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message 1: by Amber (new)

Amber | 100 comments Mod
This is the school Cafeteria. Eat breakfast lunch and dinner here.

message 2: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Chloe strutted into the cafeteria about 5 minutes before anyone else. Breakfast was stupid, but it was also the only time the cafeteria served coffee, so Chloe put up with it. She couldn't wait for cheer practice later that day

message 3: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) Dawson walked into the cafeteria with a yawn, glancing around at the food options. There was an omelette bar, cereal bar and pancakes with a topping station. Those pancakes had his name written all over it. He piled his plate high and sat down with his food.

message 4: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Chloe grabbed a banana and a cup of coffee and sat down next to the only other student in the room

message 5: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "Hi, I'm Chloe Wayne, reigning Homecoming Queen," Chloe announced "And you are?"

message 6: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) Dawson raised his eyebrow at the girl who had sat next to him. She was about 4 or 5 inches shorter than him with blonde hair and blue eyes. She was pretty and had a very bright expression on her face. "I'm Dawson, uh, homecoming peasant I guess?" He said as a joke.

message 7: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Chloe chuckled. "So, what grade are you?" She asked

message 8: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) "Junior this year." He responded. He took a bite of his pancakes and then asked, "how about you?"

message 9: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "Sophomore," Chloe said, drinking a huge sip of coffee. "So, you new this year?"

message 10: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) "Well, yeah I am. This place is pretty cool and all, just hope it's got a track and a cross country ski team. I don't know too much about the school." He responded, taking another look at the cafeteria, trying to familiarize himself with it.

message 11: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "It does. They're pretty good, actually." Chloe said. "I've gone to this school for a year and a half, and I know almost nothing about it.

message 12: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) "Hey, maybe we'll find out more this year. I've already snooped around the library though, it's really cool." He said thoughtfully, taking another bite of pancakes.

message 13: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "The library is really cool," Chloe agreed, starting her second cup of coffee.

message 14: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "Actually, I was supposed to meet my roomie there

message 15: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "Like 5 minutes ago," Chloe said standing up

message 16: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) "Alrighty, see you around, I might stop by later." He replied.

message 17: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "K, nice meeting you!" Chloe said as she walked out

message 18: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) Dawson watched her go, and then finished his food. The pancakes were pretty good and he washed it down with a little milk. He left for his dormitory, hoping to relax a little before class.

message 19: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Chloe walked into the cafeteria ready for her caffeine

Loveme22 - The Queen of the Night Court | 202 comments Mod
Shadow grabs her breakfast and coffee. " oh i so love coffee i dont know what would happen if i do not have coffee

message 21: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "Same. But my dad's banned me from having more than two cups before 10 in the morning. Something about me forgetting to eat and just drinking," Chloe said

Loveme22 - The Queen of the Night Court | 202 comments Mod
"I know what he means i do that some times" shadow says.

( going into work post later

message 23: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Chloe laughed and took a sip of coffee and sighed

message 24: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) ((Kk, post when you can))

Loveme22 - The Queen of the Night Court | 202 comments Mod
"I love coffee so much

Loveme22 - The Queen of the Night Court | 202 comments Mod
Sorry wrong one i posted on

message 27: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "Right?" Chloe said sipping her drink.

"So, what's your coffee?"

Loveme22 - The Queen of the Night Court | 202 comments Mod
""Really strong expresso

message 29: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "Same. Although, according to my dad, 6 shots of espresso at once is way too much, but I'm not seeing it," Chloe said

Loveme22 - The Queen of the Night Court | 202 comments Mod
"Maybe he thinks you would go crazy or something." Shadow giggles when her phone goes off and she looks at it it was leonard. She texted back saying hi. She has a huge smile on her face

message 31: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "That Leo?" Chloe asked, even though she already knew the answer

Loveme22 - The Queen of the Night Court | 202 comments Mod
"How did you know?" She blushed bright red

message 33: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "He was texting me all last night about you," Chloe said. "I had to mute my phone to get some sleep."

Loveme22 - The Queen of the Night Court | 202 comments Mod
"I guess he is supet excited about me asking him out." Shadow giggles.

message 35: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "Super excited doesn't describe it," Chloe laughed. "Insane and needs to be banned from his phone is more like it."

Loveme22 - The Queen of the Night Court | 202 comments Mod
"Yea i get that when i first met him he couldnt keep his eyes off me. Maybe we should take his phone."

message 37: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "Good luck with that," Chloe joked

Loveme22 - The Queen of the Night Court | 202 comments Mod
"Yea i dont think he will every stop texting unless im asleep. Come on we should go

message 39: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "K" Chloe said as she finished her coffee

Loveme22 - The Queen of the Night Court | 202 comments Mod
"I dony mind if you bring coffee in the car you know

message 41: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "No it's fine," Chloe said

Loveme22 - The Queen of the Night Court | 202 comments Mod
( move to the mall again?

message 43: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) ((Yeah))

message 44: by Nathan (new)

Nathan | 38 comments Mod
As Fletcher tried to decide how to answer Chloe's question about how he got admitted into the school, he realized the clump of kids behind them was growing.

