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What was ones a veautiful lush green forest is now as volcanic forest of ash trees and plants with volcanic plants and ores. The ash trees make it a dark forest but the sun gets through. But at night its extremely dark and thankfully there is voloros the lava glow plants that lights up the forest at night. But watch of volcanic monster and such.

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K Kenneth was walking through the ash forest and glanced around. He could see that there was no one else at the moment and sat under a tree. Since he had just ate, he was a bit sleepy but satisfied from a good meal.

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Kaneki enter the ash filled forest, not really expecting anything to be in here. Kaneki had to go through this forest to get some where, like a city or something. He continued walking, not trying to be slient to anyone or anything around him.

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K Kenneth had started to fall asleep but then noticed someone coming. He sat up and looked around trying to make sure that it wasn't a ghoul hunter since there had been several after him for a while now. He looked around and saw someone who didn't appear to be very threatening come his way.

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Kaneki was looking down slightly so he didnt notice he was approaching someone. Kaneki was just thinking on how to keep his friends safe from any enemies. He cracked his finger since it was now his habit to do for some reason he enjoyed it.

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K Kenneth saw the stranger approach and tilted his head getting a better. "You're not lost are you?" he asked curiously. If it was a human, he would help since he wasn't tempted to eat at the moment even though he was friends with several binge eaters. He just never got into the habit.

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"Im just looking to find a city." Kaneki said cracking his finger and sniffing the air. He could tell that this person was a ghoul, he could smell the blood and his smell.

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K Kenneth nodded, "It's that way," he said pointing behind him, "but I'm guessing you already knew that right?" he said figuring as much since most people didn't come through here unless they were simply passing through.

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"....Well yes you could say that" Kaneki answered him but was wary of him. He didnt like how he could smell the blood lust from him and how he had the feeking he wasnt a good ghoul.

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K Kenneth simply nodded and didn't say anything but he realized that this person wasn't human. "This may sound odd, but what are you?" he asked since he wasn't a human but his scent was different. Similar to that of a ghoul but a little sweeter. It didn't make sense to him.

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K ((Did you still want to rp?))

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♚ luхєmвurgєrs ♚ wrote: "((Did you still want to rp?))"

((Sorry was busy))

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"Im... a Ghoul" Kaneki told him as he stood from a good distance. "What are you doing way out here?" He asked curious of what he was doing by himself.

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K ((That's okay I understand))

Kenneth scratched his head and sighed knowing that he couldn't lie about it. "Well I just ate and I've been having problems with the CCG lately so I decided to come out here," he said. "I'm not a binge eater if that's what your wondering. I just live in a bad neighborhood."

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The wind whistled as the cool summer breeze drifted through the air. Bits and pieces of ash fell from the sooty trees, raining from the sky like dark snow. A soft squawking was heard in the dark forest followed by a girlish giggle and a small thud against one of the trees causing them to shake and rain ash down once again. A petite girl stood sat in the greyish green grass with her knees tucked under her giggling at her pet raven which had crashed into a tree as they had been trying out new tricks. The girl, Jezebel, wasn't much of an extrovert and on her past few days in this realm her only friend had been her raven and her weapon, James. She crawled over to the raven and picked it up, whispering something to it as it squawked angrily.
"I know, I know. I should have been more careful." The crow squawked even more, waving its wings about in the air. She chuckled and reached into her pocket pulling out a small silvery fish. It wriggled about in her hand and she sighed softly before feeding it to James.
"I promise, I'll catch you those blue colored fish you like for supper. Just a little more practice, okay?" The girl's voice was softspoken and gentle though there was a slight quiver in the way she spoke, almost like she was afraid of anyone other than the bird hearing her. Truth be told, Jezebel wasn't really good at interacting with any of the creatures she had met here. She had left Hell only a week ago to learn the ways of good and be like her mother. The girl tucked her soft, wispy brown hair behind her ears. The hair was rather peculiar, moving about like there was the wind blowing it. Almost like it was alive. The only things that held it off her face were two small pink ribbons fastened onto the sides. She gazed at James through her beautiful long eyelashes and her light wine colored eyes twinkled with a playful sparkle. The raven gave a sigh before it glowing a bright violet, transforming into her scythe. She squealed with glee and stood up, spinning around with the weapon, her dark magenta skirt swirling around her before she stood, poised and ready to strike at her opponent (the tree right in front of it with an angry face carved in). She let out a soft hiss and threw her scythe at it, watching as it slashed up the angry face till it was no more before coming back to her in a boomerang fashion, slightly wobbly on it's way back. One of her locks of hair became longer at once, catching the scythe. James immediately transformed in the safety of her hair and she pulled him close to her, taking him from her hair and cradling him.
"Just a little more, okay?"

