their hands to her. "I'm Kai Sailor, Alpha of Los lobos en las Estrellas." When he spoke Spanish, it was beautifully smooth. Like running your finger through a calm stream. Kai didn't want to let go of her hand but forced himself to. Taken aback by her beauty, Kai wasn't looking at the bigger issue which was she was a human-shifting mountain lion.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments "I never said I was a real mountain lion" she purred. She eyed their hands, feeling the tingling sensation and an urge to purr. Maya never felt anything like that before. When he introduced himself, she dragged her eyes from her hand and fixated on his face. "Maya Fletcher, supposed heiress of a clan long gone". She shifted her weight to her uninjured leg and eyed him, her inner cat appreciating the sight of him "I couldn't pass up an opportunity for food, medical attention, and safety." she dropped his hand, noticing how the tingles and the purring subsided. The cat inside had a little thought about what it meant, but wasn't sharing. Soul mates and things like that weren't common among the feline shapes hitters. Especially the mountain lions, who spend most of their life in solitude. Her clan was an acception

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Unamo | 382 comments He found her openness very comforting, something to match his own. "I wouldn't have passed it up either." Kai started to walk away, going to grab the medical kit. "So, a clan long ago? I don't know if I've heard of a mountain lion clan, though I do believe my father has books or records over it. You can it there. This will burn and hurt by the way." The werewolf placed a plastic tub under her foot and poured on the alcohol. Kai gently scrubbed the dead tissue away so the wound was freshly bleeding, then he doused it once more with alcohol the bandaged it up. He went to other visible wounds and cleaned them out. Kai couldn't help but take in her sweet scent. "I think you're good. I'll put the frozen pizza in and grab you clothes." He was quick in accomplishing his tasks mainly cause he wanted to be near her once again. Kai handed her the clothes and pointed to the bathroom. Being the male he was, he couldn't help but watch her hips sway their way to the bathroom. It made his wolf beg to mark her as theirs. No doubt they were mates. But why would fate pair them up, they were two different species.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments When he doused it in alcohol, Maya gripped the couch cushions and hissed like the cat she was, her teeth sharp and feline. In her human for., she still had the ability to make all mountain lion noises, like clicks, chirps, purrs, yowls and screams. She couldn't roar though, as mountain lions didn't have the ability to do so. Like the teeth, she could bring out other aspects of her cat, like sight, hearing, and claws. Her bones were hollow too. When he was finished, she nimbly got to her feet, testing her weight on her other foot. A deep rumble started in her chest, purring in satisfaction "good job" she stated and headed to the bathroom, feeling his eyes on her. Her movements were almost cat like as she went to the bathroom and closed the door. A few minutes later the shower started running

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Unamo | 382 comments As Kai waited for Maya and the pizza to come out he sat thinking about the sounds she had made. It made him chuckle and then think about more. Was he supposed to accept her as his mate. Surely his pack would object to such a mating. Having another species as the leader of a pack would cause outrage. Not to mention, the pups...cubs...would be Hybrids and that would fail to sit well with them. Kai sighed to himself, only to be drawn out of his thoughts by the beeping oven. The Alpha went to the oven and pulled out the pizza. He cut it up into equal pieces then got plates out for them to eat from. Kai placed two on each other their plates and sat them across from each other at the table.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Maya got herself nice and clean and challenging get into fresh clothes before leaving the bathroom. Her nose picked up the smell of the pizza, and Kai. Her cat told her what it meant while she in the shower. Strutting into the living room, she collapsed on the couch and stretched leisurely. The purring picked up again. The fact that they were mates made more sense to her that it did Kai. It could be a chance to help rebuild her species. " so mates, Hummmmmm?????" she said and looked over at him. Her hair was still wet from the shower and her face flushed from the heat. Maya decided she could deal with it, though she knew there would be more problems with him, being in a pack and all.

