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Kit's mom
Lila Lila May 31, 2017 03:33PM
Anyone have any idea who Kit's mom could be? Cassie posted on her tumblr that there has been hints in Lord of Shadows but I haven't figured it out

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Fun theories. I love Kit, very curios about his mom.
Yes he was recognized by A LOT of downworlders so there is that..
Maybe.. Maybe his mom was a mermaid? They excists in the universe they just havent played a big role yet.

Leyendo los comentarios pienso.... quien seria lo suficiente importante o relevante como para que los jinetes lo conozca y lo relacionen con Kit...??
Un hada, no creo que sea... ni tampoco un brujo o vampiro.... Y si Rook no era su verdadero padre?? ....y si el lo secuestro, o lo oculto de alguien a petición de sus padres...??? quien sabe, solo Cassi lo dirá al final, y nos hará sufrir un año hasta tener las respuestas...

Pretty sure Johnny is the Herondale.

The only person coming to mind for Kit's mother is the Seelie Queen herself. Or maybe Lady Nerissa, since they're the only important female faeries I can think of and I'm almost 100% positive that Kit's mother is a faerie.

First, I apologize for my English, it is not my native language. I can understand it very well but I have problems with grammar so I am using a translator.
I think the problem is that from the beginning we have all assumed that the Herondale blood was transmitted by the father, but it could well have been from Kit's mother. Although I think it might be unlikely.
If any (father or mother) were an underworld the odds would be:
That the mother was a fairy, although if so I imagine that he should have some characteristic like MArk.
That some (father or mother was a werewolf).
That the mother or the father was a witch like Tessa (very unlikely).
That the mother was a vampire. (I'm not completely sure if a vampire and a shadowhunter can have children)

Or, that simply some (father or mother) was a mundane. And I really stick with this probability. I think Jhonny is mundane and Kit's mother is a descendant of the Herondale lineage, so all the mystery and relevance that has been given to her in this book through Kit's dreams.
The only thing I am completely sure of is that it is a matter of great importance that we will soon discover.

Jenny (last edited May 31, 2017 07:36PM ) May 31, 2017 07:35PM   -1 votes
After I saw Cassie's comment about the clues, I tried to pay extra special attention as I read LOS.

The first thing I noticed was that everyone who mentioned recognizing Kit was a Downworlder. But I actually suspect that his mom was NOT a Downworlder, rather Johnny Rook was the Downworlder.

If anyone has seen the companion book Notable Shadowhunters and Denizens of Downworld (as told in the language of flowers) it has character profiles for most of the major characters in all of the Shadowhunter novels, including TLH. And under the section for TDA Johnny Rook is listed. Next to his name they say that his species is "unknown". So this doesn't necessarily mean that he isn't a Shadowhunter but I'd like to think this could mean he was something else. So I would then assume that Kit's mother would actually be the Herondale, not Johnny. We've seen in several cases such as with Charlotte and Henry or Izzy and Simon, that the children (like with Charlotte and Henry) or the man (with Simon and Izzy) actually takes the woman's last name, instead of the traditional man's last name. So if Kit's mom is a Herondale, it wouldn't be strange for her to give her son her last name.

Either way, whether Johnny or Kit's mom is the Herondale, by blood Kit is a Herondale. And as a side note, I don't think Kit is 100% Nephilim. Shadowhunter blood is dominant but he could be part something else as well. Maybe Johnny was a warlock and no one knew it. As we've seen with all of the other warlocks in this world, they all choose these 1 syllable last names. Rook might not be an exception to that trend. And if that we true maybe Johnny isn't Kit's biological father either. (Sorry getting a bit carried away!)

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That is a good theory. So maybe Johnny is a mundane gifted with the Sight like Sophie and has been apart of the Shadowhunter World because it gives him more score as a conman. He must have found Kit's mom thinking she too was a gifted mundane. Johnny had enemies and maybe Kit’s mom died as a result of one of those enemies? I doubt Johnny is a Warlock because Warlocks can't have offspring. Only Tessa can because she's the rare demon/shadowhunter offspring. Doubt that can happen again.

Remember in Lady Midnight Johnny said to Kit "My biggest secret is you." What do you think that means? Maybe Johnny knew Kit’s mother was of Shadowhunter linage somehow and didn’t want Kit to belong to that path?

Maybe we'll learn more about Kit's past in the Wicked Powers since I really think that will feature Kit and Ty as it's main characters. Or in The Queen of Air and Darkness

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