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message 1: by Phrynne, Mystery lover! (new)

Phrynne | 3325 comments Mod
Final thoughts (and reviews if you like) on Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes

message 2: by Brenda, Suspense lover! (new)

Brenda | 8961 comments Mod
Another of our monthly reads that I've read :) It was excellent though and I'll add my review later :)

message 3: by MaryG2E (last edited Jun 02, 2017 06:36PM) (new)

MaryG2E (goodreadscommaryg2e) Finished this long novel in quick time. It is a page-turner, one I found hard to put down. I think it has two themes which are very well explored. First is the issues of OCD and PTSD, which the main character, Cathy, acquired due to her appalling experiences at the hands of a psychopath, and second, the depiction of a cunning, manipulative, cruel lunatic with his own entrenched obsessions.

The narrative is thick with suspense, and as I continued reading my sense of dread grew. As Cathy's story unfolded, I found myself wondering what shocks might be in store for me, what upsets and reversals might bring things to a climax. Here are a few of my musings, and I'm wondering if other GR readers had similar notions:
1. Lee would re-appear in order to kill Cathy
2. Lee would kill Stuart in order to take Cathy back
3. Lee would kill Sylvia
4. Cathy was an unreliable narrator, and a whole other perspective on this awful case would emerge towards the end
5. Stuart was somehow in league with Lee to draw in Cathy and deliver her to Lee.

Sheesh! My vivid imagination. Certainly this book gave me a lot of ideas. I found some of the details very grim, and Cathy's OCD behaviour became a bit wearing at times. However, I think it is really important for us readers to be exposed to some of the behaviours of bad people, which includes stalkers and perpetrators of domestic violence who are alive and well in our own suburbs. Certainly I gained insights into the root causes of OCD for some sufferers, and I appreciated the way the author unfolded Cathy's healing process during therapy.

Into the Darkest Corner is a first-rate, suspenseful thriller, which kept me engaged and entertained throughout. 5★s

message 4: by Brenda, Suspense lover! (new)

Brenda | 8961 comments Mod
Here's my review for this brilliant book!

message 5: by Carolyn (new)

Carolyn | 1271 comments I loved this book too. Lee is really scary as the stalker you don't see but know he is watching you. Like Mary, I also found myself anticipating all the bad things that could happen to Cathy and Sylvia and I was sure Stuart was going to end up dead, so the anticipation ended up being as scary as the actual events!

Here is my review:

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