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Girlz only!

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 76 comments Mod
Name: Melanie Deveaux
Nickname: Mel
Age: 17
Race: Arcana
Nationality: Cajun French
Appearance: She has dark brown, almost black hair and pale skin, she has grey eyes like her father. She's 161cm tall.
Personality: she is fun and lovely and kind - unless you make her mad - then her voice becomes more french and she will go full on Cajun at you.
History: Her mother is one of the few species of Arcana left. It's an ancient race pasted on through the family. Arcana are basically human versions of tarot cards. She lives in Louisiana with her mother and father at a mansion called Haven.
Can create, shape, and control plants and trees
Can deliver poisons through her claws and lips, and spores from her hair and hands
Chlorokinetic scrying (can perceive through plants)
Family: Mother: Evangeline Deveaux Father: Jackson Deveaux
Hair turns red, and fingernails morph into thorn claws.
Glyphs on her skin glow from green to gold, each one representing a weapon in her arsenal.
Her eyes turn green too.
Other-: She's the new student.

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Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 76 comments Mod
Yay thanks

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Alexandria | 101 comments
Name ~ Viola Palo

Age ~ 17

Race ~ Esper

Nationality ~ Finnish

Powers & Abilities ~
Viola wields the special AIM diffusion field skill known as dual skill. She can use both Mental Out and Dark Matter, granting her vast psychic abilities and a whole selection of energy forms unique to her. Against those who have electric powers, her mental abilities create bursts around them of electricity due to electrical interference. In most cases, Viola is reliant on her Mental Out as Dark Matter is not the most logically applicable to everyday life.

Appearance ~

(For those who want an animated FC: http://pa1.narvii.com/6082/341854d743...)

Viola is modelesque in appearance. She has short and soft waves of bronze-blonde hair that frames her lightly tanned face. Her eyes are a greenish blue, however, her pupils are slightly larger than those of most as a side effect of her power set. Her style of dress is a combination of modern, fashionable yet classy making her stand out in a crowd.

Personality ~
Viola is a confident young lady who rarely doubts her own abilities. She is very nonchalant about most situations as she is convinced she can handle things herself regardless. She carries an air of sophistication and superiority as she does things, making her a model for younger students. Typically she is quite responsible, but in the situation that she wasn't responsible you'd never know because she fills you with false memories of her having been responsible. Sadly, due to her knack for remaining calm can make her seem cocky in some scenarios and foolish in others as she rarely takes things as serious as she really should. Viola is amongst the more social people in the school and often surrounds herself with people and in the case that others didn't want to be near her she'd simply use her Mental Out on them to make them want to be near her. She is also rather condescending and usually looks down upon people when she first meets them.

History ~
Viola was born in an upper-class family in Helsinki Finland. Her mother, Viviane Ahonen-Palo was an actress for the National Theatre in Finland and her father, Mikael Palo was a talented neurosurgeon. She wasn't particularly spoiled, however, she was more privileged than the typical person. As she got older Viola was identified as a gemstone esper. An esper is a person who has a personal reality in which they can create certain effects. An esper can usually use one thing that they cause in their own reality in the real world, but Viola's particular esper ability is dual skill, allowing her two potential abilities. a dual skill is second only to multi-skill, which allows possibly infinite esper abilities. Being a gemstone esper simply means that she was created naturally. A typical esper undergoes scientific enhancement to make way for their powers, but in a rare case, all the conditions are met by naturally in an esper's life. Instead of allowing Viola to be sent to a laboratory her parents arranged for her to be sent to a private school. There she flourished socially, however, for the longest time her powers were neglected and could become problematic. To begin with, she was thought to have Electromaster and Clairvoyant skills as she hadn't been properly observed by scientists, but just because she wasn't watched formally didn't mean they didn't spy on her. Based on her abilities they gave her a level three. Espers are ranked by levels 0-6, 0 meaning they have no powers and 6 being absurdly powerful and leagues above level 5. Once she started attending hero academy her talents bloomed. She was able to manipulate the minds of others to great extents so what was once presumed to be clairvoyance was bumped up to far superior Mental Out. Viola used this ability to get what she wanted, others had to bend to her will as her will became theirs. She was nigh impossible to challenge as, upon the challenge she could turn half the student body on you. Already she became an exceptional student with just that and the electromaster skill. It wasn't until a year or two into attending Hero Academy that her electromaster was found out to actually be a form of her Dark Matter ability. With this Viola became someone who could fight for herself with adeptness, but it also gave her a slight superiority complex as she was in most cases able to dispatch of any who got in her way. In truth she knew that there were a few people who were on her level, but would always deny it, refusing to let anyone think that there was potential for her to not be the best. Most people would be willing to bet on her success as a hero, but Viola herself questions it herself, not sure if she actually could. Despite her confidence, Viola worried about the distant future, she lacked control which made her flustered. Viola had always made sure that things stayed in the present where she had control.

