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message 1: by CD (last edited May 30, 2017 09:42PM) (new)

CD  | 102 comments This video has been on facebook and it is great.

It starts out bad and then gets worse for those who - well, just watch -

Oh, it is about 'real men' buying or checking out cars/trucks/vehicles:

message 2: by El (new)

El | 756 comments Mod
Hah, that's cute. I like the guy who says that the vehicle is a "man's car". :/

message 3: by Ian (new)

Ian (setaian) I've seen that. It's a crack up. I love the guy with the goatee.
There is this very strange thing that we men do. If there is a car with its hood up, we gather moths to a flame. Must be some weird evolutionary throwback.

When I was 15 or 16 I had a friend...a girl from Texas named Laura...she was the poster girl for cute and sweet. She was looking under the hood of her car and like a male I wandered over and asked her what was up.

Without batting an eyelid she said, "I have a problem with the raskett gasket."

...and like a male I pretended I knew what that was. I was completely owned.

I find this pretty funny...the story is Jessica Meir posted something about thermal expansion. She's a NASA astronaut...from that it's a safe bet that she's the smartest person in any room she walks into. A guy decided to contradict her and it didn't end well for him. Mansplaining to an astronaut about space...not a good idea.

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