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Jasper finally decided to pause his aimless trekking through the ashen forest, shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot. Had he taken a wrong turn? His toes probed at the soot with frustration, neglecting the darkening smudges against the exposed flesh of his feet. There was something strange about this forest, his palm drifted outward as sprinkles of ash landed swiftly against the pale skin. That was certaintly abnormal. His other hand searched for the prized treats stashed in a simple sash of a tawny shade; tied onto the grooves of his plain colored trousers. Thank the skies, the chocolates remained protected in there enclosure. His search for sweets urged him to follow a different path, the previous having been confined with a thin layer of falling ash. Some could say he was a total ditz by being manipulated by the sweet tangy taste of candy. But his taste buds always desired those treats. A bittersweet weakness in the end if he continued to succumb to there lustful taste. He was so pathetic faced with that challenge. Well, at least he tried to resist them, but in the end he always submitted. There was nothing he adored more. The aspiring addiction would be able to put all to shame. Not that it would form a strong emotion of pride. That would be ridiculous. He blinked, his thoughts returning to his usual desire again, and he scolded himself for his simple mindedness. Instead, he forced himself to find a way out of this ashen forest. It was morning, and yet there was a heavy dimness illuminating the dismal location. Being a thunderbird, not only were his eyes sharp, but the squawk of another fellow bird perked his ears to listen closely. Certainly another being resided in the sooty reaches of the forest. He lifted his head toward the vastness of the trees, looking for a figure that would correlate with the unmistakable sound of a girls laughter. Or could it simple be a form of his growing madness? Surely not, his eyes wouldn't decieve him, now would they? But he only managed to stand transfixed by the wonderful, nearly ravishing display of the raven transforming into a scythe, and the remarkable agile grace the young woman released her weapon toward the helpless tree. Truly, the pain carved on the already lifeless plant grew tenfold as it become one with the rest of its ashen brethren. Without much thought to his own life, he whole heartedly clapped at the thrilling battle set right in front of him. "Bravo!" He shouted, completely ignoring the vigorous uproar his mere voice caused. It was only a matter of time before a miniscule pile of ash covered the mans lower half. But a cheeky grin still remained upturned.

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Jezebel nearly fell over a second time at the sound of another voice, dropping the bird in her arms. Her hair shot out, catching the bird safely, lifting it up and holding it on her shoulder. She was too startled to use her scythe/bird and instead froze, small flames appearing in her hands. The bird on her shoulder squawked softly into her ear.

"Well yes James, I am quite aware. No I will not talk to him.. What if he tries to kill me? Yes I'm aware that I haven't spoken to anyone yet.." She let out an exaggerated sigh as the bird squawked even more, waving its wings about in circles like they were hands. "I hate that you're always right.." She stuck out her tongue at the bird in a rather childish but sweet way before her eyes darted over to the peculiar boy in front of her. Actually he was rather attractive in an enchanting way. However, it didn't phase her very much. With his long thin white ponytail and his gorgeous bone structure, he wasn't a sight for sore eyes at all. Suddenly, Jez felt rather shabby with her unkempt hair, leaves, and such strewn about in it. Her hair was rather long and could grow to any size and it seemed to have a mind of its own at times. It had become rather difficult for Jez to keep up with it. She didn't extinguish the flames in her hand but gave the boy a very tight lipped smile, a pretty big effort on her end.

"It wasn't very coordinated at all. Who are you?"

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He opened his mouth to answer her questions, but upon hearing that she was communicating with the raven, James. His mouth closed all its own, and the finger that he unintentionally lifted, also fell lifeless to his side. Well, he rather felt being the fool. The only thing he could do was watch as the nameless girl argued with her beloved bird. Jasper couldnt help smiling from cheek to cheek at the endearing display of friendship. While waiting to be recognized by the girl. His fingers fought the rope tied around the belt loops of his trousers. To no avail, he ended up dropping the coarse material, and looking up to the girl once more. From this distance, he admittedly could tell she was quite the eccentric beauty, although lacking in social skills. Considering, she was arguing with a bird, not something a normal person would do. Actually, she seemed a bit thrown off by hearing his voice, as if she never heard the deeper brogue of a male before. Which of course he dashed away, she certaintly had a father. But maybe she was secluded from society and was only entertained by the familar sound of one mans voice. Thus, the raven entered the picture, and became her only companion.

Jasper didnt fail to notice the abnormalities of her hair, but he didnt find that to be any concern to his life. However, the flames coursing around her petite hands were rewarded with a questioning rise of both eyebrows. Although, hoping to not become victim to her scythe throwing capabilities. He stood still, except for holding both hands up, hopefully granting some peace towards her hostility. Which he could not blame her for. He did sneak up on her vulnerability. Though his intentions were pure and he by no means would hurt her. It was the cautious thing to do on her part.

He nearly winced when she smiled at him, the thought was commendable, but dear lord it was painful to see. The effort went in vain, and he did not fail to reproach her for it. "My dear, you dont need to force yourself to smile on my behalf. I would prefer an honest smile from the heart, not one to entertain my unwanted presence." His fingers glided across his forehead, darting strands of unkempt hair from his face. "I would prefer your flames then that atrocity you call an attempt of a smile!" Jasper was known for his sometimes brutal candid bluntness, and more then he would care to admit. Invoked a call of threatening attention. "But my name is Japser. What may I call you?" Then there was his ability to simply forget being such a harsh straightforward man, and then becoming the charming goofball he preferred.

