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message 1: by lorien (new)

lorien | 214 comments I don't really mind what we do. If you were thinking of doing a fantasy one, a modern-ish one, or even a Roleplay that goes back in time would be fine too. :-)

message 2: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments I have an idea, just a sec. and you can turn it down if you want, I don't mind what we do either.

message 3: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments How about a post apocalyptic world where a nuclear war turns 75% of the world into wasteland inhabited by monsters created by the radioactivity given off from the nuclear incident. The other 25% of the world is controlled by a dictatorship government that punishes infringements and infractions with banishments into the wasteland. Banishment means almost certain death as you are given a gun with a clip of ammunition, a single ration and a canteen of water to go up against a harsh environment and terrible monsters. Muse A, a girl trying to survive day to day life, steals from a market but gets caught in the act is sentenced to banishment. Muse B, a soldier of the government who accidentally disobeys a direct order is banished as well for his actions. They are sent off together and now have to try to survive the harsh wasteland and find some sort of place that isn't overrun with mutant monstrosities.

message 4: by lorien (new)

lorien | 214 comments Ooooh boy. That is a really good plot line. What year would this be set in? A hundred years from now or this actually happened waaaay back in time?

message 5: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Probably a hundred years from now would be more likely. Does that sound alright?

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lorien | 214 comments Definitely! Would it be fine with you if I can play the girl or did you want to?

message 7: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Haha, I'll take the male role, you can be the girl.

message 8: by lorien (new)

lorien | 214 comments Danke! Simple lil template for me. :-)

Name: Amber Wolfe
Age: 17
(Just without the glasses)

Attire: Brown, leather jacket with a baseball t-shirt and jeans.
Eyes- Hazel
Hair- Auburn and was cut by her shoulder blades
Personality: Overly shy and protective over her family. (Everything else will be revealed when we rp)

message 9: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Name: Dawson
Age: 18
Appearance: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/...

Attire: soldiers fatigues with brown combat boots.
Eyes: hazel
Hair: brown and short
Personality: contemplative, courageous, and kind (more during the RP)

message 10: by lorien (new)

lorien | 214 comments Sounds good to me! I must warn you though, I can do long paragraphs if that's what you want my I mostly do middle sized ones. Or do you not care one way or the other?

message 11: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments I'm fine with either, as long as it isn't one liners.

message 12: by lorien (new)

lorien | 214 comments Oh yes. I hate one liners. You can hardly work with them when you need to reply.
Alrighty. So will we be rping after they sent into the wastelands or did you want to play that out?

message 13: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Here, why don't I start and you can kinda follow my lead. I want to do it so they are about to be banished but they sorta recount how they got there in the the first place. Ya know? Haha, my brain has a lot of dollars but isn't making much sense (cents).

message 14: by lorien (new)

lorien | 214 comments Haha! XD
Very well. Post anyway Mister Mac

message 15: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Dawson could not believe what he'd gotten himself into this time. His inattentiveness and daydreaming had gotten him in serious trouble. If he just would've payed more attention when his unit commander had given him orders, he might not have forgotten to report the troop movements on the west wall to his platoon leader. But now, because of his massive mistake, he was standing at the top of that wall about to be lowered over the other side of it with nothing more than a gun with a single magazine, some water and some food. He was supremely screwed. Everyone knew about the mutant monsters outside these walls and people who were banished never lasted more than a day because of them. Ever since that huge nuclear war a century back people had known about the monsters, and of course everyone now knew about them too. Including him. He was freaking out when a girl was lined up next to him on the wall as well. Two banishments in one day? It wasn't unheard of but it certainly didn't happen often. Before he could think too much about it they were shoved onto a platform, given their meager supplies and were slowly lowered to the ground.

