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Boyz only

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Name: Zawren Jean
Age: 17
Race: Human/Unkown race
Nationality: American/Haitian
Appearance: description
Personality: Zawren is known to be that type of guy who just doesn't care about the consequences. He's just that kid who don't give a damn. When it comes to meeting people, he'll ignore them, he on his own little world, not caring what happening around.
But in bigger situations he's a different person. Just because he doesn't like to much doesn't mean he'll back down from a challenge. He's a competitive person, very competitive.
History: Born in American soil, Zawren and and 2 other siblings had to deal with a hardcore single Mom. Extreme discipline for all children in the household. They'll get beaten for very little things. And they had to deal with that bullsh*t for awhile, until Zawren hit that age.
Anyways, when was 12, walking home from school, a bunch of kids older than he was started picking on him. Threating him, saying nasty things to him. Then it got physical, punched in the stomach, face and the side of body and they threw him in a ditch. A few moment later, he got up, pain stopped and anger in his eyes as he turned towards them. The older kids saw Zawren and walked to his direction, ready to give him round two of a beat down. When one of the bullies start to fists at him, Zawren, not aware of his discovered powers(Too angry to even notice), Charge with amazing speed sending that kid flying in the air like a bird. While others started to run away in fear of being next, Zawren went after the biggest one appearing in front of him punching him, literally destroying his organs in the inside. His started to glow in red light.
He was looking to where the other ones wnt but the no where to be found. So walked away, straight, when he got home, he went straight into his room followed by his mother. When She slammed the open she started asking a bunch of question, until she stopped
Seeing her son had glow in front her. She had never seen this before, went to hospital, then went to a laboratory for a scientist to observe. even the scientist can explain, his abilities were not human.
Finally Zawren told his mother what happened. So now his mother signed him up the Hero Academy.
Powers/Abilities: Zawren's powers is like no other. His punched takes people out of submission. Each punch causes powerful wave.
His strength allows him to lift things 4x his body weight.
He also very fast and athletic.
Gina Jean- Mother
Leonardo- Younger Brother
Zaria- Younger sister
Transformation(?): Not Made yet
Song(?): To be determined
Other-: First Year

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Name: Kaneki Ken
Age: 18
Race: Ghoul
Nationality: Japanese
Appearance: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=ka...
As a child, Kaneki had all the same features he has now as an adult with black hair and grey eyes. As a normal high school student, Kaneki was a somewhat short scrawny young man with little to no athletic background who preferred to read books. After the steel beam incident, Kaneki bears a scar from the transplant operation on the right side of his abdomen not far from his navel. In his free time, he wore casual clothes.
Personality: He is quiet and shy and likes to keep to himself and read books.
History: As a child, Kaneki liked eating the burgers that his mother made when she was still alive. He lost his father when he was four years old. He barely remembered his face and was awfully curious as to what sort of person he was. He knew that his father was an avid reader and had loads of books. Kaneki followed the sentences in the books his father had been reading, saying he felt like he was having a conversation with his father which calmed him down. This developed his hobby for reading and interest in literature.
When he was a child, his mother struggled to provide for them. All the work that she had to deal with was too overwhelming and the one who put the most stress on her was Kaneki's aunt (his mother's sister). His aunt was tight on money and hounded his mother for cash. Being left with nothing but burden, his aunt can be seen as the one who drove his mother to her death. Kaneki's mother, in turn, turned her frustration towards Kaneki, abusing and beating the boy. Kaneki, however, repressed these memories and convinced himself his mother treated him kindly. His mother finally died from overworking when he was 10. Now orphaned, Kaneki was then adopted by his aunt's family, the Asaoka family.
However, Kaneki's life with his adopted family was no less hostile. His aunt always compared him to her son, Yuuichi, who did not do well at school, which greatly angered her. When comparing her son with Kaneki, she also likened Kaneki with his late mother, saying how alike they were. Her feelings of inferiority regarding Kaneki's mother were turned on him as spite. As time passed, the family became a place that did not give Kaneki any comfort for long because nobody in the family would look after or care for him.
He barely had any friends during elementary school. During that time, Hide approached Kaneki, most likely because he noticed that Kaneki had trouble dealing with his classmates. Since then, Hide and Kaneki have been best friends. Hide was his only support during the time the Asaokas ostracized him, which really saved him from loneliness.
Powers/Abilities: he is strong, he has these Kagune that come out of his back and work like tentacles.
Family: mother and father died when he was young.
Transformation(?): https://www.google.com.au/search?q=ka...
Song(?): unravel. TK
Sexuality: Pansexual
Quotes: I’m not the protagonist of a book or anything…
I’m just a normal college student who likes to read…
If I were to write a book with me as the main character…
It would be…
A tragedy.