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Jezebel did not know whether or not to take offense to his comment. Then again, her father had always hated her smile after her mother died. It had been a long time since she had truly smiled because of that. She left the corners of her mouth go back down to their straight line formation and stroked her bird's back gently. James pecked at her finger and she winced. "Alright alright... I'm approaching him, you turd!" She complained quietly before taking a shaky step towards the male. Jez bit her lip, contemplating her choices. James told her to be careful but kind and open. This realm was rather strange, truth be told. She hadn't met very many people in the Ash Forest, hence why she spent most of her time in it. She had built herself a small house, not too far from here underneath a large ash tree. It was the one that reminded her the most of her home. She fiddled around with a loose thread on her pink scarf which obscured her curvy upper half. James had instructed her to do so, not wanting to make her vulnerable. She then raised her head, her piercing pinkish eyes meeting his. She didn't smile however her eyes gave way to such kindness and a hint of wickedness given she was the daughter of a demon and a human.

"Jezebel.." Her voice was soft and raspy, not used to speaking to other people, especially not a male. She seemed uncertain with her words and from the way she pushed at the dirt with her boot, she was lacking in confidence as well. "My mother called me Jez so I suppose you can call me that too."

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His eyes never wandered from her facial appearance, occasionally whipping his gaze toward the lax tresses fulfilling there own demands. Being such a gentleman he considered admiring a woman just for the shape of her figure to be a shameful act of morals. Quite repulsive if he did say so himself. Once again, his fingers grazed the coarse fibers of the rope. Hidden within, were his beloved goodies. Chocolate truffles, he believed they were named. The solid milk chocolate shell only to be hiding a softer creamier form of sweetness, providing his tongue the illusion of being chilled. Usually he wasn't one to share such treats with anyone. But by the way her feet unceremoniously dug into the earth, it called forth a form of heartwarming compassion. True, he new nothing of her profile. Well, for the most part her main history. Not her skills in society, or lack thereof, or her tendency to adventure here of all places. Actually, he was quite repelled by her shortening of height, though from up above she appeared average. Most importantly though she emitted a ray of innocence from her near childish beauty, a highlight of wickedness seeped into the fray from her bewitching pink eyes. Though, it came crashing tenfold when she spoke in such a way that simply spelled out embrace the girl. And although his paternity instincts revolted against his heart, he reframed from causing any unwarranted concerns. Instead, he smiled warmly at her words, holding a candy clad in a delicately wrapped plastic of a red color. "Jez..." He took a tentative step closer to her, trying to prevent her from fleeing like a wild animal, or worse slice him to peices, strangle him to death with her hair, or burn him to a crisp. Neither which seemed welcome at the moment. "Its a candy, take it and dont be afraid to devour the treat." His voice softened as well, usually he was able to sooth any form of animal, though he reminded himself that it didnt go well with hostile individuals or ones with trust issues. Well, if he died today, it was a wonderfully eventful life he would like to enjoy again.

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Jez paused. She wasn't one to ever speak to people so this was out of her comfort zone. The crow cawed into her ear again and she huffed, whispering something back to it, her soft, hoarse voice inaudible. The bird pecked her cheek and she yelped softly, poking it in the chest. "Fine fine, you're so pushy, James!" She reached forward, her delicate fingers curling around the candy. In all honesty, everything about Jez screamed delicate. She was a rather sturdy person and proved the saying that looks were rather deceiving. She unwrapped it and inhaled softly, bringing the sweet red candy to her lips. It smelled sweet. Saccharine like a cherry. A very sugary cherry at that. She opened her mouth and popped it in, a light smile decorating her face. Everything back home was almost like fire. Very spicy. The candy was something new to her altogether and the taste, the texture, the smell filled her with joy. She was different when she had a real smile on her face. She seemed friendly and not as solemn as she usually did. It was inviting and made her seem like a warmer person. "Thank you.." She whispered softly.

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Jasper held his arms behind his back, giddily awaiting her reaction toward the sweet delicacy. The excitement was nearly torturous as he rocked anxiously on his heels. His grin grew wider as he witnessed the true delicate beauty of her smile. A smile truly worth dying for. The fact that he, a stranger could bring forth such a smile was an award worth receiving. He nearly burst with enthusiasm as a soft melody of her thanks swirled around his ears like stars. "You welcome, little cherry." The endearment rolled from his tongue with ease, that a furious flush of crimson flame burned his pale cheeks. The shock was so great he took a step back and rubbed the back of his neck with a nervous chuckle. Usually he was one to kept his calm, but seeing that smile. It was enough for his usual go for it spunk to activate. That he forgot how timid she seemed, or how a single snap could awaken the wildcat within. His eyes strained watching the swift waves of her hair, imagining the headlines reading: Thunderbird Strangled by Furious Hair. "I sincerly apologize for the nickname. Its just your so petite and pink...... I mean by your attire, oh, and your eyes. And well i should probably just shut up." Clearly he was so troubled, he stumbled over his words, they played over well in his mind. But as he spoke them, he couldnt help feeling like an idiot. Instead, his lips remained shut and he stared awkwardly at the ash stuck between his toes.