Family ~
Mother - Vivane Ahonen-Palo
Father - Mikael Palo

Other ~ Level 4 esper || Loves chocolates ||

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 68 comments Mod
☕αℓєχαи∂яια || ωнαт'ѕ ιи α иαмє؟ тнαт ωнι¢н ωє ¢αℓℓ α яσѕє ву αиу σтнєя иαмє ωσυℓ∂ ѕмєℓℓ αѕ ѕωєєт☕ wrote: "Name ~ Viola Palo

Age ~ 17

Race ~ Esper

Nationality ~ Finnish

Powers & Abilities ~
Viola wields the special AIM diffusion field skill known as dual skill. She can use both Mental Out and Dark ..."

Awesome Approved!

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 46 comments Name: Elaina Lightra
Age: 15
Race: Human with Powers
Nationality: Dutch
Appearance: she has blond hair with 2 black hairlocks infront of her face, she has blue eyes, usually she wears a red shirt with blue jeans underneath, along with black shoes

her superhero costume is yellow and black, made entirely of leather, and covers everything except her face, she wears a red eye mask and a black hood, along with blue shoes
Personality: she's kind and protective, but also fierce and fight enjoying, she's usually serious but can enjoy a good joke, she has a temper and an incredible amount of bravery
History: she was born to a relatively normal family, they lived a happy life, but a murderer then escaped from a prison nearby, and hid in their home, thinking they were away, but they were still there, Henk tried to get the murderer to leave, but he killed her parents in cold blood, then turned to Elaina and loaded the gun again, but before he could shoot something stopped him and before she knew it, the murderer had his throat slit by a lion's claw, the claw was from someone who was a very powerful animal shifter, and he took Elaina to raise her, and gave her her powers from himself, when she was 14, he send her to the academy
Powers/Abilities: she can copy the speed, strength, durability, size, senses and any powers a mythical, extinct or regular animal have
Family: Father - Henk Lightra - mother - Glaze Lightra
Transformation(?): none?
Song(?): I'll think of one
Other-: it's her second year

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 46 comments thanks

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Ur welcome! Now I have to create character now :P

Phoenix~They/Them When I get my school computer I'll make my character

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Approved, How did I not see this? XD

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Knotty so is race=species or is race=ethnicity, because there seems to be some confusion on that

Phoenix~They/Them Name: Rosa Bloodthorn
Age: 16
Race: Vampire
Nationality: Due to being born in the US she speaks English

Unlike her brother Rosa has blue hair and eyes. She usually wears a blue dress with a red rose at the top and black heeled boots.
Personality: Rosa is difficult to deal with. She'd rather be alone or with her half-brother. However if she notices blood she can't control herself and she'll end up drinking a bit from that person which is why she's antisocial.
History: Rosa was born to Gladious and Marcella in a mansion, her father being rich. However a few years after she was born Marcella disappeared possibly killed. That's also when Gladious brought home a second wife who had a son her age. His name is Damien and he was the first friend she's ever made. Growing up was difficult, she had to hide her secret of being a vampire from the town nearby that was paranoid. She found it hard to talk to people afraid of having her seen as a monster so she'd mostly stay inside her house, growing up and training to look human with her brother. She found about the school when she travelled with her brother. She's now enrolling in the school...or going to.
Super Speed-Being a vampire means that she can run a lot faster then a normal human and if she was running fast enough it would almost look like she disappeared.
Super strength-She is a lot stronger
Gladious Bloodthorn-Father
Marcella Bloodthorn-Mother-Gladious' first wife
Selina Moonwaters-Stepmother and Gladious' second wife
Damien Moonwaters-Halfbrother
Transformation(?): None
Song(?): None
Other-: She's a first year student

Phoenix~They/Them How'd I do?

