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Halfway (Aspiration for Deliverance, #1)
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Lokesh Sharma (aspirationfordeliverance) | 2 comments I’m looking for reviewers for my novel, HALFWAY. It’s a dark Science Fiction / Fantasy novel, written on an original idea.

Halfway (Aspiration for Deliverance, #1) by Lokesh Sharma

Title: Halfway (Aspiration for Deliverance #1)
Authors: Lokesh Sharma, Anubhav Sharma.
Page count: 142
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy.
Narrative Tone: Suspenseful.
Formats available: ePub, Mobi, PDF.

Blurb: A few hundred people wake up in an auditorium with no memory of their past, scared and confused, struggling to remember who they are and how they got here. A voice draws their attention to the person standing on the podium, impeccably dressed, an air of calm confidence about him that suggests he has the answers to all their questions. As he starts explaining the situation, they slowly begin to realize they are in a futuristic realm called Enigma, where dead humans are reborn and brought to trials for the crimes they committed in their human-lives…

***Heads up: a couple chapters contain violence and strong language. Also, as it's the first book in a series, some questions have been left unanswered. But in case you chose to read it and liked it, I would be more than happy to send you the next book as soon as it's finished :)

Anyone interested can PM me or send me an email:


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Jorge Perez | 1 comments Are you, by any chance, still looking for reviewers? Cuz I would love to review it :) PM me if interested.

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