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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Teen girl in world where people grow wings, boarding school. [s]

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asha | 29 comments So this takes place in a world where people either learn to fly or just grow wings as they get older(??) and I read this between 2011 and 2015. The MC's fifteen, and the story starts at a boarding school. The only other things I can remember are that the protagonist's name probably starts with a P, and she's described as being so many centimeters tall in the first few chapters(so it doesn't take place in America)

Thanks in advance!

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asha | 29 comments The book's also set in the future(so they may be able to fly due to technological advancements??)

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asha | 29 comments No, the MC's much older and her name isn't Piper.

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asha | 29 comments Also, flying is something considered normal(?) in the book.

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asha | 29 comments bump

Julia ♡ Sarcasm and Romance Addict ♡ | 176 comments Flight ?

"It's 2097 and teens can fledge and grow wings as they go through puberty. Fifteen year old Prissi has been having fun flying, goofing with her BFF Nancy, and stirring up arguments with her NQB (not quite boyfriend) Joe Fflowers." ... She also goes to a boarding school called Dutton

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asha | 29 comments Flight is it, thanks so much!

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