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lorien | 214 comments As soon as the wall was being lowered, the first thought Amber could think of was: Why don't they give us satchels to carry this stuff? It was probably the least she should be thinking about, given her current situation, but it just popped out of nowhere. She weighed the mediocre gun in her hand and figured that whatever was out in the Wastelands, this poorly made metal wouldn't protect her. Who knows? Maybe the monsters were a myth to actually send people into a paradise. Or perhaps not. She tried to replay all the self defense lessons her family taught her but for the first time, Amber's mind was blank. She couldn't remember any of those lessons nor the times her siblings would criticize her how she would raise her fists to high or how she forgot to clutch thatvroll of nickles before she fought. Maybe this is what real fear felt like. Her definition of fear was not earning a good score on the test. Or the fear of being caught stealing from the cookie jar. But this. . . this was different. So as she stared at the young man beside her, Amber thought of the family he was leaving behind. Whatever he did, was it worth it? She was crossing the wall because she stole to keep her family alive and well fed but did he have a family that would miss him when he crossed? Well, it certainly wasn't her problem. No doubt they would go their separate ways and never see each other again, assuming the other was dead. But they could. . . work as a team.
Amber readjusted the strap of the canteen on her shoulder and slipped the small pack of food into the pocket of her jeans. If only her sibling could see her now. Amber, the third youngest in the Wolfe family and the third member of their family to be sent over the wall. Multiple members of her family over the generations were ordered to cross the wall for manipulating one of the government agents for information or something much more sinister. Or so the stories go. Amber never actually thought that the family memebers before her could still be alive or if those stories were true. And it was false hope to think of things as such. So as the wall was lowered to the dirty ground, Amber sucked in a deep breath and wished more than ever, that her family was with her.

message 17: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments As they stepped out into the wasteland, an eerie silence enveloped them. This girl next to him wasn't much shorter than him and she looked like she could hold her own, but he didn't really take the time to get a good look at her. He was about to start running when he got a funny feeling that going off alone wasn't the best idea. In his military training he'd always been taught safety in numbers, especially against the monsters out here. He'd only been outside the wall once before and it had been on a supplies run in a deserted city overrun with the monsters. He'd seen quite a few of the mutant beasts and knew how to fight them but with just him alone? He didn't think he could do it. "Hey, whoever you are, follow me if you want to live. I'm going to assume you don't know how to fire the weapon you are now holding so here is the fastest ever crash course of firing a gun." He said quickly in a whisper. He looked around and then showed her how to load the weapon, how to turn it off safety, how to chamber a bullet, how to pull the trigger and how to aim all within two minutes. He wasn't sure how much she retained but he hoped she had enough. "Listen, if you follow me and we might have a slight chance of getting through the worst of it. Just keep low, stay quiet and stay alert. These things aren't fast, by they can set a pretty decent pace. There are a lot of them so fire your gun as a last resort. I'm taking us deep into the wilderness if you join. Choice is yours, I'll explain more later." He said, turning on his heel and stalking off into the brush. He heard her moving behind him and he smiled, knowing now they would only probably die instead of surely die. The weapon he was holding was actually very nice. Maybe one of the soldiers had felt bad for him and given him a nicer weapon. It was a modified version of the M4A1 assault rifle and the tip of the barrel had been ground out into a point, like a fountain pen. This would make it a perfect melee weapon should he need it. Quietly they walked, heads on a swivel, starting their bid for survival.

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lorien | 214 comments When the man showed her everything about the pistol she carried, Amber nodded along through it and stayed quiet, unsure what to say. Everything was such a blur and she had to mumble to herself several times as they walked deeper into the Wasteland. Amber didn't know at this moment if she should say who she was and what her name was but now that seemed kind of pointless. No doubt they would find several things to talk about as they traveled. One of the few things swirling in her head was: how were they going to find a place to sleep? Did they need sleep in a place like this? But then what would happen if the monsters broke their shelter and came through? She knew they should worry about all sorts of things but that was what bothered her the most. Where were they going to find shelter? "Sir?" She started out softly, simply because the man looked like a sir and she thought it was well enough to address him as such for the moment. "Shouldn't we build a camp? Or would that attract them? The monsters?"

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Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Dawson walked forward thinking about her question and even gave a slight smile at her calling him sir. He'd never ever received training for survival outside the wall, as survival outside the wall was thought to be impossible. In his experiences with the monsters, they seemed to have terrible eyesight but an incredible sense of hearing. So much so that the army had developed a sign language to use out in the wasteland rather than talking. "Call me Dawson. Sorry for the weak introduction but I'll shake your hand and tell you who I am once we're safe. We need to make a supplies run by the end of the day. Well need rope, sleeping bags, a knife, some food and a fire starter. That should work just fine for our first night. I know of an abandoned settlement about a mile from where we are now that should have all of these things in what used to be called a sporting goods store. Somewhere in the camping sector, or is it section? Oh I don't know." Dawson replied, at least, he was pretty sure it was called a sporting goods store back then. He was never good with his old world language.