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Jezebel wasn't sure how to feel about the stranger. Jasper. He said his name was Jasper. He was rather odd, in a sweet sort of way. She finished off the rest of the candy and folded up the thin red wrapper into the shape of a star. She approached the boy and placed the star in his hand, her smile widening for a second before it disappeared from her soft lips. "I've never had a nickname before... Or maybe I have. My father always called me 'Girl' or 'That Insolent Rat'. I suppose that's not much of a nickname though, is it?" Jezebel spoke in a soft voice. She was nervous. That was perhaps the most she had said to a person in the short amount of time she had been in this world. James nudged her shoulder and she poked him with her pinky finger softly causing him to emit an annoyed squawk. A tendril of hair wrapped around his torso. "Can I go now.." She whispered to him. The bird squawked in an annoyed tone. She huffed and turned her attention back to the male, studying his demeanor. He was rather cute, in an awkward way. Jezebel was surprised with herself. She had never found anything other than animals cute for the longest time. "What brings you to the forest...Jasper?" She liked the way she said his name. It rolled right off her tongue in a sweet, lilting way and lingered on her tongue.

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That Insolent Rat. He was quite taken aback by such an inappropriate nickname to call one's daughter. But the more he thought about it, such harsh forms of verbal abuse was fairly common nowadays. Especially to humiliate the child and to feel abandoned by ones parents. Or in this case the father. Actually, he felt quite unwelcome as she talked to her bird once more. But he maintained his composure by offering a wan smile whenever she looked in his direction. In the end, he was beginning to doze in a rather lovely dream of flying through the skies once more. Yet, as he looked up and ash stuck to his lashes, his hands fisting as they dug into the pocket of his jeans. He couldnt help but feel an immense sorrow weep into his heart. If only, if only he could fly with complete tranquillity through the skies. Without the constant fear of rubber nets soaring from nowhere and capturing young and elder Thunderbirds alike. It was a miracle he was able to escape with his life, at the cost of his families lives. At the sound of a voice as sweet as the candy he'd consumed. His head lowered, and a smile began to form as he remembered that the beautiful little cherry asked him a question. "It's a bit embarrassing, but I actually lost my way a while back." He chuckled, noticing a bit of ash landing on her cheek. Jasper swiped a finger against the offending particular, completely oblivious to what her reaction would be. "I was hoping this path would lead me to the nearest city, but as you can see I've here I am. In the middle of nowhere." His arm fell slowly to the side, friendly red eyes clashing with glittering pink eyes. It was in that moment that he realized how she was studying him. Hopefully not with disgust.

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Jez jerked back slightly, her cheeks blushing a soft crimson. She ducked her head away sheepishly. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to react so harshly." It was odd. The longer she stayed in this world, the more her kinder side began to shine through. "Well I could be wrong but I think there's a city nearby. I saw it on my way here." She swallowed, pausing for a moment. "Perhaps I could take you there?" Jez was nervous. She had never asked anyone to go anywhere. As a child, because of her demonic tendencies, people used to avoid her and after what had happened with her mother, everyone avoided her. She met his gaze, staring at him for a few moments before she turned her gaze away, tracing small designs in the ashes with the tip of her black Mary Janes. She inhaled, her body tense and her hair still. She wasn't sure if he would accept or decline. James nuzzled her neck before he flew down to her bag, nestling into it comfortably as a sign that she was doing good. Doing better.

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"Of course, it would be my pleasure to follow." He looked her over again, judging her nervous innocence to heart. It was difficult not to smile at the pureness that she emitted. However, there was a harboring evil presence surrounding her. It was bothering him since the moment he encountered her. But, she had this aura that was ghosting his mind at the moment. It was annoying that the name was evading his thoughts. Though he didnt know if a demon could be so. Sweet. In fact, it was impossible. He nearly slapped himself. That's right! A demon. She was most definitely that kind of entity. The malicious cruelty in her eyes when they met, her father giving her humorless nicknames, most importantly, how she was never allowed to go anywhere. Alone. He gently lifted her chin, catching her glossy pink eyes. She was nervous. "Jezzy, I mean, Jez, when we head to the city. Maybe I could show you all the things you missed." He spoke with tenderness, not sure how she felt about physical contact, but knowing that she probably recieved none. He murmured an apology again, remembering how surprised she was by his previous touch. "If you're willing to, of course."

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There was a nervous glint in her eyes, disappearing as quickly as it had appeared and she blinked, averting her gaze once again. Why was she behaving so shyly? Why was this person giving her so much attention? Why wasn't he cowering in fear at the sight of her. She swallowed, gathering her thoughts and brought her gaze back up to Jasper's, nodding her head slightly. "But what if.. what if the people are afraid of me?" That's what she had been used to for perhaps the majority of her life. People feared her. A wind breezed past them, causing more ashflakes to fall from above, landing in her hair and on her nose. Her hair, which seemed to behave as if it was alive, shook itself out, the ash falling off and she let out a soft sneeze, scrunching the ash off. Jez had the good grace to blush, wiping away the ash with her sleeve. "I-I.. Excuse me.." James let out a squawk that sounded almost like a chuckle and Jez huffed at him, giving him a glare. The bird pecked at her waist before shrinking back into the safety of her bag.