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Abigael ~A Book A Day, Keeps Reality Away~ wrote: "Name: Kaneki Ken
Age: 18
Race: Ghoul
Nationality: Japanese
Appearance: https://www.google.com.au/search?q=ka......"


Adarlan's Assassin  (fanwhore) | 76 comments Mod
Thank you!

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 68 comments Mod
Jhovani wrote: "Name: Zawren Jean
Age: 17
Race: Human/Unkown race
Nationality: American/Haitian
Personality: Zawren is known to be that type of guy who just doesn't care about the consequences. He's ..."

Jhovani are mod character automatically approved or should other mods approve them as well?

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It's auto :P

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 46 comments so a mod can basically make a horribly op character?

Phoenix~They/Them I prefer if a different mod approves a mods character.

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Elric138 wrote: "so a mod can basically make a horribly op character?"

Well that's why I picked the mod that don't make op characters, elric. I'm not stupid.

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C Y N O N I C wrote: "I prefer if a different mod approves a mods character."

If it's okay with you

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Elric138 (elric138-goodkitty-) | 46 comments I'll just hope you know them then

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Alexandria | 101 comments
Name ~ Liam Callahan

Alias ~ Somnus

Age ~ 17

Race ~ Human

Nationality ~ irish

Powers & Abilities ~
Liam's powers are the opposite of his brother Lucas'. Liam has power over darkness. He can materialise it in countless forms, but he still has a good deal to learn in respects to control. He can also darken an area and can see in the dark. His quiet and shy demeanour make this a rather well-suited power for him to have.

Appearance ~


Personality ~
Liam is a sweetheart to be brief. He is very quiet and quite shy with anyone beyond Lucas, but once he's comfortable with someone he's very kind and trusting. Despite his more meek demeanour he can always be counted on to stand up for Lucas. Liam himself is rather nonconfrontational and would much rather stay happy in his own little world where everything is currently working out just peachily. Due to the fact that he isn't the most social he, obviously, has sub-par social skills and isn't very well worded, often coming off as quite blunt. In the end, he really just wants the best for his family and he doesn't want anyone to undergo the hardship his family experienced which is why he wants to be a hero. Another thing to note about him is that after all the horrible things in his past he has some difficulty sleeping, so he sometimes sleeps next to his brother for comfort when this happens. Whilst Liam may try to act like he can do things by himself he secretly enjoys being helped by others and it makes him feel like people care for him. Liam is smart, far from genius, but he does well in his academic subjects and likes to read.

