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message 1: by Amber (new)

Amber | 100 comments Mod
Here is the school facebook page. Comment on pics and like things. Have fun!

message 2: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) I believe it's just a few unit conversions that are on the worksheet. Molar masses and such, nothing too tricky.

message 3: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) ((QOTD - what are some ways you and your character are similar?))

Destini~Never give up.~ (thunderstorm445) Destiny: I wonder if i could ride my horse to school? I would love to have a private riding ring there!

message 5: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Chloe: Hey, guys!! Our amazing cheer coach has finished the new uniforms and here they are!! What do you think? (Except with JHS across the front)

message 6: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) Track uniforms are in as well!

message 7: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) Dawson: oh, and to answer your question destiny, I believe I read on the school brochure that there is a stables and riding field on the north end of campus.

message 8: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Chloe: Yeah, Dawson's right. I ride there on Saturdays

message 9: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) Dawson: quick PSA, after you guys finish your school work come to the library. I managed to get a movie going on the projector in conference room C.

message 10: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Chloe: What is it?

message 11: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) Dawson: I've got "The Breakfast Club", "saving private Ryan", the new "Beauty and the Beast", and "Harry Potter" of course!

message 12: by Ev (new)

Ev (kickbuttbookworm) Chloe: I might make my way down there later

message 13: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) Dawson: sounds good, grab others if you can too!

Mr.something (frosteye) (frosteye) | 104 comments frost: hello im single and ready to mingle hahaaa im just idding i am single though.

Mr.something (frosteye) (frosteye) | 104 comments frost: huuh kidding not idding.

Mr.something (frosteye) (frosteye) | 104 comments Ev wrote: "((QOTD - what are some ways you and your character are similar?))"

well make all my characters just like me or i have them with things i wish i had

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