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The Landlady (The Landlady Series Book 1)
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message 1: by R.P. (new)

R.P. Morel (rpmorel) | 5 comments Hi everybody. I'm new here. I'd love it if you could read my eBook and give it a review. Just a bit of a warning. I've put a lot into the story, so it's not just straight sex, but the scenes are quite explicit.


Mark is a med school student that has fallen on hard times. He was about to get kicked out of his apartment when his voluptuous, mature landlady makes him an offer he can’t refuse. The deal is Mark can live in his apartment rent-free, if he does Loretta a few favors each month.

At first Mark thinks all she wants from him is sex. Unfortunately, he realizes how wrong he is when she goes into the details of the deal. Mark is to work for Loretta as a male dancer, stripping at private parties.

The Landlady is the first in a series of novelettes I am writing about Mark’s erotic adventures, and the world of CFNM where anything goes behind the closed doors of private parties.

A bit of a warning folks. This is an erotic story with graphic sex and language. It has elements of interracial sex, mature women, BBW, masturbation, exhibitionism…let’s see, am I leaving anything out? Probably. Hope you enjoy it.

message 2: by Erin (new)

Erin Daniels | 18 comments If some of the things you mention as warnings are really warnings it makes me sad for humanity. Interracial and plus sized women need labels now?

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