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lorien | 214 comments "Likewise," Amber mumbled under her breath as she kept looking behind her and scanned the area. She was careful not to let her finger slip down on the trigger just in case and she pointed it at the ground so she wouldn't accidentally shoot anything she never intended to fire at. That was one to the lessons that stuck in her mind when the twins showed her how to handle a small pistol they stole from an unsuspecting official. She relayed the information Dawson told her and wanted to point out the flaws of his plan. But unfortunately, she couldn't find any. Amber did wonder how they were going to find all those items he listed but figured that they would find some useful tools in the shelter Dawson spoke of. So she stayed quiet as they walked and prayed that the monsters would at least give them a chance to survive for a while longer

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Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments They trekked on and by mid morning had reached the store he needed. It was a large structure with what looked like two floors. "Ok, here's the deal, we need to get in and out quickly and quietly. You follow every move I make and step only where I step. Grab a basket when we get in there and when I find the stuff, I'll put it in there." He waited for a response and received a nod from her. Ok, here goes nothing, he though as they crept towards the store. He clicked his fire selector off of safety and slowly opened the door. The store was huge with a whole bunch of weird spheres, leather eggs, small black rubber circles, and giant mits that didn't look like hands at all. He crept fast all of these thinks to a set o moving stairs ant the center of the store, but they had long since broken down. He was scanning the store when he saw the camping sector, er, section, whichever. He motioned upward towards their goal and slowly crept up the stairs, careful not to make any noise. When they reached the top, he hurried over to the shelves with amber right behind him. He started throwing stuff in the basket, some of what he had said, some just random things that looked useful. He found the last item in the checklist and motioned towards the door, indicating it was time to leave.

message 22: by Mac (new)

Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments (Er, sorry for that string of typos there in the center))

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lorien | 214 comments ((Not a problem. ^.^))

Amber complied with everything Dawson said. Following his every step and only listening to what he told her. At the moment, she was too scared to make a single peep. So when she occasionally heard a ragged song of a bird, she cringed and looked over her shoulder. The least they wanted right now was a monster coming right at them all because of a bird. But maybe she was being too paranoid. After all, this was her first day in the wasteland and she wanted to stay alive as long as possible. This whole situation even seemed too much like a fantasy to even be real. And Amber would wonder if she would wake up in her bed with the twins cackling above her because of a joke they had just sprung. Now or all times, she missed that and wondered how exactly she would live without them for who knows how long. "Dawson?" She whispered, helping him with the items as they were about to leave. "Couldn't we make camp here? I mean, we have everything don't we go just settle down here?"

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Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments He nervously glanced around the store when she asked him that question. They had made it back down the stairs and were moving past the checkout counter to the door. He answered, whispering, "If it looks like a nice spot to you then it looks like a nice spot to them. They live in abandoned spaces like this one. They are more active during the night so though it sight not seem like there aren't many now. This place will be crawling with-" but he was cut off by a crash at the back of the store. Crap. They probably had seconds to hide. He dashed behind the checkout area and flung open a closet behind the counter. He shoved the girl inside and jumped in. They barely fit and they were pushed up next to each other but it would have to work. She had dropped the basket, but it was for the best as it wouldn't have fit there anyway. He listened intently for the telltale screeches and growls of a monster, but could only hear the girls breathing. He moved his mouth as close to her ear as possible and barely even whispered. "I need you to slow your breathing. We need to be as quiet as possible. He wasn't sure she had heard him at first because he'd spoken so softly but soon, her breathing calmed. That's when he heard the quiet growls out in the store, steadily growing louder.

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lorien | 214 comments Amber cursed herself for being an idiot at the fact she dropped the Basket. Why of all times did she have to be stupid when this very situation was life threatening! When they were both shoved into the closet, Amber didn't care how close they were but only cared for the simple fact if those monsters could rip the door right open and kill them both. At Dawson's instructions though, she nodded slightly to let him know she understood and attempted to slow her breathing. It helped, but only for a little bit. The growling grew closer and Amber covered her nose with a free hand as well as closing her mouth tightly. She didn't want to die all because she wasn't breathing as softly as she should.

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Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Dawson was extremely tense as the growling kept getting louder. Then, right outside his door came a screech, sounding like it had come from an owl or a bird. It knew people ad been there, but it didn't know where they were, thank god. He listened intently for the next few moments cut scarcely heard a sound. He was about to open the door to check things out when there was a thud on the door of the closet, followed by another, then another. It seemed that out of frustration the monster was hitting the door. Dawson shifted his weight and brought his gun up, but in doing so, ever so lightly tapping the closet door making the slightest of knocks. The pounding stopped. It knew. Dawson decided it was now or never as he threw open the closet door and jumped on the vaguely humanoid reptile. It screeched but Dawson rammed the sharpened tip of his barrel straight into its chest, dodging a claw as he did so. The fight was over almost as soon as it had begun. "Well that could've gone a lot worse." He whispered to his companion.