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 68 comments Mod

Phoenix~They/Them I'm gonna make her brother too

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 76 comments Mod
Hey LYS!

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 68 comments Mod
Abigael ~A Book A Day, Keeps Reality Away~ wrote: "Hey LYS!"

Hai ABBY!!

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Lys: the adorkable kitten | 68 comments Mod

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 76 comments Mod
NOthing. Its my birthday tomorrow!!

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 68 comments Mod
OMG HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!!! *hugs tightly*

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 76 comments Mod
Thanks xx *hugs*

Have you got a person we can rp with?

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 68 comments Mod
You are so welcome!

Not yet, i have one whose almost finished

Phoenix~They/Them Is my character gonna be approved?

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 76 comments Mod
Yes, approved. She's awesome

Phoenix~They/Them Wait who's all mod again? I'm using the app

Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 76 comments Mod
I'm a mod

Phoenix~They/Them Okay XD

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Alexandria | 101 comments

Mods are:
- Princess Kitty~Lys~Gøddꧧ øf Løvê needs a break
- C Y N O N I C
- Katsudon3DMG0910RE:
- Jhovani

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Knotty wrote: "so is race=species or is race=ethnicity, because there seems to be some confusion on that"

I Use Nationality

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 12 comments Name: Genevieve Merrix

Age: 16

Race: Witch

Nationality: Canadian


Personality: Genevieve is a naturally warm hearted and kind person. She tends to forgive easily, even though her temper does flair up often due to her being a bit sensitive and very VERY protective and loyal to her friends. She's a gentle soul and is the mom of any group. She's also a huge bookworm and a bit of a goody two shoes.... until she gets in a fight.

History: Genevieve grew up in a small town with her Mother, Father, and younger brothers who are twins, Micheal and Issac. Her Mother is a witch and her father is human. Issac has powers like Genevieve but Micheal doesn't. Surprisingly, though, Genevieve was always closer to Micheal. She lived a happy, peaceful childhood, but as her powers grew and became harder to control, her parents decided it was best to send her off to an Academy to learn and train in a safer environment.

Powers/Abilities: Specializes mainly in levitation and shadow magic, Weapon of choice is a short sword or dagger she makes out of shadow

Family: John Merrix(father, 40), Alice Merrix(mother,35), Micheal and Issac Merrix(brothers, twins, 12)

Transformation(?): none

Song(?): huh?

Other-: Her hair is naturally purple, she doesn't die it.

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Alexandria | 101 comments

Part 1

Name ○ Alice La Fleur


Nicknames ○ Ali ▪ Rosey (Her last name means "the flower") ▪


Alias ○ Imperia (The name she chose for when she graduates)


Gender ○ Female


Age ○ 15


Nationality ○ French


Race ○ Unknown


Appearance ○

(For those who prefer an animated FC: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...)

❂❂❂❂Alice is the very image of harmless, as far as appearances go she very well may be the utmost modest and calm person ever to live. She has short and straight raven hair that is always immaculately kept, never a hair stray from its spot. Ever. Her eyes match her hair, a dark brown that's nigh indistinguishable from black to the naked eye. Everything about her comes off as rather cutesy overall. She has an old-fashioned taste in clothing, but she finds that a true hero should be modest, there is no reason for her to be showing off her body, what matters is that she is practical which is clearly displayed by her choice of clothing. Her entire wardrobe is filled with outfits befitting of an 1800s government official.


Personality ○
❂❂❂❂Alice is an innately good person, never before has she had a villainous moment in her entire life. She believes that all people possess this trait and that anyone evil has simply been guided down the wrong path. She feels the need to help others regardless of the situation and puts her safety at risk for the sake of others. It is because of this that she can be taken advantage of, but even in that case, she somehow makes it work out in her favour and "reforms" the person who attempted to take advantage of her kindness. Due to this goodness, she is perfectly suited to becoming a superhero. Whilst her powers are sufficient for dealing with any opponent her ultimate attack is to appeal to the pitiful by telling them what she sees and then identifying what must be done to reform from their old ways.

