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Janet Philo I loved this book. It is poetry with such a strong narrative thread - it grabs you by the hand and leads you through the streets of Camelot, through the 'weave of restless crowds' into the great hall where words 'marinated in honey' begin to slur, then out to the woods where the two poems, 'What Lies in the Wood' and "Asphodel Again' stopped me in my tracks - didn't see that coming at all!
Here is a landscape so well painted, peopled by characters so real, raw and passionate, cut through with human frailty, the work becomes timeless. Jane Burn and Bob Beagrie make surreal slips in this heightened reality from a world of myth and magic to hold a mirror up to humanity in any time, or any place. Unforgettable. A collection to savour slowly.

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Bob Beagrie Thanks Janet

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