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lorien | 214 comments When the fighting finally stopped, Amber stared at Dawson and the monster, which she presumed to be dead. Once she looked back and forth as she poked he rhead out from the closet to make sure the monsters were gone, Amber stepped out and studied the monster. They certainly weren't what she was expecting. In her imagination, they looked hairy and talller too. "Th-thank you," Amber stammered as she looked at Dawson right in the eye. "Thank you, sir." He had protected them both and in doing so, he had earned her respect and trust. Maybe it was foolish to trust someone this early in the game but Amber knew she could trust him nonetheless

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Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Dawson wiped his gun off and cleared the barrel, cleaning it out a bit. When she thanked him he replied, "don't thank me yet, we still gotta get to a camp site. And. Thought I told you to call me Dawson." He complained jokingly. He got his first good look at her as he examined her up and down. She was lean with auburn hair and hazel eyes, not unlike his. She was shorter than him, but not by a lot and she had kind features. She was actually a very pretty girl and he had to snap himself out of it when he realized he was staring at her. He figured they were safe for the moment so he said, "I'm pvt. Dawson, uh, been in the army for three years, never thought it would land me out here." He held out his hand and shook hers. "Were going to head farther away from the wall ok? The monster concentrate out there at night trying to get in so our best bet is to get as far away as possible. There's a Forrest about three miles from here that we should reach by mid afternoon if we hurry." He explained, grabbing a backpack off of a nearby rack and then retrieving the basket they had dropped. He loaded the supplies into it along with some random things he'd grabbed and then slung it on his back.

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lorien | 214 comments Amber smiled at his joking tone and almost forgot that at that moment they were currently being hunted by monsters. "Very well, Dawson, we should move like you said." She whirled around to find the basket she foolishly dropped a moment ago and plucked it up, grateful to find everything that was in the basket. "So," she started, her eyes traveling up and down Dawson, "do you suppose they're gone from this place? Or could they be upstairs?" Amber didn't know if the monsters could understand English but she wouldn't put it past them if they could

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Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments "I suspect we'd already know if there were more. And to my understanding I believe they do not live together, but still hunt in packs." he said glancing around the store. It was a shame to leave but he knew hey had to get going, but something aught his eye. "Hey, wait up a second ok?" He said, running over to a counter and grabbing a map that had been left there long ago. He threw it into his pack and then led the girl from the store. The girl. Huh, he didn't even know her name yet. "I don't suppose you'd have a name?" He asked her as the left, keeping his voice low so he didn't give them away. They trudged on, headed towards the spot that Dawson had chosen.

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lorien | 214 comments "Doesn't everyone?" Amber said quietly as she followed Dawson towards the forest which would hopefully help them with their survival. "My name is Amber Wolfe." She didn't want to say anything more in case the monsters could pick up the pitch of her words. She wanted to get to know Dawson a bit better now that they were in the same situation together. But that would have to wait until they were "safe." Wherever that would be

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Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments He nodded when she said her name. Amber Wolfe. Cool name, he thought as they walked. It was pretty hot out so by the time they reached his spot they were both absolutely drenched in sweat. They were at a clearing on the edge of a lake with large trees with strong branches. The brush was cleared out as the military used it long ago to run operations. He knew of a trap door at the base of some roots near here that led to a storage space where they could sleep. He set down his gear, shed his shirt, boots and socks and promptly jumped in the lake. He had been so hot and sweaty the lake offered a welcome relief from the heat. "Oh that is very, very nice." He called out, no longer worried about his voice. The monsters didn't like woods or wilderness and preferred abandoned cities where they had ample shelter.

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lorien | 214 comments Why was he being so loud and relaxed? Didn't the monsters come out here too? And what exactly was he doing in the lake? Amber thought ferociously as she carefully scanned the area, wary that anything could pop from those bushes and attack them. So she sat down near the edge of lake and placed the basket beside her, dragging Dawson's pack by her side which was surprisingly heavy. She tucked her knees close to her chest and watched Dawson as he was ever so carefree.

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Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Dawson probably could've been more careful, in fact, he probably should've been more careful. But he was so tired. He immersed himself in the cool water one more time before getting out and walking up the bank. He lay down, a couple feet from Amber, letting the sun dry him and his clothes out. It felt nice and the coolness really boosted his mood. As he laid down, staring at the clouds he said absentmindedly, "I'm here because I forgot a friggin troop movement. My whole life, tossed away because I forgot something. Would you imagine that?" He stared up at the sky, the weight of what was happening finally hitting him. All of it coming down on him, crushing him.