❂❂❂❂Due in part to her power set Alice is a genius of terrifying proportions. At the age of four one of the people working at her orphanage was also starting university, they left out a math textbook and Alice memorised every last bit of it and was able to effectively apply it to solve complex equations. Needless to say, she ended up helping this particular orphanage volunteer with school. This skill, however, wasn't completely a gift. She was able to finish the life's work of scientists and mathematicians in a matter of minutes and because of her loving personality, it crushed her as these people would feel like a waste. Imagine having a small orphan child make your entire life toiling appear to be little more than basic addition. Not fun is it? None the less, her powers made her a beyond inhuman genius.

❂❂❂❂Alice exudes confidence, something that being well respected in all circles tends to do to a person. She is a natural leader because of it, people are drawn to her and in situations of chaos, it is often she that they turn to. She holds the attention of others and holds a commanding presence in any room she enters. This can be rather intimidating to the more timid type of people, however, she can't exactly help it. It's because of this that she garners many people's admiration, many people wish that they could be a confident and comfortable with themselves as she is. Alice, however, does come off as a bit blunt because of this, she's never afraid to speak her mind so it's rare for her to tiptoe around something unless she has a specific reason to do so.

❂❂❂❂Alice is also a very peaceful person, she'd much rather solve a problem with words as opposed to sheer force. She'll partake in friendly practice, but she will never respond to someone picking a fight, in fact, she'd simply allow them to pummel her unless there is a powerful reason to fight back. She remains calm and will attempt to talk the person into stopping the entire fight and rarely ever goes all out as she doesn't want to harm someone, but in the end if someone refuses to stop things go downhill for them. That is when Alice gives up on them. In this moment you should have, but one thought. Run. Run and hide, pray to whatever greater being you believe in and hope that she does not find you because her wrath is something to be feared. When angered, due to how rare it is that she reaches a level of rage sufficient enough she often loses some level of control so she becomes more than capable of sheerly obliterating a person and the surroundings.

❂❂❂❂Alice longs for the acceptance of others, whilst many people look up to her it isn't exactly as a friend, it's as an object. They see her power, her presence, but not much else. It's rare tat she even be considered human by other people, some people in the past went as far as to call her a monster wearing the skin of a young girl due to her abilities. It is because of all this that she wants other people to accept her into society, she wants to be a part of the world not above it, but it's very difficult for her to pull off. Once she does find someone who thinks of her as a friend she latches onto them and drags them around to do things with her. Her brother, for example, is one of these people hence he lives a rather eventful life of having to partake in all her absurd activities. She may go to great lengths just to get someone to be her friend which could be good or bad depending on the context.

❂❂❂❂Alice is also very generous, she'd gladly give just about everything she owns if it would make someone else happy, however, in most cases, it just means she'll help other people with their classes. She can always be expected to give a pencil to the person who forgot one and she always keeps a spare outfit or two on hand so if someone spills something on their clothes she'd gladly give them one of her spare outfits. She is also a major sucker for tragic stories, tell her one and she'll either try to convince you that she's fine or she'll just start bawling like a baby whose bottle was taken away from them. If you do tell her one though, be prepared for her to use it in her "reform speech" in the case you actually do try to fight her.


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Alexandria | 101 comments

Part 2

History ○
❂❂❂❂Alice knew nothing about her parents, she was left at an orphanage mysteriously with her younger brother. Whilst her ability made it so that at the time she was functioning far beyond the average one year old it's likely her mind just blocked out the memories due to the grief associated with them. She and her brother taken in by the orphanage, who were amazed by her development, she seemed to be able to do anything upon her first time seeing it happen. Her younger brother paled in comparison, he seemed to figure things out quickly, however, it was nothing in relativity to his sister's talent. They often expected her to be adopted rather quickly because of how great she was, but in most cases, it scared people off who thought her odd or peculiar. She grew up in the orphanage for a while and was considered a miracle of science. No one understood how she did it, but she acted like an adult by the age of three.

