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The space inside the circle of cabins. Here there are fountains and statuaries, some of which may be automatons!

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((Austin pov))

The Apollo cabin would have been hard to miss, sparkling in the sunlight. I picked my way across the green, lugging my duffle bag. On my shoulder, Stardust made an excited chirp, and hopped onto my head.

"Yeah I know." I muttered. "We're back."

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((Chris pov))

"Well well well." I said from the top of a trident fountain. "Would you look who it is."

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((Austin pov))

I froze in my tracks. I'd know that birdsong voice anywhere. I turned around.

Chris was perched on the top-most prong of a stone trident, sticking out from the middle of a fountain. I wasn't even going to ask how she got up there.

"Um, hi... Chris." I cleared my throat. "I uh–"

Stardust flapped her wings and made a shrill, chiree! Chiree! sound. The sun conure leaped off my arm and flew towards her creator.

Chris laughed as the bird landed on her head. Surprisingly, she didn't lose balance.

I felt myself go red. I'd never really had a chance to thank Chris for the pet, but she seemed happy enough that I liked the bird. Not to mention Stardust completely adored Chris.

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((Chris pov))

Where have you been? Stardust tittered, head cocked. "At school." I answered. "After twelve years, they finally gave us a summer break!"

Stardust cawed a laugh. I won't ask how that happened.

I grinned at her. "Yeah, you don't wanna know."

I stood up, balancing on one foot. "Okay, I think I'm going to jump down now." I shot Austin a look. "You uh... might want to move."

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((Austin pov))

I scrambled out of her way, knowing Chris probably meant it when she said I should move.

I watched as she jumped down.

"So... um, I'm guessing you stayed at camp over the winter?"

She shook her head. "Nah, I went to a private school. They go year round, but my dad convinced them to give us a break." Her eyes sparkled. "I couldn't imagine staying away from camp the whole summer."

She held out her hand. "I'll carry your bag." She offered, gesturing to my duffle. I shook my head and shouldered it. "It's okay, I got it."

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P.J. was laying near the campfire. It was peaceful like a heartbeat. Hestia's fire basically reflected the mood of the entire camp, and never stopped burning. She held a small gift for Theo in her hands but she was starting to fall asleep.

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Max Theo, after checking almost everywhere in the camp finally noticed P.J near the campfire.
"Oh! There you are. Sorry for running off like that." Theo sat down next to her and smiled lightly at her.

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"Hmm, thats fine. I know you were busy." She yawned, even after two 3 hour naps she was exhausted. Those nightmares were doing numbers to her. "I have good news! I'm going to be a year rounder, so I'll be taught by Chiron." She smiled at him sleepily.

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Max "Fun! Who else is going to stay all year?" He put an arm around her.
"How come your always so tired?" He asked jokingly, mostly, he guessed it was just being a teenager, he had been tired everyday since he turned 13.

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"Eh, no reason." She said trying to change the subject, she didn't want him to fuss over anything. Then again this wouldn't help the trust issues... "Just some nightmares, ya know regular demigod stuff I assume." She said rubbing her eyesm

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Max Theo sighed.
"I'm honestly not sure if this demigod stuff is worth it. I would rather be able to get a good night sleep than be able to shoot fire out of my fingers." He joked. He wrapped his arms around P.J and smiled. Noticing she had something in her hands he raised an eyebrow at her questioningly.

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As he raised an eyebrow she looked a bit confused but then remembed what she was holding. "Well, I was so very happy about the dagger with that beautiful pearl centred in it? So I decieded to return the favor." It was a replica of the original dagger Theo carried except well balanced and a little cleaned off. When she pressed the hilt of the dagger it turned into a full blown sword, with a sun stone in the hilt and leather wrapped around it.

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Max Theo stared at it slack-jawed.
"Oh, P.J! You didn't have to..." He stopped, and kissed her happily.
"It's beautiful." He ran a hand over the hilt and balanced the knife in his hand. "How'd you get it to be so balanced?" He touched the blade carefully and his hand came away with a little bit of blood welling from it. He wiped it away, not caring. "And its deadly sharp." He tilted his head at her, still smiling.
"Thank you."

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"Well it used tons of magic and forge from the Hephestus kids. I just helped design some if it." She chuckled

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Max Theo smiled and replaced the dagger in his belt with the new one. The sun was just beginning to set and Theo sighed happily.
"Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf,
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay." He quoted quietly. Theo knew that as P.J said, he was probably being extremely cheesy, but he couldn't help it. For his childhood, his only way to escape life was through books, even though he was dyslexic. Theo spent days at the library to avoid going home to his mom, and later to his foster parents. Even once he joined the Tigers, Theo still read in every spare second he had.
"I know its not dawn, but the sunset reminded me of that poem." He shrugged and put an arm around Pearl.

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"That was unbelievably cheesy. At the same time... it was beautiful as well." She smiled at him, a genuine smile that when she looked at Theo was brighter than the sun ((no offense to Apollo))

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Max "Thanks.. I guess." Theo smiled brightly at her, although he still looked a little bit sad and unfocused. He was also beyond tired and he curled up, putting his head on P.J's shoulder and fell asleep easily.

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"You alright?" She asked holding his hand.

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Max "Sure, ya, im fine." Theo murmured sleepily. He would talk to her later, or she would figure out why he was annoyed by herself. For now, he just wanted to sleep, to get away from the real world for a few hours.

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Max ((gtg))

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"Have a nice nap" she kissed the top of his forehead before going to climb on the Apollo cabin to watch the sunset. Gosh everyone looked so tiny from up here, like ants. P.J. decided this was how the Gods felt. Being with people was energy draining draning. She did love spending time with James and Theo, and even now Amorette but hanging around everyone else made her shy and stutter. "Why am I so socially awkward..." she mumbled into her jacket.

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Max Theo didn't even move when P.J stood up. He was so exhausted, physically and emotionally, that even a stampede of centaurs probably wouldn't have woken him up. Within minutes of falling asleep he began to dream. To his relief, none of them made any sense. P.J was there, with Chiron, and they were both yelling at him, on the other side James was just silently looking at him, with one arm out towards him. There was a rumbling sound and the ground split in half and Theo fell through, into darkness.

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P.J. looked at Theo with a small smile. "Wow. I have a boyfriend." She smiled looking at him, the camp was kind of quiet. Peaceful, soon campfire would start and she would sneak away like usual going to swim at the beach.

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Max ((Should Theo do anything? Is she gonna go to the Hermes cabin, and if so, should he go looking for her?))

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((Yea sure but make sure the sword doesn't impale him in his sleep.))

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Max ((Aw, thanks for being so concerned for his well-being.))

Theo stirred a little bit, but didn't wake up. The temperature had dropped and he curled up tighter, using his jacket as a blanket. He couldn't quiet tell if P.J was still there and finally, waking up, he opened an eye. She's wasn't there, probably went swimming or something, he thought to himself before going back to sleep.

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