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He threw his head back and barked with laughter, the extra length of his hair smacking his cheek in the process. Really, it was just so wholesome, the innocence she protrayed. The anxiety of her current situation of being feared. It was just so adorable. He immediately regretted laughing when ash abruptly swept into his parted lips. Jasper blinked from the earthen taste, immediately making a disgusted face when the burnt lingered on his tongue. "Well, Jez, there are many intimidating demons that cause fear in people. There are even creatures that aren't neccesarily demons that can cause a certain kind of fear in them as well." He offered her another smile when she involuntarily sneezed, and though he couldnt hear anything but a soft chuuu, the bobbing of her head quickly lowering, and her shoulders also raised. Insinuated as much. "Gazuntite." It would have been ironic saying the more common 'bless you,' to a demon, so he improvised by using the lesser known phrase. "But, if it helps any. I'm not afraid of you, Little Cherry. And nor is your raven companion." Yes, he much preferred little cherry over the insolent rat. He thought it suited her, a cherry could be a dark red which glorified her more demonic nature. Or it could be a sweet yellow orange, that was forced into the pure tranquil innocence he stumbled upon. Either way, he held out his arm. "Would the Little Cherry mind escorting me to the wonders of the city?"

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Jezebel reached into her pocket, producing a strange looking pink fruit. A dragonfruit to be exact. She held up her hand, watching her nail grow and sharpen into a claw before she cut a piece off with ease. She held out the fruit to Jasper, hoping to make up for the taste of the ash. Jezebel giggled softly and grinned at Jasper, her shyness beginning to peel away, bit by bit. Her human side had begun to shine through as well. "I'd love to. But only if you can keep up!" She flicked him in the forehead before taking off, running through the ash forest as the beautiful grey flakes fell around her, her hair bouncing in the air. She was fast and small, her body able to dodge most obstacles in her way.

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"I guess not!" He yelled, meaning his arm which was awkwardly still held airborne. The extra warmth of the striking beauty meters away, fading into the thick ashen brush. A chuckle florished with mischievous intent, yet held a heartwarming crescendo as he followed suit. Gee, her agilty and petite lithe form called for adoration. Easily maneuvering past troubling obstacles. However, these complications caused no hindrance for Jasper. His reflexes were advanced, so he had no trouble catching up to her form. Yet he was caught off guard by a singular violet crimson flower blooming only a few paces away. Its beauty was intoxicating, a bittersweet scent signaled toward his nose. The flower was quite poisonous to those with a shattered soul. A dubious, carnivious blossom with brambled thorns that enslave its victims. Yet, when torn through by a tender hearted individual, morphed into a golden rose. Jasper approached the flower, an animal like hiss screamed at the offended male. "Shhhh." He cooed gently, stroking the blossoms silky soft petals like a lovers kiss. And with ease the stem snapped from its root, falling limply into his hand. "A lovely rose for a darling cherry." With a sigh, he stroked the golden petals once more, reminding himself of the woman he was betrothed to. But like his past, that too was a tragedy. Meeting Jezebel was sweet, but he only wanted to give her such a prized rose since she knew next to nothing about this world. It was, what he would consider, a friends gift.

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(Is there gonna be romance between the two, cuz if there is i want it to go slow.))

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((Cuz i got plans.))

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(( I do see something happening between them so yes there are buds of romance. Jez isn't good with romance because she has trust issues but yes it would go slow because they did just meet and Jez isn't typically trusting and Jasper seems... hung up over someone :) ))

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Jezebel was well through the forest when she noticed that Jasper was no longer behind her. She paused before looking down at James in confusion. Did he run away too? Am I that scary? She thought to herself. James pecked her arm causing her to yelp out in surprise. He squawked at her frustratedly before zipping out of her pouch, off to search for the long-haired boy. Jezebel busied herself by sitting down on a small grassy patch, untouched by the ash. She pulled a pink comb out of her pouch and began to pull it through her soft wispy hair, quietly waiting for him to return. From the shadows, a soft, eerie tune began to play. A deep whisper began to call to her, beckoning her to come to the shadows. Jez looked up, dropping her comb on the ground. She slowly began to walk towards the source of the sound, her eyes wide and unfocused.

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Jasper cleared his throat, shattering any unwanted thought from his mind. What's in the past, should remain in the past. He pocketed the flower into the bag strung into his belt loops, swept a finger against the troubling hairs that obscurred his vison, and continued on toward Jezebel. However, he stopped once more. "Did she continue on straight?" He more whispered to himself, shifting his head and turning in every direction to remember the path she'd taken. "Pretty sure it was straight, but maybe she went left..." Although being a bird, one would think his sense of navigation would be exemplary, but being reduced to a mere mortal. Well, in this case he was far from astute. So, he carried on straightward, praying he wasnt getting into trouble from his lack of directional prowess. For a good minute, all seemed well, until he had a sudden flash of doom flash into mind. Then the raven companion, James, he believed, squawked uncontrollably in his face. Dark feathers trailing toward the sooty ground from the disturbed bird. That was enough for Jasper to know that something was wrong. Concern etched on his usual lax appearance, his instincts completely getting the best of him. "Idiot! I shouldnt have left her alone!" He took off running through the forest, the dark birds presence up above left him at ease. James knew where he was going, knew where Jezebel was. In less then a couple minutes, James perched himself on a singular pink comb, indicating the item belonged to the female. Of course, the comb was pink, and as he crouched to pick up the item, he smiled because of that fact. "She should still be nearby, but God which direction did she go." He looked toward the raven for any advice, until a melodious, eerie tune could be heard. The tune was faint, as if it already had someone ensnared with its mystical lullaby. "Should have known those dubious pests were gonna go after her. But damnit, why cant I see her?" He continued to say, she couldnt have gotten far, but apparently it was far enough for him not to spot her