History ~
This story begins 17 years ago in a small city in Ireland. Liam was born to two loving parents, Steven and Mary Callahan. Not only did he have two adoring parents, but he was also born with his twin brother Lucas. Mary and Steven did everything in their power to give the boys the best life possible and they had done quite well, they provided good food and a warm home for them, but when Liam and Lucas were still quite young their father fell quite ill. At first, it wasn't too bad and things continued as usual. Steven and Mary encouraged their two sons to do good for the world and had high hopes for the two. Liam and Lucas grew close, or at least Liam thought so. He loved his brother, after all, they spent the entirety of their lives together, including the womb. Whilst all had seemed well for a time, Steven's health began to wither as his illness took effect. Liam may have been quite young, but he did have some understanding as to what was happening. He tried to be optimistic and hoped with all of his being, that his father would recover, but something about him found it hard to keep thinking in such a way when he saw his condition. It was taxing for more than just his father as his mother had to work day and night just to pay the hospital bills. Mary did her best to keep the twins happy and to ensure the that their father recovered, but it was a struggle. Liam tried to help his mum with little things around the house in hopes of making her life easier. He knew she worked hard, but he didn't know how hard. Eventually, Steven's condition became critical and recovery was out of the realm of possibility, but Mary couldn't let him go, he wasn't just the father of their children, but also the man she loved. Liam remembers visiting him at the hospital with Lucas, he'd always put on a brave face for them regardless of his condition. He had tried to convince them that it wasn't as bad as it was and Liam believed him. It wouldn't be for many years that Liam would understand the gravity of the situation and how hard it must have been for his father to pull through and be strong for them. For this Liam would come to look up to him when he was older. Upon his passing Liam was shocked, he knew that he may not have been the healthiest, but he believed that it wasn't that bad. Seeing as Liam wasn't exactly the most social person nor the most eloquently spoken in the first place he became rather introverted for a while after the death of his father. The only people he would communicate with were Lucas and his mother. There was a brief period in which Mary had to care for them both on her own, it was hard for her, but she did it none the less despite the debts she had worked up paying hospital bills. Liam still did his best to try and help her by keeping things tidy. Lucas became his best friend, after all, he was the only person his age he spent time around. Mary, however, wanted to make sure she could give her children the lives they deserved, she struggled to maintain the lives she had been giving them and knew that she needed to find an alternative. It wasn't long until she married again. On her behalf, it was far from love, but this man was infatuated with her for her looks. He was a very old-fashioned man and he wasn't particularly kind either. Mary looked past all his flaws though, he had the money needed to support Liam and Lucas. He did try to make himself look good for a short while to make sure that she'd stay with him, but it was short lived and he began to show his true colours. The man was cruel to the children and Mary, but he never mistreated them too badly in front of Mary so she never knew what awful things he was doing to them. She was convinced that they were happy so she just put up with whatever he sent her way. Since Liam was so quiet and shy he was too afraid to speak up and when he did get in trouble it was for mumbling or being too nervous to act immediately upon an order. One night, when the twins were twelve their step-father came home from work in a particularly nasty mood and was very on edge. Mary had yet to come home so he hadn't a need to restrain himself either. This resulted in Lucas getting beaten gruesomely by the cruel man right before Liam's eyes. Liam looked on in horror, fearing for his brother's life. This is when his power first emerged. Shadows in the room grew as darkness crept towards his step-father. Liam felt that he needed to help and he ran over to them. He grabbed a fist in an attempt to save his brother but was tossed aside like a ragdoll. He was hurt, but that wasn't the end. Liam reached out from where he laid on the ground and with that the darkness in the room took form. Tendrils of darkness materialised and took hold of their stepfather, crushing his bones in their grip, several others firing at him like rubber bullets. Shortly after they vanished and dropped him to the floor, but it was long enough for Liam to get to his Lucas. It was obvious that their step-father would be out for a while so Liam took the time to help his brother. After they had tended to their wounds to the best of their abilities they planned to leave. They feared the consequence of staying so they chose to leave a video recorded message for their mother. In it, they told her about what had happened and told her that once they were 18 and old enough to not have to worry about their step-father they would come back so that they could be a family again. From the moment they left Liam and Lucas were inseparable more so than ever before. Liam thought it his duty to protect his brother after learning of his powers, he thought they were solely there for him to protect Lucas with them so he became very protective of his brother for a period of time. After a while had passed they had ended up in a bad area of the city. The twins were in danger, a couple criminals threatening them. Liam once again stepped in front of his brother, hoping he could use the powers he had used that one other time, but they wouldn't seem to work. After that point, Liam remembered very little, but what he did know was that this time it was Lucas who had saved him, whereas Liam had darkness Lucas had light with which he took down the people attacking Liam. Liam was thankful and could barely express his gratitude in words, after all, he never really was the most eloquently spoken. They spent a notable amount of time on the streets fending for themselves, but they knew that despite all the bad in their lives there was good, much like their parents had been all those years ago they had to be strong and make light of the toughest situations. Eventually, they learnt of a school where they taught kids with powers like them. The twins couldn't pass up the opportunity, but Liam was still quite nervous as he was shy and was so used to it being just him and Lucas, but he knew it was for the best so he attended alongside his twin. They went with hopes of being able to protect the mother and pay her back for all the hard work that she put into taking care of them through thick and thin. They wanted to be heroes for their hero. In more recent times Liam remained a quiet person, but as far he and Lucas went he was extremely chatty. The two got along well and were still the best of friends. Already they were competent enough to become minor heroes, but they still had some training left to go if they ever wanted to become the heroes they had hoped to be.

