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message 1: by Rens (new)

Rens Janssen (rensjanssen) | 3 comments Hi Jamie,

I'd really like you to read some of my chapters (or entire novel, it's a YA urban fantasy) if you're still available, but whenever I try to send you an email I get a reply saying that it can't find the address. Do you have any idea why this might be or if there's maybe another way to reach you (especially with the chapters since I can't attach them to mails that won't be delivered)?

message 2: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Lo Hello. I'm looking for beta readers for my YA fantasy novel. I would like to check for plot inconsistencies, character development, and just a general view of what my book is like to my readers.

The story is about a girl living in a war-torn country being slowly deteriorated by the overpowering military force of the opposing country as well as a deranged queen plagued with the effects of certain curse. After being deployed into the military after a secret of hers is revealed, the girl is thrown onto the front lines only to be one of the last ones to survive. That's when a certain royal cat extends his hand (paw?) out to her and asks for her help in breaking the very curse put on her, the queen, and the rest of the country. Along her journey, she meets new, interesting friends and finds new power in both herself and her magic.

I would prefer if you can edit in a Google Doc, however I do Word Doc as well. It's about 90K words long.

If this piques your interest, go ahead and contact me at and put something about beta reading in the subject. Thanks!

message 3: by B.P. (new)

B.P. Baggett (bpbaggett) | 107 comments I am looking for a person to read and give review. if you are interested.

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