❂❂❂❂Once there came a day on which scientist came in hopes of figuring out how she and to a lesser extent how her brother worked. The orphanage allowed them to take the two every few days for studying their "abnormalities". This was interesting for the first few times as they discovered several unique things, Alice had complete and utter control over every aspect of her body, she was capable of shutting off her reflexes completely and even altering her own blood flow. Her body itself was blatantly superior to that of your everyday average person, but what stood out the most was an ability dubbed "Observing Excellence". Upon observation, Alice could perfectly copy, memorise, master and utilise anything regardless, even her own brother's unique ability which allowed him lightning fast analysis skills. She was in every regard unnatural. The scientists questioned her very humanity, wondering if she was sort of genetic freak. Meanwhile, back at the orphanage, she was still treated the same way, at one point a volunteer who worked there left open a university math textbook and little Alice got her hands on it and by the end of the day she was a competent enough mathematician that she would easily be able to pass university. Once again she was clearly a sort of miracle and her brother merely worked his way through small novels.

❂❂❂❂Despite all the interesting things they discovered Alice ended up finishing it all. The person assigned to observe her left the room for a while and she got into the books being used to record and study her. Within a matter of minutes, she was able to complete their research based on what she looked at. She proceeded to put the facility out of use by solving all their questions and theories. This caused her to make a rather sizable group of enemies, after all, she put them all out of the job. Things like this continued to happen, she'd figure things out that no one else could and she'd render people's entire careers obsolete. This crushed her inside, she wanted to help and give the world these miraculous pieces of knowledge, but she never wanted to ruin lives in doing so. Slowly, but surely she was turned into some sort of monster in the eyes of many, they may have found her incredible, but they feared this unnatural being, after all, what kind of human being could pull all this off? Her younger brother ended up being one of the very few people who still thought of her as a person which caused her to cling to him like a burr and drag him everywhere with her.

❂❂❂❂Eventually, the sibling did get adopted, but not by some new person, it was the orphanage owner who over the years got to know them and appreciated them for who they were and not for their files. Her name was Anne La Fleur and her husband was named Henri La Fleur. Henri was a bit hesitant about it at first, after all, he only knew them through second-hand stories, but Anne was persistent. Alice noticed his hesitancy so she pursued his affections with every fibre of her being and eventually earned his trust. From that point on the siblings were happy, for just a while they no longer had to worry about ruining anyone's lives, never did they have to deal with being observed as science experiments, they were just children. In this time Alice flourished having access to things she hadn't before. She studied everything and basically became a vast information database and practised her physical abilities making her a terrifying force in combat.

❂❂❂❂One day Alice and Pierre, her younger brother had been walking home from school, they lived in a large city so the streets were quite packed with people. Everything was proceeding as normal, but then things took a turn for the worse. A villain was attacking the city. People fleed and her brother froze up, but Alice saw it as no threat. She confronted the villain, whose name was Meltdown and simply requested that she stop before she did something that she'd regret. Meltdown laughed at her before firing of a beam of disintegrative energy directly at Alice who just stood there and took the hit before continuing. She told her how wrong what she was doing was and that there was another way, but Meltdown continued to harm the city only to be blocked by Alice with each shot. After a while of this attack, block and then request a surrender process Alice knew it was hopeless. She delivered a punch that immediately broke a rib. This caused Meltdown to break into a fury. Meltdown and Alice battled exchanging blow before Alice decided to copy Meltdown's blast powers. From that point on it was, more or less, a slaughter fest, Meltdown stood a very little chance so she turned to her trump card, full syphon, a power that completely drained the opponent, but she would come to regret this choice. Alice let her get close, shutting off her reflexes completely. The moment she began to steal Alice's power she was met by a figure, it looked just like Alice, but darker, with an ominous presence. It was the form taken by Alice's power... A monster. Meltdown was traumatised. She released her full syphon and stumbled away. She screamed at Alice, questioning why someone who was so kind just before would allow her to try and take that awful monster from her. She nearly called it a demon but theorised that not even a demon could be so horrifying.

❂❂❂❂During that fight, a teacher from the Academy happened to be in the town on vacation. She spoke to Anne La Fleur about Alice and Pierre. She wanted to take them back to the academy where they could learn the true extent of their powers. In truth the teacher hadn't even noticed Pierre's power, she was just enthralled by what Alice could do. She, without formal training, took down Meltdown a villain who was known to have plagued the city for years. Reluctantly she let the two go to the academy so that they learn how to perfect the usage of their powers. Alice fit in at the Academy better than anywhere else, the people there had powers, but even then she was still viewed as unusual. None the less she was no longer this terrifying peculiarity, just a bit off in some manners.