Family ~
Twin Brother - Lucas Callahan
Father - Steven Callahan
Mother - Mary Callahan
Step-father - Unnamed

Other ~
- Liam loves soups of all kinds
- Loves sweets, which bothers Lucas since he eats all of them
- He likes reading
- Liam love turtles, penguins and otters
- Liam dislikes his hair being ruined which Lucas does often
- He gets cold quite easily
- He hates using pencils and much prefers pen
- Liam's favourite colour is navy blue
- Liam is afraid of spiders

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[Name] Lucas Michael Callahan
[Age] 17
[Date of Birth/Place] Belfast, Ireland
[Gender] Male
[Occupation] Superhero in Training



Light Manipulation

- Can create solid light
- Can turn invisible.
- Can create bright flashes of light, enough to blind his opponents.
- Is learning light based illusions.

~ Making people laugh/ especially his brother
~ Helping others
~ Being Weird
~ Lying
~ His Optimism

~ His Brother
~ Chocolate
~ Total Darkness


Lucas is a very fun loving and interesting person to be around. His goal in life is to make people laugh- whether he said something funny or did something to make people laugh at him, he is sure to laugh along. Whenever he's around the room seems to brighten and people usually enjoy to be around him.

When he's around his brother, he can get a bit protective and won't stand for anyone picking on him nd if you do, prepare for his wrath. One of Lucas most important traits is his ability to detect others emotions. He is a rather parental type of person who always takes in consideration of how other people are feeling- never laughing at other peoples expense or snapping when angered.

He cares deeply about those around them and often finds cheesy ways of showing his fondness. Because of this trait, people tend to like to come to him in time of need, since he will always be that soggy shoulder to cry in.

Lucas has no friends- only best friends. All of his friends are his best friends. He is skilled at making friends, whether it's because of his adorable awkwardneess, the humor, or just the good looks and sweet charisma, he tends to draw all kids of people in. 

Above off, he would do anything for those he cares about, espaiclly his brother. Liam is his whole world and even give up his life to make sure he was protected. In the end, Lucas is a guy who puts his brother above all but is still a very fun and enjoyable person to be around.

(view spoiler)

~ Jokes
~ Pokemon
~ Acting
~ His brother
~ Choclate

~ Jerks
~ Arrogance
~ Miley Cyrus
~ When people try to mess with his brother

[Pet Peeve]
When his brother hogs the sweets.

[Mode Of Transportation] A black and red harley motorcycle.

~ Mary - Mother - Alive (Incarcerated)
~ Steven- Father - Alive (Incarcerated)
~ Liam Callahan - Brother

~ His Best Friend: His Brother

Open to Request

- None (Open to Request)

[Crush] Open

[Sexuality] Bi Sexual


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The Twins are approved

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Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 55 comments Name: Izuku Midoriya
Alias: Deku
Age: 15
Race: Human
Nationality: Japanese
Appearance: https://myanimelist.cdn-dena.com/imag...
Personality: Izuku is a very timid, helpful and polite boy. Due to being bullied since childhood, but he has gradually become more confident and brave. Izuku is also very diligent and strong-willed.
Izuku has developed a great analytical mind and is easily able to form complex plans in short amounts of time. Izuku is a caring person, and will never hesitate to rescue someone in danger. Izuku appears to have a more brash and abrasive side to him that mostly shows up when he finds himself in combat.
History: As a child, Izuku greatly admired heroes. , Izuku kept aiming to be a hero. That led him to be constantly bullied and ridiculed by his childhood friend, Katsuki, and his classmates, who believed it was impossible for someone who they thought didnt have a power could ever become a hero. Cause Deku never showed them his power for it was too strong and dangerous.
Powers/Abilities: One for all
gives him access to stockpiled power, granting him superhuman strength and greatly enhanced agility and mobility by spreading his power through his body. Though he has yet to demonstrate superhuman speed, immense reflexes, and durability on the level of All Might, Izuku has shown to be able to properly control a small percentage of One For All's power, using it to enhance his strength, speed and agility. If Izuku doesn't spread One For All throughout his body evenly, his body can be immensely damaged from the force of his movements. Izuku has also displayed a type of mental connection to the previous users of One For All.
Recently, Izuku's reflexes and speed seem to have improved with the use of One For All, being able to hold his ground against various incoming attacks during the Provisional License exam. Izuku control of One For All has improved as he can now use 8% of One For All's power while in Full Cowl.
Family: Inko Midoriya: Mother
Hisashi Midoriya: Father
Transformation(?): https://68.media.tumblr.com/2d7c66618...