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Unamo | 382 comments Kai delivered her the pizza and smiled at how she made herself at home. "Don't you dare get that on the couch." He teased lightly, sitting the plate on the coffee table. When she mentioned the being mates he was shocked. "So you do know of us being mates. Normally mates are just a wolf thing. Other species don't normally know." It was slightly unfortunate for Kai because he didn't have as much time to think about what to do. The Alpha got himself and Maya a water. Taking a seat in a nearby rocking chair, he took a bite of his pizza. What he was going to do was beyond him. You only got one soulmate so rejecting her seemed like troubling himself in the future. "Did your parents tell you about soulmates?" He peered at her wet hair and flushed face. Mine! Kai's wolf growled possessively. It was a good thing Kai had a lot of self control.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments She was already halfway through her first slice when he asked her about soul mates. Swallowing, she wiped her mouth and said "my parents weren't shapes shifters. I mean they probably had the gene, but it was dormant. It's kind of hard to explain. My cat told me. She explained that the gene could be fickle, ebbing and flowing. There are probably a lot of people with the gene...... " she trailed off and thought for a bit" my parents didn't know there Heritage. I'm guessing it came from my mom's side. My dad was human" she bit her lip and took another bite of pizza. "they- the shape shifters I mean- had soul mates too. Though not nearly as often as werewolves." she took another bite "my parents didn't take to kindly to me at all really"

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Unamo | 382 comments Kai's head tilted to the side in a bit of confusion. "So you weren't raised by your parents?" He couldn't imagine having it that way, without his parents. They were his main source of support with his pack being extra. He finished his food and drink then rocked himself in the rocking chair. "You can stay her for a while, Maya. No one comes here so you won't be bothered." The Alpha gazed over at her for a what seemed like forever. Once he realized what she was doing, Kai coughed and stood. "I'll get a bedroom ready for you to sleep in." As the werewolf stood, he picked up their dirty plates and washed them off. He tried not to get took attached to the mountain lion. For he did not know what he was going to do. Breaking the news to his parents, then the pack would be for the best.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments She looked back at him, her inner mountain lion purring at the attention it was getting. When he left, she said quietly "My parents tried to kill me" her life was a sad mix of almost endless foster homes and hiding what she really was. Her foster parents always felt like something was wrong, that she was different, that they should stay away. Then they would ship her off to another home, and the exact same thing would happen. Over and over and over again, until she ran away from the last one and started to live off the land. It went swimmingly, until she stepped in the damn bear trap. Speaking of traps, she wiggled her injured ankle. At this rate she would be fully healed in a few days. Shapes hitters had a higher healing rate. Briefly she wondered how long she would stay. Guess it all depended on what Kai did. She sighed deeply, leaning back and sinking into the couch. Warm, in fresh clothes, and fully fed, it was more comfortable than Maya has been in a while. Her eyes started to drift shut as a purr rumbled through her chest. She was... Happy

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Unamo | 382 comments Kai came back to the living room and thought Maya to be sleeping. "Aye leonita." He smiled and picked her up. The Alpha carried her carefully to the bedroom and tucked her in. His body tingled as she was resting against him and of course his wolf was pushing him to climb into bed next to her. Kai did let his wolf have a little satisfaction and placed his hand on her still wet hair. Pushing some wandering strands out of the way, he placed his lips on her forehead. It was fast, being mates. It was as if you'd always known each other and had been childhood lovers. Kai smiled at her purring then started to make his exit.

(Sorry short.)

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments ((lol it's OK))

Maya felt a shiver down her spine when he kissed her forehead. The cat inside let out a satisfied purr as a blush spread across her face. Her heart fluttered and she wondered if she should say something. The cat was urging her to call him back. She considered it, thinking of the consequences. Nothing would happen with her, but she had him To think about "wait kai" she said, the cat urging her to call him back to her. She fiddled with the hem of the blanket wording it over carefully in her mind "is there anything wrong with wanting to see you again. Like will anything bad happen???" it was weird, she felt like she knew him completely. It felt natural to even say his name. She looked down shyly before flicking her blue Grey gaze up to him

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Unamo | 382 comments Kai hadn't expected her to call out, he had though she was asleep. Now that kiss to her forehead made him feel a little more embarrassed. He stopped and turned back to look at her. "There is nothing wrong with such a thing. I'll see you tomorrow, okay? You should sleep, leonita. You will heal faster." With that he opened the bedroom door to exit. "Eat what you wish tomorrow morning. The door locks from the outside so don't be alarmed. If you...." Kai hesitated because he had to cool his wolf down from the thought. "If you decide to leave, just open a window and escape. I wouldn't hold you against your will." With that he left, traveled back to the pack house. His buddies asked him about the mountain lion but he said nothing. His mother and father wished him a goodnight and the Alpha retreated to his room wishing that he could have stayed with Maya without a search party being sent out to look for him. Tomorrow, he'd introduce Maya to his mother at least. She was more practical and would help guide the mated pair.

(You can skip to morning.)

