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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. 80s/90s YA sci fi - tall pale 'Megas' living in hi tech city and dark-skinned living outside - 'throwback' is born outside who can cross between worlds. [s]

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Ediacaran | 6 comments I would have read this book in the early-mid 1990s but no idea how old it was.

It was set in a futuristic world and dealt with issues of racism/inequality. There was a large hi-tech city (maybe called Megalopolis) and the people who lived there were tall, weak and pale and called Megas.

Outside the city lived stronger dark-skinned people who were forced to live a very low-tech lifestyle. A 'throwback' child was born there who looked like a Mega and he was able to infiltrate the city and cross between the societies.

I can't remember much about the plot - there was some kind of crisis and the protagonist acted as a Mega but was able to save the day (?) using the survival skills he had learned outside. I think that maybe he made a friend among the Megas who was less racist than the rest of them?

This has bothered me for years!

Ediacaran | 6 comments Ayshe wrote: "The Outcast?"

Oh wow, that is the one! This community is amazing!

Ediacaran | 6 comments Thank you so much!

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