Lys: the adorkable kitten | 68 comments Mod
Jake The Ulitmate Senpai wrote: "Name: Izuku Midoriya
Alias: Deku
Age: 15
Race: Human
Nationality: Japanese
Appearance: https://myanimelist.cdn-dena.com/imag...
Personality: Izuku is a very timid, helpful ..."


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Him and Zawren is gonna be great fighting opponents :P

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 55 comments Princess Kitty~Lys~Gøddꧧ øf Løvê needs a break wrote: "Jake The Ulitmate Senpai wrote: "Name: Izuku Midoriya
Alias: Deku
Age: 15
Race: Human
Nationality: Japanese
Appearance: https://myanimelist.cdn-dena.com/imag...

why thank u

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 55 comments Young Graffiti- A person who cares about the action, and brings a violent reaction- wrote: "Him and Zawren is gonna be great fighting opponents :P"


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๖ۣۜBaka-๖ۣۜSenpie wrote: "Name: Asuma Yoshida
Age: 21
Nationality: Unknown, looks to be Japanese
appearance: https://qph.ec.quoracdn.net/main-qimg...

Black Hair, Blue ey..."


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Alexandria | 101 comments
Name: Morgan Romulus Fairfax

Age: 16

Race: Human

Nationality: English/Austrian



Morgan's good looks are revered around the school, he encompasses handsome to a tee. Morgan has extremely dark violet hair, a colour natural to him that covers most of his left eye. His hair is generally well kept, but sometimes gets a touch messy, but it simply goes to show how effortlessly good looking he is. Morgan's gaze is one that melts hearts, his eyes are a mystifying lavender, a trait shared by pure-blooded members of the Fairfax family. His eyes are comparable to polished amethysts, beautiful and transfixing. They are his most notable feature and never fail to draw attention. His skin is lightly tanned from short hours spent in the sun playing leisure sports for his own enjoyment. They aren't exhausting yet they do get your energy out which is perfect for him as it keeps him free of sweat yet still healthy and well enough in shape. He is lean in figure, not overly muscled, but just perfectly so. Morgan stands quite tall at six feet, with perfect posture so he always appears at full height, a side effect of growing up a socialite. Despite not needing to Morgan still dresses like he did back at home in darkly coloured blazers and dress shirts.

Morgan is your typical prince charming figure in most scenarios, suave, debonair, chivalrous and simply polite. It's all in how he was raised, Morgan, growing up was expected to be the perfect gentleman, after all, the boy was raised in a distinguished noble family. This meant his manners were always in order, he knew all forms of etiquette from around the world and could easily make pleasant conversation with anyone. The odd person may find his way of speaking pretentious, but most people adore it as it's rare to ever feel insulted by him, even when he does try to insult you it just seems too polite to be rude. His princely manner is yet another thing that causes many people to swoon over him, after all, wouldn't it be wonderful to be in love with someone who will treat you like the royalty you would become after marrying them?

Despite his mastery of social graces, he does let up a bit at school and therefore can get a bit awkward or easily embarrassed. This is a side of him that no one would see back at home, but at school, it becomes a possibility unless his younger brother is with him. He is most susceptible to blunt comments as he is most used to people trying to carefully lead him into giving the answer they want as opposed to being frank with him. The easiest way to embarrass him is to bluntly point out his somewhat flirty nature, it's basically a guaranteed way to make him blush and stammer. Morgan's face turns a bright cherry red when embarrassed and becomes rather frantic due to not being used to such a situation.

Morgan also happens to be quite clever and optimistic, he works things out quickly and has a good memory for facts, hence the reason he can memorise all forms of etiquette. Regardless of how smart he is his power causes him to fail every test, one time his ability went so far as to forge a temporary wormhole yank the test through and then close it, forcing him to accept a zero because the teacher thought that he was making excuses after all the other times he had failed. As for his optimism, he has to be to be able to tolerate the fact that he can't succeed no matter what. He likes to look at the bright side of things which considering his powers is quite contradictory.

