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Has anyone read this author?

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Libby Is John Sandford a semi clean or clean author? I'm looking for a new series!

Wendy Libby wrote: "Is John Sandford a semi clean or clean author? I'm looking for a new series!"

I've read most of John Sandfords books and I would say that there is a certain amount of sex and violence in most of them. Not sure of your definition of clean. If you like mysteries and want them a bit more family friendly you may want to try "cozy mysteries".

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Libby Thank you! I have check cozy mysteries books too. Sometime cozy mysteries have cussing in them too. I just want to be careful in what books are semi clean or clean writers. I'm just looking for a new series with hardly no cussing.

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Libby Is John Saul semi clean or clean writer? I haven't read any of his books yet!

CriminalRepurcussions Why don't you thumb through the book and get a sense of how it is written. Your idea of clean semi-clean is unique only to you.
We all see it differently.

Patrick Not a fan of John Saul. Sandford is much better.

But that is just my opinion ;)

Christine Chamberlain This is his Virgil Flowers series. There is some cussing, but Virgil is a tea-totaler - some of the characters he deals with are not so "clean." There are eleven (11) in the series - always a murder mystery and a spin off of Sandford's "Prey" series. . . . nice to see some of the characters overlap. Very well written, great character builds and sub-plots that carry through the series.

Alan Welch Unless you have very delicate sensibilities I would say that there is nothing in John Sandford's books to offend you. If on the other hand you are squeamish about violence, then you may not be happy. It is difficult to write a thriller without having some violence. But there is no gratuitous gore!

Laura Steinert Libby, have you started the Hamish Macbeth series by M.C. Beaton? It is absolutely clean, and sweet, and funny, and filled with interesting characters living in a small Highland village. The series is about 30 books long--and each one is nearly impossible to set down. (After about the third book, the narrator stops being such an uptight, snooty, judgmental witch and the books get even better.) This is nothing like the Agatha Raisin series: infinitely better. (They must be good because my local library has all of them still on the shelf--30 years worth!)
I assume you've read all the Navada Barr books and all the Louise Penny ones. If not they are lovely. For a glimpse of Navajo life, go back to the Tony Hillerman novels.
I also liked Randy Wade White's work AFTER he switched to the Hanna Smith character.
James Rollins books are also worth a look, but they are stand alone volumes.

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