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments The next mornig after an amazing sleep, she got herself dressed and her hair rushed. Examining herself in the mirror, let her teeth go sharp and ran her tongue over them. It was perplexing, thinking about how she even got here. Who would've thought that most losing your foot to a goddamn bear trap could get you a home and a mate. Just thinking about him made a blush spread across her face. Turning from the mirror, she headed to the kitchen and looked through the cabinets and fridge, judging her options. Definitely getting coffee. She got the pot going and made herself eggs and bacon for breakfast. She ate quickly. There was still the tiniest bit worrying about someone coming over and finding her. There was always the window option if that happens.

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Unamo | 382 comments Kai yawned as he had just got up and walked over to the house. He was still wearing his pajama bottoms and kind of forgot about getting a shirt. It was his mate so it wasn't a huge deal. As he unlocked the door, the Alpha announced his arrival, "Maya, it's just me. I'm here." It was obvious that he was still half asleep at the moment. Upon entering he looked to see Maya in the kitchen. A smile graced his lips and he took a seat at the bar. "Mind pouring me some coffee too?" She looked a little more like a morning person than he did. Kai watched her move about. "We'll have to change your bandage this morning. It's important to change it regularly until it has healed." The man watched her move around and felt completely mesmerized by her. "So, I was thinking. I can't hide you here forever because that is not fair to you. So I invited my mother to come meet you and get her opinion of what we should do." Kai hoped that Maya took the news well. He knew it'd be scary to meet someone that had power over their relationship.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments She was pouring him a cup of coffee when he mentioned his mother. She almost dropped the coffee cup. It was safe to say that she didn't really trust other werewolves. But that was his mother. It should be fine. Chewing her lower lip, she sat the mug down in front of Kai. "that..... Should be fine" she said and sat herself next to him. She thought for a minute, and then rested her head against his shoulder " I hope she's kinder than the other wolves I've met." she joked. In all honesty, it was meeting the father that worried her most. Kai would be here at least. With him she felt safe, despite barely knowing him for a day "is this what being mates feel like???"

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Unamo | 382 comments Despite saying it was fine, Maya didn't sound very thrilled about his mother coming. "You sound unsure." He commented, blowing the top of his coffee then taking a sip. "My mother really is kind. I know she'll be understanding. She always said if I got a human mate, she'd be excited to meet her. Of course, you aren't really human but the concept seems the same. As for what we do if she disapproves, I'm still thinking." Kai took a large gulp then rested his head against hers. Her question made him laugh. "I don't know. This is my first mate." Of course the werewolf was just teasing her and giving her a hard time, which was a big part of his personality. "I bet this is what it feels like though. Oh! Let me change you bandage. Kai redid her wraps around her foot then replaced other bandages. "Oh I didn't see this cut on your lip, let me cure it." The wolf gave a quick wink then quickly pecked her lips just to be a tease. His wolf growled in satisfaction and Kai preoccupied himself with other things around to house so Maya couldn't scold him of that was what she was going to do.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments "well you would be too if everyone you meet tried to stab you in the back????" she raised an eyebrow and took a sip of the hot coffee. No, probably the thing she should be worrying about most was the pack mates. Sure, they wouldn't disobey a direct order from the alpha but- thankfully that line of thought ended when he rested his head against hers. The act brought a purr rumbling through her chest. She still had no idea how it happened. Maybe her species was just super weird. She rolled her eyes at his stupid joke but laughed anyways, feeing more like herself. She had a great sense of humor. But it was that kiss, well that peck really, that made the mountain lion purr 'challenge excepted' stalking him around the house like a cat stalking it's prey, she followed soundlesslyuntil she got up close enough. A mischievous smile on May's face, she spun him around and planted a kiss on his lips that was definitely more than a peck " if you're going to do something, do it right. I'm not much of a tease" she gave him a cat like smile, like the cat who ate the canary, and started to leave

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Unamo | 382 comments Getting kissed by Maya was life changing, as dramatic as that sound. They had, what felt like, sparks flying between them. When they broke apart, Kai growled. He wanted more and yet, maybe it was best not to. Having been kissed was going to make it harder if things didn't work out. Suddenly a knock at the door made him avert his gaze for the mountain lion. "It must be my mother, but wait until I check." Walking to the door, he pulled it open and check. "Aye, hola Mama. Come in please." A little Latino woman walked into the room, smiling at her son. She patted his cheek and said, "Hola mijo. Where is- Oh. Are you Maya?" She asked, taking a moment to just gaze at her. Kai watched the two closely hoping they showed signs of getting along. His mother was very kind so it shouldn't be difficult.