To understand Morgan's life we have to delve into his family history first. Countless generation in the past the distinguished Fairfax family was but a single merchant. This merchant owned a barely thriving business and would travel far and wide in hopes of making sales, but one day he met someone, a woman. She was beautiful, kind and pure, she sat down with him and had a conversation for a while and the two became friends. Eventually, the two met several more times and fell in love. They were to get married, but she had neglected to tell him one thing, she was a Djinn, this changed very little in the mind of the Fairfax merchant, however, for her foolishness she offered him a wished and all he asked for was prosperity with which to fuel his business and to care for whatever family they would come to have. She happily granted his wish and the two proceeded to marry. The prosperity she had granted had only continued to grow, his business became successful and all was well. The Fairfax family was eventually even granted a noble title of Duchy, something that would hold until modern day. Her power also seemed to have an effect on their children who each possessed astonishing abilities. They all also inherited her amethyst eyes, but they took on the Fairfax name. These particular traits were passed on to all of the pure-blooded Fairfax family members for centuries up until the current generation, Morgan and his brother Kenneth.

Morgan was born to Aurelius and Emilia Fairfax in their Austrian palace. Aurelius being the Fairfax descendant was able to control paper, an ability he used with disturbing proficiency. The Fairfax lived on an isolated property surrounded by sprawling emerald hills with scattered patches of pale blue forget-me-nots all over. Out front were perfectly manicured gardens and the building itself was an architectural masterpiece. Morgan was raised with the intent of being the next Lord of the home. The family still maintained it's nobility, only it lacked any political power, but that mattered not as Morgan's mother was a wealthy businesswoman anyways so even if the Fairfax family somehow lost every penny they'd still be disgustingly rich. Morgan was supposed to live up to the expectations set by both his parents, something that wasn't always easy.

Morgan's powers began to emerge at a young age, however, only in small ways. Certain Phenomena would occur around him which could only have been due to him having some sort of power. While at this young age the Fairfax family moved to Britain where they had bought themselves a castle in the countryside. Their Austrian Palace became more of a Summer home, a place that was only visited every now and then. While living in Britain Morgan was gifted the pleasure of having a little brother, Arthur Fairfax who was discovered quite quickly to have the power to control temperatures, however, Morgan's power still remained a bit of a mystery. Regardless of how little was known about his powers, there were matters far more pressing for his family. Reputation. Morgan's innate ability to fail was problematic for them, he'd go from lecturing his younger brother on the international relations between Russia and several of the past Soviet Union members to failing a geography test the next day. None the less they tried their best to help him, however, after the test he'd be able to get every question right without hesitation.

With time Morgan's showings of power became more common and far more potent. What was once just floating objects was turning into things collapsing in upon themselves until they became as dense as a diamond. Aurelius who had been trying to help his son learn his power was far out of his depth with just his paper manipulation. The Fairfax family had to do something with their son so they tracked down an academy for children with powers. They didn't care about the superhero niche, what mattered was that they were better equipped than anywhere else they had found. They sent Arthur along with Morgan, after all, they didn't want Morgan spending too much time alongside some ruffian children and it wouldn't hurt Arthurs skill with his powers. While at the academy Morgan was discovered to actually have two powers, Netherkinesis and self-failure inducement. This meant that no matter how powerful his Netherkinesis became he'd be unable to win any form of fight, he'd need to have some sort of backup to clean up after he mowed through the opponent. While at the academy, Morgan's skill enhanced and he became talented with his Netherkinesis, but, as can be assumed he couldn't exactly do anything about his passive self-failure inducement ability.

Powers & Abilities:
Morgan is capable of Netherkinesis, the power to manipulate the spiritual energy that resides within the realms of the living and the dead, embodying the darker side of all things. This power is mighty and he displays great talent with it, however, one thing holds him back... His second power. Have you ever wondered what the worst power possible is? Try passive self-failure inducement. That's right, you didn't think that all powers were useful, did you? For every person who can fly or turn invisible there has to be someone whose power is being ever so slightly weaker than the average person or just being neon green. Morgan, despite how powerful he is can never properly succeed, something no matter how outlandish will prevent him from achieving the intended outcome. One example of this would be if he were to battle a villain, he has them against the ropes, barely standing, but then suddenly a small meteor plummets to Earth and knocks him out before he can finish them off. This power basically will warp reality on the most insane scale possible just to force him to fail if need be.