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lorien | 214 comments As Dawson spoke, Amber felt her eyebrows rise up. Now that certainly wasn't something she expected him to say to her. Not only because it was personal but also because it was none of her business. But since they were on the part of confessions. . . "Mine's more stupid," Amber mumbled, staring ahead at the vast lake. "I got caught stealing something for my family. If I hadn't allowed myself to get caught, I wouldn't be here." She scowled at herself and said, "But it's useless to think of the what ifs now. what's done is done and there's nothing we can do to change that." Amber glanced at smiled sadly. "I'm sorry for being a down in the dumps. I just like to face reality instead of thinking about a fantasy that would be too far away."

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Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Dawson nodded his head appreciatively. "I like how straight forward you are amber. Keeps things simple. No worries, just stay alive and don't get hurt. I'm counting on you to have my back until we find somewhere safe. And spend enough time with me, you'll be smiling in not time." He said, giving her a reassuring glance. He could tell she was a little down but there was also something about her that said she enjoyed a good joke.

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lorien | 214 comments "Thank you," Amber said softly, with a nod of her bread as she stared at Dawson for a moment. Did he regret forgetting that one movement as a soldier? Or did he found this to be better than his previous life? She couldn't decide which was better. Her old life as her family was just barely making it or the fact that she could die right here, right now. His reassurance was comforting and she would always look out for him but, she had to face the fact that either one of them could die. "Dawson? How can you be so. . . careless? Especially right now when they could be tailing us?"

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Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Dawson turned his head to look at her. "Well... Amber, you gotta understand, I've seen a lot of crap in my three years in the army. I've seen it all. I've made endless supply runs and eradication efforts in abandoned settlements. Ive been face to face with these things more than I'd like to admit. I've been clawed by one, wrestled one when it knocked my gun out of its hands and even had one bite me. But every time I've pulled through. They're vicious little buggers and they are out to kill you, but I feel like I know them. One time I got hit by friendly fire in the leg and went down right in front of one but I still survived. I guess being a soldier you get used to living on the edge. Every day I wake up telling myself today is the day I die. I just accept that fact and move on. If I live till the next day, I just tell myself I'll die the next day. I'm always living off borrowed time in my mind, so the prospect of death is just something I've come to accept. Now, I don't go asking for trouble, but I will not spend the rest of my days worrying if I'll die tomorrow or not. That's not how I wanna live. So I guess my answer is, because I'm not going to live in fear for my entire life." He replied. It was how he'd been living since he joined the army. It was just easier than worrying about if it might happen or when he might die. If he just said it was going to happen, he could just accept it and move on.

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lorien | 214 comments Amber gasped several times as he listed the dangers he faced as a solider but smiled at the end, pleased to have met a person who didn't fear death and could possibly help her with that fear. "Well, I am glad that we happened to placed ourselves into trouble when we did. Otherwise I would have no idea where to start and you wouldn't have such a Charming and beautiful companion," she said teasingly.

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Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Dawson smiled and winked at her and then looked through the supplies in his backpacks. He looked in the one from the store they'd just raided first. It had everything they need and more. A water purifier, a light stick, compact energy cylinders to power said light stick and what he thought to be a listening device. It had what appeared to be ear pieces, a very thin slot and a big triangle above it. His expression brightened as he realized what it was. His buddy had one stashed under his mattress in the barracks back home and called it a CD player. The thought made him smile. He moved to the pack he'd been given when he'd been banished. It felt surprisingly heavy and when he opened it he basically jumped for joy. That same buddy had written a note with extra ammo, provisions and a knife. He'd been the one to give him his rifle and pack so he must've stocked his bag! "Amber! Check this out! We're gold!" He cried.

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lorien | 214 comments ((All of a sudden, our dear Dawson finds a CD player. 😂))

Amber leaned over and almost wanted to laugh out loud at the sudden provisions in his pack. "How on earth did you get this? I didn't have this much," she said to him softly, showing the items they gave her. And they didn't even bother to give her a pack. How very rude of them indeed! "What? Did you steal this? In that case, I should probably get away from you so my skills don't rub off on you."