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments Maya tilted her head to the side and gazed back at the woman with catlike curiosity, her eyes flitting up and down her form. A smile spread across her lips and she approached gracefully from where she was kind of in the hallway, a little distance away. Despite Ka's reassurances, she still was a little nervous at first. Now she felt foolish. This woman was obviously no threat to her at all. The mountain lion agreed, purring that she already liked this woman already. Getting up close enough to take the lady's hand, Maya noticed she was actually a little taller and bowed her head to show respect. First impressions were most important after all. "yes Ma'am" nice and charming "my Name's Maya Fletcher..... Though I guess Kai has told you all that already........"

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Unamo | 382 comments The woman watch as the girl bowed her head in respect. "Oh, please hold your head up, chicita. You can show me respect with your eyes. Which are quite beautiful. Muy bonita! I'm Rosario Sailor, the prior Alpha female of our pack." Shaking Maya's hand, Rosario's face turned from all smiles to wondering. "What is that noise?" At his mother's asking, Kai noticed that Maya was purring very loudly. "Aye leonita your purring very loudly." He smiled, taking Maya into his arms, not that it would make her quiet down. "Leonita? Purring? Kai what is going on?" Rosario questioned her son, not yet knowing about Maya being a mountain lion/shape shifter. So Kai offered his mother a seat and had Maya sit while he stood. "Mama, Maya is actually a mountain lion and before you go and ask questions, yes she is my mate. Yes I'm sure that she is okay to have on pack territory. Actually, I'm a little more worried about her safety in the pack and with the pack's safety with her in it. I know that no one will be happy. Not Papa. Not the council. But Mama, we only get one mate. I can't just throw her away." Rosario listened to her son plead and she had tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. "Oh mijo! You found your mate! Felicidades! Congratulations!" Her hand grabbed one of Kai's and one of Maya's and the Latino woman bounced up and down like a child. "I'm going to have pups...cubs...I'm going to have grandbabies!"

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments The entire time he spoke, Maya sat captivated. Her hand found his and she squeezed it reassuringly, the mountain lion inside purring with approval and content. It was almost like she loved him already. Maya so desperately wanted everything to be alright, but when he mentioned the council and his father, she still couldn't help but have her heart sink a little. That was a lot of people to convince. She squeezed his hand a little harder, this time as reassurance for her. Thankfully, Rosario seemed to except them almost immediately, and her mood swung back to the happy side. She couldn't help it. Rosario's bright mood was infectious.. Laughing when the lady grabbed their free hands and started jumping, she joined her and added "not immediately, I hope. I just met him" she kidded and slipped Kai a little wink. She started jumping up and down like Rosario. It almost made her excited to see his Father at least. A purr started up again, and she blushed "I'm- I'm sorry, it just happens when I'm happy."

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Unamo | 382 comments Rosario giggled like a teenage girl upon Maya joining her in bouncing happily. "Well, normal mates are pregnant within a month of meeting each other. Of course, I played hard to get with my esposo. My husband. He was an arrogant little bastard but I showed him who was boss. Kai here is the only child we had unfortunately. I just didn't take to anymore." The young man rubbed his temples as he didn't want to remotely think about how he came into the world. "Mama! Callate! Be quiet! Maya and I are not like you and dad. Besides, it'll be a while." He muttered the last part in embarrassment but that just made Rosario laugh. Then hearing the shape shifter purr, she could help but pout at how cute Maya was. "Aw! That's adorable! You're lucky Kai. Now you'll know when you're doing something right. Wolves don't normally make sounds when happy, except for the occasional growl." Rosario gently pinched Maya's cheek in a motherly manner then kissed her son's cheek. "Mama, you can't tell Papa. He'll come storming in without letting me explain. Actually, I don't really know how to tell him." Kai held onto one of Maya's hand. His father and the council were very traditional and this was far from that. "Tell him you found your mate. Speak with him about her. Talk her up then lay it on him and I will back you up. It'll be okay, mijo." His mother hugged him tightly then just stared at the two mates in observation.

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Unamo | 382 comments (Hello?)

terminallyRandom(Puss..... In Boots)  | 282 comments ((gah I've been at work ever since I got back from my vacation I'm sorry D: I get off at 9 tonight))

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