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#1RICKRIORDANFAN | 61 comments Mod
for demigods of zues

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

If I couldn't be a child of Poseidon I'd want to be Zeus'

#1RICKRIORDANFAN | 61 comments Mod
Yeah I'd want hades

message 4: by Hecate19 (new)

Hecate19 (goodreadscomhecate19) | 2 comments Mod
If I could be a child of any MAJOR greek god specifically, I'd want to be hades. And of any major greek goddess, I'd want to be a child of Athena. But for the minor greek gods, for gods I don't have one, but for minor goddesses. its hecate or nothing

#1RICKRIORDANFAN | 61 comments Mod
hecate hades and artemis

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