"We should move in before we get trampled." He stepped in and walked to the side of the room, making sure that Chloe was following him.

He was still trying to formulate a good answer for her question. It was a legitimate question. He had been kicked out of every school he had ever attended since kindergarten -- how was that possible?

A habitual thought suddenly floated to Fletcher's mind as he weaved through the kids. Can I trust this new Chloe? After last summer, he had finally found someone he could completely trust with his life, but if this was a different Chloe, should he even talk to her like he used to? Care-free and honest?... He shook his head. She wasn't that different. His friend and ally was still there. Just playing a new role that he didn't need to interrupt. He would only break her trust if he isolated her and showed people that she wasn't only a cheerleader who was meant to be respected and feared.

He laughed uneasily and decided to go for the truth. "Well, I'm not quite sure myself. I definitely can't afford this place, but I think I somehow caught their attention. They contacted me and said they legit wanted me here, although it would be the normal tuition price. My only conclusion was that they noticed my good grades. I am pretty good at just about all subjects. I think I have my mom to thank for that. I'm no Athena kid," He grinned at her, "But Hecate's knowledge of magic bleeds into normal subjects too. They're actually pretty connected. So if you understand magic, you can understand just about anything."

He waved a hand. "Anyways, that's my guess. They noticed my grades and wanted me in. I got several scholarships and grants, and I'm working during this school year to afford it."

Fletcher shrugged. "So yeah..."

((Should I make a school schedule for Fletcher, or do I just put him in classes at random?))

message 45: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) ((Either, I've kind of made a schedule for Chloe, but not really))

message 46: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Chloe was quiet. If she'd had her way, Fletcher would have never even been close to seeing this side of her. She wasn't embarrassed exactly, but she wasn't proud of who she was here either. You'd think after facing your worst fears that you could do anything, and that's precisely how Chloe had felt when they had finished their quest. But once she'd arrived, back at school, she had remembered why she hid under the facade of queen bee cheerleader. High school was rough, and you had to decide whether you'd be the one getting it rough, or making it rough. She had been the former in middle school, and she was never going back. There were cheer captain who could be a bit of a bully everywhere, but Chloe wasn't sure how to tell Fletcher that here, that's what she was.

Chloe thought about telling him that no one would even try to trample her, but instead, she just followed him to the omelet station.

"So, you're a senior this year?" Chloe said, at a bit of a loss for words. She knew he was a senior, but she couldn't really think of anything else to say.

message 47: by Nathan (last edited Jun 09, 2017 07:54AM) (new)

Nathan | 38 comments Mod
"Yeah, I'm a senior. You?"

Fletcher glanced around him and noticed how people seemed to float away from Chloe as she drew near, like similar sides of a magnet. He felt his face go red as he realized that she was a queen here. That was why she looked so uncomfortable, glancing around nervously like someone might see her. She had staked her turf as someone to be feared so she wouldn't be bullied. That was the kind of world she lived in. Eat or be eaten.

He looked her in the eye, "Hey. If you can't be seen with me, I can leave."

Fletcher was more than ready to keep her on her pedestal if necessary. He understood that she couldn't show any weakness. Not that talking to him was a weakness, per say. But being friendly with an apparent stranger showed that she had a nice side. And nice people can be exploited by the wolves. It was a world he understood perfectly.

Trying to make her smile like she used to and to show that he wasn't offended, he added, "You can throw something at me if that'll make it easier."

message 48: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) "Sophomore," Chloe replied. She saw his face redden and knew he must have realized how things work around here.

When he offered to leave, Chloe just about died. Fletcher really was an awesome friend, and she didn't want to hurt him.

"I won't throw anything at you," Chloe said, pulling out a pen and a napkin and scribbling something down. "I'd better go sit with my team."

She turned to walk away, crumpling up the napkin. She turned back to Fletcher and said, "I changed my mind, I think I will throw something at you."

She chucked the balled up napkin at him as hard as she could, and turned and walked towards her normal table full of cheerleaders. Hopefully, Fletcher would smooth out the napkin and know to meet her in the English classroom second period.

message 49: by Nathan (last edited Jun 10, 2017 11:52AM) (new)

Nathan | 38 comments Mod
When she said she was going to sit with her team, Fletcher felt a small pang of sadness. He had told her it was good with him if she left, but it still hurt a little bit. I guess she did change a lot. Maybe she wasn't allowed to be his friend at all here.

He was startled by the balled-up napkin suddenly hurling at his face. Fletcher fumbled with it for a second after it bounced off his nose. Glancing up and seeing Chloe sitting down happily with a group of cheerleaders, he looked down at the napkin.

Fletcher had seen her write something on it. He opened it and grinned when he read the message. She wasn't completely different. Just cornered and seeking an Athena-like respite.

Fletcher walked to the counter and ordered a coffee.

((should we move to the English classroom?))

message 50: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) ((Sure, I'll post))

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