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Jezebel's world seemed to be in slow motion as she slowly took steps towards the source. Devilish laughter was heard throughout the forest, snapping her out of her trance. Despite having heard all sorts of things during her time in Hell, she still felt fear course through her veins. Why was the laugh so familiar? She backed up into a tree, hitting her head against the hard bark. She sunk to the ground as the laughter grew louder, almost as if it were coming closer. She shook hard as her hair sprung alive. Why did she let James go? Her hands lit up with blazing red flames. Hell fire. "J-James?! JAMES?" Could it be her father? Or perhaps one of his beasts? His goons? She turned in the opposite direction of the source of the laughter, zipping through the woods, trying to go back the way she came. Her legs pumped hard through the woods, kicking up a dusty cloud of ash as it fell hard around her when she felt something nipping away at her legs. She looked down spotting a few devilish looking fairy creatures. Imps. It was her father. Sending her a warning. She reached down, setting the creatures ablaze and ran faster. Unfortunately for Jezebel she wasn't watching ahead of her and ran headfirst into another tree. She let out a yelp before she sank to the ground again, holding her head between her knees. She encased herself in a circle of fire, hoping for protection from whatever was coming. Could it be a Dretch? Or perhaps a large Cerebrilith? She was hoping for one of the smaller ones. As sadistic as her father was, it simply wasn't his way to sic all the powerful beasts on her first. It was most likely a lower level demon. Jez was hoping for a Mane.


James flew towards the air, searching the perimeter for his master. His beady black eyes landed on a particular bundle of pink and brown and he sighed with relief before noticing a hulking figure not too far from her. It was a dark presence, most likely from back home. He zipped back down, tugging at Jasper's sleeve in Jezebel's direction. He squawked up at him frantically but the urgency in his eyes with unmistakable.

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Jasper nodded toward the raven, pocketing the comb into his trouser pocket before heading in the direction James insisted upon. Meanwhile, as he ran, his brow was creased with concern, boosting his speed as much as he could. Hopefully not to the point where he sprinted past her. He wasnt expecting to run into a demon, of all creatures in an ash forest, much less come to her aid. Why was he trying to protect her? Jezebel was nothing to him, but an acquaintance, a selfless child in pink. Perhaps it was her innocence that reawakened this urge to utilize everything in his path to find her. He stopped running. She was a demon. And demons from what he was aware, were powerful enough to fend for themselves. Jasper unintentionally punched a tree from his doubting thoughts. Immediately mumbling a curse as dusts of ash came smashing in tremendous piles before him. Leaning against the dead wood, feeling completely at a loss. Did she really need help? The frantic terror in the raven's eyes imposed as much, but the doubt still remained intacted. There was a shocking orange glow just a mere eight yards away. His eyes narrowed slightly at the sudden glow. Why hadnt he seen that before? The little cherry was close by. And that was all he needed to know, as all thoughts disappeared completely from his mind. "Jezebel!"

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(I feel really bad for not responding, or writing as much as i wanted too, but thats all i could think of. My brain is still all out of wack for ideas, so bare with me please.>.<)

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Two red feet stepped into view. Its sharp claws dug into the dirt as it walked into the sunlight, revealing the creature's morbidly obese body. It was bloodred with disgusting rolls and its body shone with a reddish slime. It was a large, obese creature with a clown-like face. It also had sharp claws and teeth that grew in rows, along with two ridged horns protruding from its head. But the most gruesome part was its eyes. They were black bottomless pits with yellow lights as eyes. It was Red Demon. The Red Demons were savage monsters. Part of her father's armies. They were destructive and impossible to reason with but also very very stupid and slow. Jezebel let out a scream from fear of its appearance not its strength. "JAMES! I NEED YOU! JASPER!" She shrieked as the slimy beast stepped closer. James flew into the air, spotting her and tugged on Jasper's sleeve, pulling it in the direction. He chirped at him before flying into the sky, transforming into her large purple scythe in the midair. She caught it and stood with her weapon, watching as the demon roared, walking towards her. She could defeat it with James. She swung her weapon hard, trying to aim for its first heart. A red demon only had three. It roared, purple blood spilling out and screamed as she pulled her scythe out, taking off into the woods. The demon chased her, following her into a mazy thickett. She was faster however and managed to lose it within, running directly into Jasper and taking him to the ground. She landed on top of him and groaned rubbing her head before sitting up on top of him. The demon ran into the clearing and began to jump with glee, its rolls jiggling, at the thought of another soul to devour for lunch.

