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Look for Me by Moonlight
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Monique Velasco | 4 comments Monique Velasco
Sci-fi and fantasy
Mrs. Thorsen
Book review:
Look for Me by Moonlight- Mary Downing Hahn
Review by: Monique Velasco

Look for me by moonlight by Mary Downing is about a young teenage girl named Cynda who has decided to spend the next few weeks of winter with her father and step mother, Susan. They live in an inn and make a living by allowing people to stay there as long as they want. Cynda was not really looking forward with staying with her dad because not only did she have to be with his second wife, but with her half-brother, Todd, as well, who seems to be very spoiled and used to all of the attention. Cynda felt like an outsider with her own father and decided to keep her distance and do her own thing. After a while of staying there, Cynda felt like there was something off about the inn, like a presence that watches her every move. Not wanting to speculate, Cynda asks the maid about the history of the inn. The maid tells her that a woman was murdered around the inn and since her death, the spirit has haunted the inn waiting for her to killer to come back to get her revenge. Terrified, Cynda ignores the maid and continues on with her day. Shortly after Cynda’s arrival, a handsome, sophisticated man named Victor checks in to the inn for a whole month. Right from the start Cynda’s little brother, Todd, hated him and could not stand his presence. Cynda on the other hand was instantly fascinated with Victor and her attraction towards the older man quickly turned into love. They began to have an affair but something was off about him, something not trustworthy, something evil. Once Cynda discovers his secret everything else becomes more clear, but her life is slowly fading away.

I personally love this book so much! Once I started reading it, I couldn’t stop. I’m definitely not much of a reader but this book got me hooked instantly. With all the mystery, love, action, and thriller, this book has officially turned into my favorite book. One of my favorite scenes from the book was definitely the first kiss between Cynda and Victor, picture this, the night filled with stars and an ocean view, like come on the setting is perfect! And their kiss was so intense, every detail that the author wrote made you picture it perfectly. Another scene that I enjoyed was the end, not trying to spoil the story, let’s just say that there is a great battle between good and evil filled with fire. I 100% recommended this book. I feel like this fits any genre and it’s such an enjoyable read.

message 2: by Leilani (new)

Leilani Pendilla | 7 comments What's the main genre of this book? It seems to capture ghosts, mystery and romance, and maybe a battle scene? Either way I think it this book is interesting and I like how it sounds like the "typical summer romance" but turns into something completely different. I'll have to give this a read!

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Mauricio Ayala | 8 comments The mystery in the booked hooked me up right away. I like to read a thriller once and in a while and I think this will be a good match. I'm eager to know who the killer is, I think I have an idea who but I guess I have to read it to find out. I like books with good detail, and it sounds like this book does.

message 4: by Jenny (new)

Jenny | 8 comments This book seems super interesting. I love mystery books and i'm guessing the killer is the handsome sophisticated man. Was the story that the maid told Cynda actual happen before of did the maid predict the future by saying Cynda was the target of the killer?

message 5: by Laura (new)

Laura Cornwell | 8 comments I like a lot of mary downing hahn's work, I like her horror stories. I haven't read this book yet though, it sounds really interesting.

message 6: by Tyler (new)

Tyler Hovater | 7 comments " A great battle between good and evil filled with fire", Sounds amazing I love it already.

message 7: by Maria (new)

Maria Ruiz | 6 comments This book sounds amazing the mystery about the dead women gets me intrigued to wonder what she might do to her killer. This book also makes me think that the killer might be the handsome guy that just checked in!

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