Special abilities ○
❂❂❂❂Her most useful ability by far is what scientists called "Observing Excellence", it allows her to observe, memorise, master and then utilise anything she experiences in her life. Due to this, she is a bonafide genius and a deadly opponent. With this power, she can use anything she copies as she pleases. She also has a superior physical form which is why it's highly doubted that she's human. She has complete control over her body which, makes her the bane of any mind controllers existence as she can isolate her body parts from her own train of thought if she so pleases she could run without having to will it, she'd merely assign that function and the rest of her body would function as usual. Her monstrous power is founded on a horrific darkness inside her, she herself may be bright and cheery, but her power comes from something just as terrifying as the power itself, because of this, people who syphon power often consider her truly evil for even letting them have a chance to take her power after witnessing her power. Oddly she is even harder to beat mid-air.


Family ○ Adopted Mother - Anne La Fleur ▪ Adopted Father - Henri La Fleur ▪ Younger Brother - Pierre La Fleur


Pet ○ Alice has an army's worth of kittens

Likes ○ All Academics ▪ Sweets ▪ Tea ▪ People ▪ Puffins ▪ Kindness ▪ Sports & Martial Arts ▪ Art ▪ Cooking ▪ Baking ▪ Practising her powers ▪


Dislikes ○ Bullying ▪ Aggressive fighting ▪ Mess ▪ Cruelty ▪ Villains ▪ Being viewed as a monster ▪ Death ▪ Being alone ▪


Fears ○ Failure ▪ Rejection ▪ Chimpanzees (Not to be questioned) ▪


Song ○ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7fEq...


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Alexandria | 101 comments Hello?

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 68 comments Mod
☕αℓєχαи∂яια || ωнαт'ѕ ιи α иαмє؟ тнαт ωнι¢н ωє ¢αℓℓ α яσѕє ву αиу σтнєя иαмє ωσυℓ∂ ѕмєℓℓ αѕ ѕωєєт☕ wrote: "Part 2

History ○
❂❂❂❂Alice knew nothing about her parents, she was left at an orphanage mysteriously with her younger brother. Whilst her ability made it so that at the time she was functioning fa..."

SWEET APPROVED!! Sorry would ve approved her earlier but i wasnt near eletronics for hours

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Alexandria | 101 comments It's fine, I just go back to mine now anyway.

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 68 comments Mod
Okay whoo thanks.

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 68 comments Mod
Name: Sapphira Akira

Age: 15

Race: Human

Nationality: Korean/japanese mix


Sapphira has a rather complex personality. Just about nothing scares her while just about nothing impresses her. She's on the brink of near death, she pats death on the back and smiles. Hi, how are you? Or tell her your a renowed villian with a huge price on their heads, her magenta eyes will question and stare with a look of profound confusement. Tell her your a god or some kind of race she's never heard about. She'll just smile and question you before moving on and politely excusing herself. Its rather hard to gain her interest, but gaining her trust is rather simple. Just approach the rather hyper pink haired beauty, introductions will be made, and boom trust has been gained. Her thoughts are constantly driven to the safety of her brothers so during class she appears nothing short of dense with a really low attention span to match. Overall she appears weak and frail, sometimes luring males or females to come to her rescue. Much to her incredible blank mindset! Still she's an easygoing lass, fun to be around: even with her ridiclous "captain obvious" questions, and her disinterest in people and the objects surrounding her. In most cases she wont even talk, just stare cutely and leave it as it is.

Sapphira had all she wanted in her homeland and her family. She lived in the desolate country of Japan, in the custody of her three beloved brothers. True they had to fight to servive and keep up with the rising businesses slowly destroying the sanity of her peaceful home. But as long as she was given anything to feast on by her oldest brother, she was safe, she was protected, she was loved. However when a disease infected Monarch her youngest older brother, from there her world turned upside down. Monarch was slowly getting worse each day, and his body was deteriating from the lack of medical attention. But there was nothing she or her brothers could do. They just didnt have the funds to pay for one checkup or a vaccine. Gareth: second oldest brother, was never home anyway, but whenever he did return he always brought with him something they could only ever think about. But in the end they would have to sell it in order to keep food in their tummies. Yet, the food rations mostly all went to Monarch. Hoping the boy would somehow get better with more nutrients in his stomach, but alas nothing worked.

