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message 1: by Rens (new)

Rens Janssen (rensjanssen) | 3 comments In short (more elaborate version below):
- 125,000 words YA urban fantasy novel (~400 pages; happy with however much you want to read if 400 is too long)
- Revolves around a secret war in modern Rome between mages and mythological beings at their side
- 5 storylines, both separate and intertwining
- Combination of own imagination and existing mythology
- Violence, swearing, slightly erotic at times
- Probably unfit for Christian readers

The novel is called Fate's War I (it's a two-part series), following multiple participants of an ancient secret war fought in present-day Rome between modern mages, each of which receives a special power to summon a heroe (or monster) from the past to fight for them.

The novel has five storylines, all using a third-person perspective and of these five four are about young adult participants of the War, the fifth being of a former participant of it, namely Chronos, God of Time. These storylines are covered both separately, as every storyline has plenty in it on its own, as well as when they intertwine to form the dynamic story.

I'd be happy with people reading and giving their thoughts on any part of it. Of course I'd love for people to read the entire novel, but if you wish to read only a few chapters that is totally fine (125k words is quite a lot and there is an equally long part 2 if you really want closure), just ask what you think to need.

Finally I will mention that the novel is currently being beta-read and is still under construction because of this. At the time of writing everything up to chapter 21 (out of 28) has undergone these changes and might be minorly detached from the final 7 chapters in some of the details.

I'm not sure if I should give a word of warning about this, but there is swearing and graphical violence in the novel, as well as sexually themed scenes (although no explicit content; it doesn't go further than what I've taken to calling "wicked intimacy"). In addition the story is probably unfit for Christian readers.

message 2: by Rishabh (new)

Rishabh Bhardwaj (readerndreamer) | 13 comments Hello,
This blurb sounds really fantastic. I've messaged you on goodreads.

message 3: by Rishabh (new)

Rishabh Bhardwaj (readerndreamer) | 13 comments Hi,
This blurb sounds really fantastic. I've messaged you on goodreads.

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