Father - Aurelius Fairfax
Mother - Emilia Fairfax
Brother - Arthur James Fairfax

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☕αℓєχαи∂яια || ωнαт'ѕ ιи α иαмє؟ тнαт ωнι¢н ωє ¢αℓℓ α яσѕє ву αиу σтнєя иαмє ωσυℓ∂ ѕмєℓℓ αѕ ѕωєєт☕ wrote: "Name: Morgan Romulus Fairfax

Age: 16

Race: Human

Nationality: English/Austrian


Morgan's good looks are revered around the school, he encompasses handsome to a tee. Morgan has ex..."

Love this character, Great job, Approved

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Alexandria | 101 comments Thank you!

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no problem! :D

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Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 55 comments Name: Shoto Todoroki
Age: 16
Race: Human
Nationality: Japanese/ American
Appearance: https://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/...
He possesses heterochromia which causes his left eye to be blue but his right eye to be gray. Girls in his class find him to be very attractive.

Personality: He is quite seasoned in battle, being able to stay calm and composed even while battling real villains. Though brutal in battle, he is well grounded on the ethics of heroism, only wishing to subdue his frozen opponents as opposed to killing them through prolonging their frozen states. After the events of the Sports Festival, Shoto still has a distant attitude but has become noticeably more sociable and has shown to be smiling sometimes as well as gaining a sense of humor.

History: When he was five years old, Shoto started to receive training from his father. However, the training was harsh and cruel to the point of making Shoto throw up. Shoto's mother tried to defend him, but Endeavor refused to listen and would even hit her. His father also prevented Shoto from interacting with his older siblings. Shoto began to despise the training and hate his father for abusing his mother. During these dark times, Shoto's mother would always be there to support him. Despite the abuse she suffered, she'd tell Shoto that he is not a slave to his blood and can become whatever he wants to be.

Powers/Abilities: Fire and ice: Shoto's Quirk gives him the ability to generate freezing powers and heating powers. He can lower temperatures and launch waves of ice and He can raise temperatures and shoot scorching hot flames. Shoto is sometimes unable to control the fire and ice he generates if he gets toom mad which rarely happens. While he is capable of using these two abilities simultaneously. Because of his power and training he has Enhanced Durability, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Endurance, and Enhanced Agility. When extremely made his flames turn blue and his temperature melts everything, also with that causing him to explode but his ice turns black so it keeps him from exploding himself.

Enji Todoroki (Father)
Shoto's Mother (Mother)
Fuyumi Todoroki (Sister)
2 other brothers

Hell blazed angel form:

Phoenix~They/Them Not my character. She won't fund him attractive. XD

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Why u hurt his feeling XD

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XD they are fantastic that's why

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Jake The Ulitmate Senpai wrote: "Name: Shoto Todoroki
Age: 16
Race: Human
Nationality: Japanese/ American
Appearance: https://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/......"

HE IS ATTRACTIVE! O.O I LOVE HIM! *slams hammer down* APPROVED! *steps down the podium* Cased closed!

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Age: 16
Race: Human
Nationality: Japanese/ American
Appearance: https://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/......"

Thanks ur the best

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Jake The Ulitmate Senpai wrote: "Princess Kitty~Lys~Gøddꧧ øf Løvê needs a break wrote: "Jake The Ulitmate Senpai wrote: "Name: Shoto Todoroki
Age: 16
Race: Human
Nationality: Japanese/ American
Appearance: https://vignette4.wiki..."

You welcome Jack. *hugs* And aww shucks

Jack the Teleporter  (jackaboi) | 55 comments Princess Kitty~Lys~Gøddꧧ øf Løvê needs a break wrote: "Jake The Ulitmate Senpai wrote: "Princess Kitty~Lys~Gøddꧧ øf Løvê needs a break wrote: "Jake The Ulitmate Senpai wrote: "Name: Shoto Todoroki
Age: 16
Race: Human
Nationality: Japanese/ American


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