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"What th-?" Jasper's bird mind couldnt comprehend how he landed, quite painfully, on his back. His eyes remained closed, until he slowly peeked one eyes open. The sight brought him into an absolute state of shock. Jezebel was straddling him in such a compromising position. Truthfully she looked quite dazzling, if not a little distraught. "Jezebel?" He propped himself on his elbows, immediately regretting it when he was a mere inches away from her own face. Clearing his throat, he looked over her shoulder. "Are you okay?" Noticing that she had groaned at some point during there tumble. A hand laid gently against the soft of her back, either to offer concern. Or to keep himself steady and at a distance so he didnt make her feel uncomfortable. Nothing could have been more awkward. She was beautiful. There was no doubt about that. It wasnt her, he just felt much older then her. Ancient. However, the grotesque humanoid presence running through the trees, managed to make the man raise one eyebrow in question. So, that hideous creature was the cause of Jezebel's horrified screams. It was truly a monster of nightmares. And trigger his thoughts to more important matters. The most unnerving factor was the clown face, and the grotesque eager hunger it disarmed toward the pair. Though Jasper found the jiggling rolls to be quite satisfying. He wondered if they would pop if he probbed them with a pointy stick. "How would we go about killing your jiggly red friend?" He asked, wrapping his arm tentatively around her waist. Lifting him and her in the process. Then disposing of her beside him, a cautious eye landing on the scythe. Jasper usually avoided violence 99.99% of the time, but favored being alive, more then being an appetizer for the obese creature. There was something he managed to overlook, and as the red demon drew closer, the purple stains reflected its blood. Even that was unusual. Demons became more and more horrific over the years, that much was sure.

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((Aaaaahhhh, is that good? Im so insecure! Is that good? It took me a lot longer then usual to write it out!>0<))

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(( HAHAHAH HE CALLED IT JIGGLY and yes it was good most of your replies are good you silly ))

Jezebel seemed to get lost in him for a second. Somehow this strange boy had begun to crack down her cold barrier. "I-I'm okay.." She blushed, looking away from him. She looked up at the demon and winced as it began to dance about, letting out devilish giggles. It roared again and began to skip towards them, the ground shaking with every step it took. She stumbled into Jasper again, the ground shaking like an earthquake. She pushed the warm feelings she felt in her chest aside, standing in front of Jasper. She picked up James again, holding the scythe in front of her. She had to protect Jasper. "Red Demons have three hearts. There's one at their neck, one at their chest and one in their navel. If we get all three, we can kill it." And suddenly her hair was alive, elongating and snaking its way over to the demon. It curled around its feet and pulled. Hard. The clumsy monster fell over, its rolls jiggling about. Her hair pulled her on top of the beast and it reached out trying to catch her. Jezebel was different. Her childlike innocence was gone, her true demon side beginning to show through but in her mind she was thinking of one thing. Protecting Jasper.

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During the whole jittering dancing the demon demonstrated to his three audience members. Jasper couldnt quite stop staring at all that jiggling blubber bouncing about. Sure, it was a grimy nasty red hue, and the face was horrendous. He imagined a thick pink tongue shooting out from its mouth as it giggled. Probably would've been the only normal thing about it. The thought of itself made the thunderbird bellow out in husky chuckles. He didn't understand why it was so comical, it simply was. Next thing he knew, Jezebel had taken a dramtic turn, embracing her demon form. Bringing the clown to its wiggling back, the immense squirming of the fat was quite disgusting, yet equally satisfyingly strange. Regardless, as Jezebel managed to bombard the creature. Jasper was unsure of what she wanted him to do. "Do you require assistance? Or do you got this?" He asked, a cheeky grin displayed pleasingly against his handsome features. It appeared she got the demon secured. The outrage in its eyes as it tried to reach for Jezebel, all eager glee diminshed. The beast looked like it wished to go rogue, perhaps even giggle again. With how slimy it looked, he was surprised the thing remained captured in her hair.

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"I need you to keep it distracted. These things are seriously idiotic, that's for sure. My father probably sent it for that same reason." While she was distracted by Jasper, it tugged on her hair. Hard. She let out a soft cry as her hair retracted and she tumbled to the floor. She looked up just as the demon rolled over, wiggling about like a small child, and brought down its fist on her. She swung James over her head, cutting off a slimy finger in the process. "If we keep it distracted, then it won't have to die so inhumanely." That. That was the reason her father was so disappointed in her. Her refusal to kill relentlessly and to do it mercilessly. That was her mother's humanity in her. "Or you could run and make a trap like a hole or something and we could lead it in there and it wouldn't have to die and then you could come back and look at its jiggles whenever you want."