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Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments ((Had to have some kind of music now didn't we? XD))

Dawson sat there smiling, "well, the CD player I grabbed from the sports store, it was just sitting on the register. And those provisions? You can thank my good buddy Thompson for packing those! Man, that guy is the best. We were good friend and served together for the first two years. Hadn't seen him in a while, but man am I glad he was looking out for me! Look at all the food and bullets! We could take on a miniature army!" He said, squealing with delight. This could mean the difference for life and death for them.

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lorien | 214 comments ((If you didn't, I would probably have done the same thing myself. XD))

"Good thing you made a buddy at the base, huh?" Amber said as she nudged him playfully. "Now that he did this for you, I feel slightly better. But wouldn't the monsters tell that you'd be weaken with the heaviness of the pack? Who am I talking to? Of course they can!" She then stood up and paced around Dawson and the pack. "But what good is a CD player without any music? Unless your buddy packed that too?"

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Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments ((Haha, with us, it had to happen.😂))

"Give me some credit amber, I just hiked four miles at a solid pace with all of that stuff. Ain't nothin slowing me down." He said playfully as he looked through the pack for a CD. No such luck, but then he got an idea. "Here maybe there's a CD still in the player." He said. He fiddled with the CD player and managed to open the compartment requiring the compact energy cylinders. He put three of the tiny things in and clicked it shut. He hit what he guessed was the eject button. To his delight, a thin round disc slid out of the slot. The title read, Journeys greatest hits. "What's journey?" Dawson asked as he pushed the disc back into the player.

message 45: by lorien (new)

lorien | 214 comments "An adventure," Amber explained as if the word was obvious but bent down to see what Dawson was holding and smiled. She and her siblings were the music children and usually bad music blasting every chance they got. "Ah, I think that's a band name," she explained to him.

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Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments Dawson examined the disc closely. There was a red jewel and what looked to be like a beetle illustrated on it, huh, interesting. "Think they're any good?" He asked. She just shrugged. "Only one way to find out I guess." He replied. He put one sound pod thingy in his left ear and gave one to amber to put in her right. He clicked play. A piano came through, mellow and meaningful. After a brief piano intro, the first lyrics flowed into Dawson's body. "Just a small town girl..." he was absolutely astonished by the song. He only listened to it for a few seconds and he already loved the song. It was deep, meaningful, and somehow sorrowful. He loved it.

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lorien | 214 comments ((Gah! Which song is that? >.<))

Amber smiled as the music flowed through her ear and swayed slightly at the familiar sound and tones of music. Not that she had heard anything like the song she was listening to now, but the sound of pianos and guitars brought happy memories. Her older siblings even brought up the thought that they could start a band with their friends and be called: Wolfe and the Gang. It was a fantasy that seemed too far away and no one in their family could ever afford a single instrument! "It's beautiful," Amber said suddenly, glancing down at the player which produced the music and wondered if she ever heard this band before

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Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments ((Only journeys best song! Don't stop believing! If you haven't heard it yet, you absolutely have to listen to it right now!😂))

They listened to the whole song, mesmerized by the mix of guitar, piano, drums and bass. It was incredible. Never before had he heard a song like it. Not only was the music good, but he kind of related to the lyrics as well. It was all so new to him. He decided he'd stood around enough and really better get back to work. He took out his ear pod thingy and said, "that was the best thing I've ever heard. Ok, I'm gonna set up camp and gather some fire wood. Keep a heads up, but we should be safe."

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lorien | 214 comments ((Oh goodness! I can only listen to snippets of it on iTunes but man, this song brings good times. ^.^))

Smiling as the song played, Amber looked up to saw Dawson standing up as he told her a few instructions. She popped the ear bud out of her ear and stared at him expectantly, trying to reply his orders. As if she was a DVD player herself, Amber replayed Dawson again and this time was able to hear what he said mere minutes ago. "Alright," she said dreamily then snapped out of her daze and plucked her basket while carefully handling Dawson's. "So are we gonna stay here for the night?"

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Mac K (mac_k99) | 1632 comments "Well, were going to stay under here. About two feet below us is an under ground storage unit with ventilation and maybe some left over supplies. There's a trap door behind the tree to your left, my right. Well open it up here in a bit, but I want to get a fire going." He responded, grabbing some nearby stones and placing them in a ring. He gingerly took his gun, and then cradled it in his arms as he went to go grab some fire wood. He came back with a good amount of logs and then went back and retrieved some kindling. He grabbed a match from their supplies and lit it, placing the logs on top of the blaze that engulfed the twigs and leaves. "There, that should be good for that. Want to crack open a thirty year old bunker?" He asked with a mischievous smile.

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