And Alastair, he banded with an organization meant to assassinate whomever they were hired to slaughter. For an adequate price. But only so he could care for his family. And Sapphira herself, she took to thievery, stealing trinkets and loot from the rich, slowly building her stash for Monarch's appointment. Wishing and praying each night that Monarch would continue to fight for his life. While Gareth and Alastair were out doing god knows what, Sapphira stayed close to her beloved brother, telling stories, singing songs he sang to her when she wasnt feeling well, giving brief updates on the events in the world. All while he coughed and hacked black bile, his viens popped from his arms and legs in a jade green

Sea Goddess form
By transforming into her Sea Goddess form, Sapphira can manipulate water in every form possible, the basic three being liquid, solid and gas, as well as transform it from one phase to another. However since her form remains newly discovered she cant yet convert water into the fourth phase, plasma. Where she is allowed to manipulate the blood in people. Still she can manipulate every property of water, such as viscosity and density of water, changing liquid into thick and adhesive or thin as oil, or condensing vapor particles and liquids enough to be tangible to the point where they are solid and hardened.

Water purification and walking: Although these two abilties are different in status and power. Sapphira uses these for the same cause. While walking onto the surface of large bodies of water, and without the fear of drowning herself with each unbalanced step she takes. The water is being purified, cleansing it of any pollution and toxins that may exist in it and rendering it safe for consumption (if fresh water) and habitation.

Water Enhancement: Becoming stronger, faster, more durable, etc. when she comes into contact with water, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. This ability has saved her in more ways than one

Spirit Water: Able to heal herself or others with water by absorbing water molecules and transfering medicament into the body at a molecular level, or having water molecules to repair and regenerate damaged cells and molecules.

Ice Queen form
Just like her Sea Goddess form, if Sapphira transforms into her Ice Queen form. She gains ice abilities instead of water, and she can create, shape and manipulate ice. Ice is water frozen into a solid state and appears naturally in forms of snow, slush, hail, icicles, ice spikes and candles, glaciers, pack ice, frost, and polar ice caps, and cold by reducing the kinetic energy of atoms and thus making things colder, for various effects and combinations.

Cryokinetic Combat: Although Sapphira herself cannot fight to save her life. The Ice Queen Form is trained in several hundred fighting techniques. Allowing her to utilize ice manipulation with her physical combat, allowing Sapphira to both create tools and weapons for attack and manipulating the environment to her advantage.

Cold Immunity: Simply put, she is immune to cold, being completely invulnerable to direct and indirect effects. Except only for this form only.

Ice Augmentation: Has the power to increase the amounts of ice or powers related to ice. This ability would be suited best with Ice Transmutation.

Ice Aura: By surrounding herself with ice for defensive and offensive purposes. There is a high possibility of becoming almost untouchable and granting them various. The aura may also give her physical capabilities such as speed, strength and durability. But the results may vary on her strength.

Ice Transmutation: This ability is rather dangerous if the target is not a fire, or nature type. But even then if the target is not quick enough effects could be disaterous. Sapphira is given the opportunity to transform matter and objects, including living beings, into ice. And the result may kill the target.

Family: Throughtout her life, she was raised and cared for by her three older brothers. Each of which were different from the other.
Water is the element of change.
this form is smaller in height to Sapphira herself and her Ice Queen form. This is because when Sapphira was given this form it decreased in power and age due to the low water abilities in Sapphira. So primarily this form is given the basic forms of water abilities until Sapphira becomes stronger with her water abilities. Until than the Sea Goddess Form will remain nothing more than a child

Ice, is power!
There are three stages to the Ice Queen Form. Sapphira was gifted enough in the ice section to gain the upper second stage of this form. A beautiful woman with the clothing of crystal shards surrounding her body. However, if Sapphira does not learn to control the bloodthirsty Ice Queen while in this form. The Ice Queen may become in complete control, which would be a calamity. Giving a fifteen year old girl, still not in tune with her abilities a stage two ice form, whom wishes to be in control is not very alluring.

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