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message 1: by Melissa (last edited Jun 14, 2017 06:03PM) (new)

Melissa | 1159 comments Mod
For the month of June we will be reading books that are based on true events.

I found this interesting description of what the differences between True Story/Based on a True Even/Inspired from True Event are on a website called

A true story is the reenactment of an actual event, usually using the same names for the characters and scene is recreated accordingly.  There is no dramatization whatsoever (it's rather impossible but minimal changes happen)  and the story is well researched before being compiled. Facts and figures of a true story can be validated. They often mention the source (the author himself undergoing/undergone the event) or the biography or reports to affirm the veracity of the story . This is seen in many  documentaries and autobiographies.

'Based on a true story' refers the recreation of a story with changes to the storyline to suit the audience's understanding and expectations. Often done to entertain the audience and dramatizes certain events for that purpose. Moderate modification of facts is seen and these aren't absolutely authentic but the basic storyline can be verified with an actual story. Seen in making certain films and crime/law related sitcoms.

'Inspired from a true story' is the adaptation of a story in spinning a new tale altogether. Characters usually have different names. The setting, progression and scene can sometimes share little similarities with a true story. The gist however may be the same. Only certain aspects of the plot would be drawn from real stories. This term is also used when stories are partially copied and duplicated from a real incident. Dramatization and manipulation of facts is seen heavily as it is a new story.

I would like to see us stay within the Based on True Events and not so much the Inspired by if you have books that fall in that category it is OK to read and post them as well.

message 2: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 1159 comments Mod
Is this a Genre that you enjoy?
What are some of your favorite or least favorite books within it?

What parts appeal to you or turn you off from these types of books?

message 3: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 1159 comments Mod
I like these types of books, I struggle with pure non-fiction with all the facts and dryness that so much of Non-fiction has but the books based on a true event help to bring my interest to the event and then want to know more.

One of my favorite books of this type I read is The Good Nurse: A True Story of Medicine, Madness, and Murder .

message 4: by Lea Ann (new)

Lea Ann (buntingla) | 592 comments I just read these descriptions. I guess I didn't realize there was such a difference between "based on" and "inspired by". Both make me think of Lifetime dramas. lol

I think I probably read a lot of "inspired by" books where a fictional story is built around an event. I'll have to do some digging to find some actual "based on" books.

Having said that, I just realized that I read a "based on" book recently, Dirt on Their Skirts: The Story of the Young Women who Won the World Championship. Unfortunately, I read it May 31, so it technically doesn't count for this challenge. Just my luck. lol

Pretty sure I can find another one.

message 5: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 1159 comments Mod
I thought I had found a "Based on Book" with Salt to the Sea but turns out it falls into the "Inspired By" category!

message 6: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 1159 comments Mod
I found a "based on" book on my bookshelf, I just finished The Boy Who Dared a book based on a young teenager in Hitler's Youth who worked against Hitler in his way.

A little sad but I thought overall a good read. It is written for more of a younger audience but it has opened me up to trying to find more books about these brave German teens who tried to help in a scary time.

message 7: by Lea Ann (new)

Lea Ann (buntingla) | 592 comments I keep picking up books that I think might be "based on" but are really "inspired by".

message 8: by Lea Ann (new)

Lea Ann (buntingla) | 592 comments Melissa wrote: "I found a "based on" book on my bookshelf, I just finished The Boy Who Dared a book based on a young teenager in Hitler's Youth who worked against Hitler in his way.

A little sad bu..."

Ahh...that was a pretty good book.

message 9: by Lea Ann (new)

Lea Ann (buntingla) | 592 comments Found one! Yoda: The Story of a Cat and His Kittens

Based on the true story of the author's rescue cat and how his health turned around by giving him some kittens to care for.

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