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Best Anna Karenina Translation?

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Albert | 15 comments Does anyone in the group have any strong opinions on the best / most canonical / most faithful / or most accessible English translation of Anna Karenina?

Apparently this has come up on Goodreads before:

...but was wondering if anyone in the group had insider knowledge.

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Tara | 5 comments testing 1-2-3

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Tara | 5 comments ah ha - finally got this to work. In response to your question...i'm looking into this too. As I posted on Meetup, there is a Russian native on a message board I trust that says to avoid the Constance Garnett translation and that the Pevear & Volokhonsky's translation is very good.

But skimming through Albert's Good Reads link makes this a predictably difficult decision. Hoping there will be more thoughts on this before our next meetup.

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Tara | 5 comments So the first post in the link has 1 comment - and w/in that comment is this link: It's an interesting argument FOR GC and against PV. I especially liked the comparisons of certain excerpts, one by each translation.

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Tara | 5 comments Wikipedia offers further insights. And if one chooses the Garnett translation, then know it was revised in 1965 by Kent&Berberova and according to the cited source did a nice job fleshing out some details and nuances and added good annotations.

The P&V translation is described by the source as being conversational American which fits with the excerpts I read in the New York review link I referenced earlier. the Wikipedia link also lists several other translators but the cited source found flaw with all the others. conclusion was the revised version of Garrett OR the P+V are best.

This just offers another insight - take what you like ;) (go to section "translations in English").

Albert | 15 comments Thanks for the research / links Tara! Looks like the Chanhassen Library has 2 copies of P&V (if anyone wants to go the free route). I honestly forgot which translation I read when I read Anna Karenina years ago.

Most of my reading time these days is during commutes so I will go with the audiobook...and on that front, it looks like the Audible version narrated by Maggie Gyllenhall has very good reviews.

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Tara | 5 comments wow - the actress?! That's awesome ;)

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