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As much as he praised her nobility to keep the creature alive. Jasper couldnt let the thing remain living on this isle. Not only because of its monstrous mutilations, but it managed to harm Jezebel. And true the thought of its jiggly rolls bouncing about brought an uncanny sense of interest. That was the least of his concerns however. Instead, while she spoke of plans, he managed to gently entangle his fingers into the surprising silken softness of her hair. Buried her face, and most importantly camouflaging her eyes behind his chest. The red demon clown took advantage of Jasper encasing her into an unwanted embrace. Its lost finger, forgotten, as it jumped with glee followed by those nightmarish giggles. Thinking Jasper to be completely powerless as it bounded with mighty steps toward the pair. The thought of finally being able to fill its obese body with more souls brought that eager hunger back into its eyes. "Red Demons have three hearts. There's one at their neck, one at their chest and one in their navel. If we get all three, we can kill it." Jezebel had succeeded with striking a blow to the chest heart, the purple blood from before now seemed reasonable. When she sliced the finger, not one little droplet of blood spilled. That was all he needed to know. The other arm extended toward the demon. Thunderous explosions of lightning shot from his finger toward the two hearts centered by the neck and navel. Jasper closed his eyes, hearing as the red demon roared in despair, the gurgling of its large slimy body hitting the ground shook the very earth. "Sorry. I dont think I would have been able to dig a hole big enough for Mr. Jiggly." He whispered with a soft laugh, being the gentleman he was, he much preferred killing the beast himself. Instead of watching her make an effort to save something that would possibly cause more destruction. Especially if her father were going through any means to make her kill. Her compassion was the most humane and pure. And most evil ridden things just weren't meant to be kept alive. Her father probably knew that as well. If she grew enraged with him, he would understand. She had meant to keep it alive after all. Heaving a large sigh, he removed his hand from her hair. Letting it fall lifeless to his side. He hoped she wouldn't grow suspicious of him. After all, he behaved like a normal human being, not once mentioning the idea of having any abilities himself. Much less tell her how old he actually was.

((I didnt know which heart jezebel struck, so i took the liberty to chose two. Hope thats okay.)

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(( It's okay :0 ))

Jezebel's heart fluttered for a moment in his embrace. She went limp against him, inhaling his scent. He smelled nice. Earthy. Behind her, she could hear the monster's gurgles. Its wails of despair. What was he doing? When he finally released her she turned around, her eyes wide. How did he get it on the ground like that? "How did you do th--" The demon, who still had one remaining heart at his neck, grabbed her in his slimy grubby hand. She tried to push herself out of its slimy grip but her hands kept slipping. "James transform!" The scythe turned back into her quick little raven and slipped out of her grip, fluttering over to the demon. He began to pick at the demon's eyes, blinding it. James chirped with satisfaction before Jez yelped with pain. The demon's grip had begun to grow tighter and tighter. It was going to squeeze her to a bloody pulp. It wailed and screamed with pain at its blindness, squeezing her hard. She whimpered, kicking and screaming. Her hair snaked its way around the demon's neck, attempting to suffocate the heart.

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Damn, he was getting rusty. To miss a neck shot with such an immense voltage of energy, was very disheartening. He stared at the offending hand, perhaps when neccessary he would engage in aiming practices. Jezebel's sudden pained whimpers snapped him from his stupor. The sight before him was devastatingly tragic. His heart pulsed with anger. But he didnt know what he could do. Using an airborne attack would most likely harm Jezebel instead of its intended target. Jasper noticed the demons sudden blindness, and he thanked Jezebels quick thinking, and the little raven's loyalty to commit. Perhaps if he could get close enough to the creature and help her by stabbing the heart. But he didnt carry anything sharp, much less peirce through a heart. If he didnt act quick he would loose Jezebel. And after just meeting her that very day, it wasn't an option. However, the fateful snapping of dead sticks clashed with the screams. Catching the ear of the now blind demon. "Crap." Even with Jezebel attempting to suffocate the heart, the red demon grabbed hold of Jasper from the waist. Insisting the same treatment to Jezebel, by squeezing him tighter and tighter. Yet, he made no sound, simply glared at the demon as the air from his lungs was quickly deteriorating. There was only one thing he could do, well actually a couple. The first, was to transform into his true mythical bird form. But considering the small clearing, his size would destroy not save. As well as it was much too risky, and much too dramatic. The second was to use airborne abilities he'd stolen from previous warriors, and hope his aim wasnt too awful to hit the target. But considering his depleting energy, managing a spark was impossible. The third, was throw the golden rose he kept safe by his side. Originally the rose was meant to be a gift for Jezebel, but if it managed to save them now. That was all they needed. Luckily, the hand managed to grab hold of him only a few inches above the sash. The pocketed rose remained untouched, beautiful, and holy. A few thorns gleaming, Jasper aimed for the heart, cleverly wrapped by Jezebel's hair. He threw with as much strength as he could muster. There was no way he could have missed such an easy target. And the blinded demon couldnt possibly know that such a light, tender item was being thrown toward its remaining heart.

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The demon choked, the rose burning through his skin. The life went out in his life and he released Jezebel. She keeled over, coughing and gasping for air. She lay on the ground beside the demon's lifeless body and moved onto her side, looking at Jasper. She smiled at him gratefully. He had saved her. Her hair retracted, going back to its usual length. She grabbed a stick, pinning her hair above her head and looked around frantically for her bird. James came falling out of the sky, landing safely in her arms. She smiled, nuzzling him close to her chest before standing up, peeling away the demon's fingers still clasped around his waist. "It was my dad. He's trying to hunt me down. Get me to kill and give into the demon in me." She grasped his hand, squeezing it tightly. "Thank you. For saving me." She sat down on one of its jiggly rolls and pulled her legs to her chest. "We should get out of here."

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