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Mal (malxox)

chara a: daycare: amber
chara b: daddy: mal

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Amber | 683 comments I'm super busy today but I'll try to get a character up in a timely manner ^.^

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Amber | 683 comments

Emmerich Wendell

19 almost 20


Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Height: 6'4
Nationality: german; has the accent and speaks the language but he has very good English, his family left Germany when he was a kid.

» playful when comfortable
» reserved
» responsible, independent, trustworthy
» methodical

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Mal (malxox)
the more you know . . .

* thirty-two, black hair, dark brown eyes, korean, six-two, fc- daniel henney
* Mason Choi married Christian Turner right out of college. They'd met in high school through a mutual friend, and spent some time together in and out of classes and free periods, but it wasn't until senior year that they began dating. Mase cheered Chris on at football games, Chris pretended to listen when Mason tried explaining the math homework to him, and they were voted cutest couple over the prom King and Queen. People were convinced that they were meant for each other, and Chris admitted he felt the same when he got down on one knee and asked Mason to marry him. Getting married was easy, but adopting was a struggle. After months of waiting for a young mother to pick them as a home for her child, Mase charged into their bedroom holding the phone in a grip tight enough to break the home mobile, and five months later nineteen year old Delaney Finn gave up her baby to a young same sex couple and changed their lives. They named their son Theodore, but he just goes by Teddy. Mason and Chris split a year ago, frustrated with how seldom Chris's job allowed him time at home, and how distant he'd become. Teddy was two, but Mason does what he can to keep Chris in his life, even if Chris has a habit of disappointing them both.
* Mason occasionally goes by Mase, but it's rarely used by people he doesn't know well. He has a good relationship with his parents, but only ever sees them on holidays since Chris and work took him out of state long ago, and he's made a home here. Plus, Teddy is comfortable in the home he's made him; changing that would be cruel. Teddy, though, is incredibly shy, and hasn't proven to make friends easily. Mason is trying to help him, but is having trouble pushing the little one out of his comfort zone; especially when that comfort zone mostly includes him (Teddy likes to snuggle and play and babbled happily at dinner).
* Mason turns thirty-three within the next month. He works at as a translator and interpreter, plus the occasional odd job here and there for some extra cash. This means that he's self employed, and often times will work from home. He's hired by different kinds of people, but has found a nice little home with a publisher who he translates for frequently. He speaks Korean (his family is South Korean, his grandparents still live overseas), Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Latin, German, French, Spanish, and large and small portions of other languages. He's quick to learn and connect (though the European languages have always been more difficult for him than the eastern ones), and even though he's graduated and holds a degree already, is constantly adapting to new languages. His guilty pleasure shows are adventure shows, and lowkey the food network.

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Mal (malxox) em is the tallest 19 y/o i've ever seen

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Amber | 683 comments Lol that's so funny he's a translator because I was going to have Emery studying different languages to become one :P

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Mal (malxox) I 100% looked up good jobs to have as a single parent and this was what spoke to me xD
Is Emery not getting a degree in education or anything either? Don't you have to have one to work in a daycare??

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Amber | 683 comments Not in a daycare. As long as he's not teaching he should be able to handle playtime and any sort of craft things. Or helping out. I mean at least I don't think so. It's not exactly a life I've looked into :P

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Mal (malxox) I feel like I heard that once but idk maybe not
It's totally possible that I made that up in my head xD
Idk should I like change his job or??

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Amber | 683 comments Nah. However just because of where he comes from he is going to know more than just German and English. They start leaning new languages really early. I'll have him study something else. What, I don't know yet. But I'll figure it out.

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Mal (malxox) ...what?

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Amber | 683 comments What was confusing? Don't change your characters job, I'll change my characters major instead? I don't know what I'm going to change it to. But he'll already know a few languages because in Germany they start learning new languages at early ages.

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Mal (malxox) ooooh oh my god okay sorry xD

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Amber | 683 comments It's fine. Do you mind starting?

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Mal (malxox) nope! wanna start when they meet i guess??

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Amber | 683 comments Sounds good to me.

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Amber | 683 comments Mal wrote: "em is the tallest 19 y/o i've ever seen"

I just saw that comment. My freshman year there was this kid who was 6'9 and I bumped into him. Scariest thing ever. I was 5'3ish at the time. He was only 17 😁

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Mal (malxox)

In the classroom, Teddy is all but silent. Mason's heard it from the teachers on various accounts, supervisors and parents commenting on how soft-spoken his little boy is, and occasionally expressing concern that he wasn't assimilating well into the classroom. At home, though, Theodore is a happy go lucky kid, full of energy and potential; he runs and plays and babbles happily about funny things that had happened in class, or what his toys were up too that day. He quieted down during story and movie time, and generally wore himself out before bedtime, but none of the teachers saw this side of him. Which didn't bode well for Mason. Until one day Teddy came home and told him... Papa, Missr Wen'ell played wi'h me today! He'd explained with juvinial excitement that he and his playmate had played superhero and that he'd won, and toddled over to his backpack to find a crumpled piece of paper -- which he was concerned about -- where he'd drawn their superheros during free time. Missr Wen'ell had, apparently, thought it was super cool. So, as one can imagine, Mason spent the next few days endlessly curios about this Missr Wen'ell character that his son spoke of; he dropped Teddy off at daycare pretty early, so he figured that he was just missing the man or that he worked later or on a less frequent schedule. But today, when he and his son walked in, Teddy's eyes lit up and he didn't even take his backpack off before tumbling over to a young man, bouncing on his toes. "Missr Wen'ell!" he exclaimed, excited. "I brouht Flash taday!" Teddy was allowed one toy of his own on a daily basis, as long as he didn't lose it and didn't use it for evil, Mason had allowed for one of the little action figures Teddy's gotten for his birthday to come along with him.

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Mal (malxox) ((6'9"?! holy jesus that's so tall tho omg))

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Amber | 683 comments Emery had been trying to get the kids things organized. When they got there they tossed their things towards their cubbies but didn't actually put them in the slots. The sound of his name from a familiar voice caught his attention, he turned and smiled, squatting down to the child's height since he towered over him. "That's so exciting! Why don't you take your backpack off and join the other kids. Later we can run just like the Flash," he said, his smile growing. He helped the boy put his backpack away after getting the necessary things out but made him pause. "Wait a second, I've got something for you," he stated. He walked over to his own things and grabbed a pair of sunglasses that looked exactly like his own but were much smaller. "Remember when I told you that if you put these on no one can see you? Here, you can have these ones. And then you can be invisible until you feel ready to talk to the other kids today, okay?" he said and handed the glasses to the younger boy. At first it was comical to see him wearing glasses that were far too large for Teddy's face. But Emery thought it might help him because when he was a kid he was shy and his parents did the same thing. It let him slowly integrate himself into being social. "Go meet with the other kids," he said softly and ruffled the boys hair. He stood again to his full height after he'd crouched down to give him the glasses. A smile spread over his face as he watched the kid run away. He took the moment to go back to tidying things up.

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Mal (malxox)
Suddenly Mason understood everything. Teddy had a tendency to sink back into his own little world and leave others behind; his imagination was big and highly active, and he took to his imaginary friends much more readily than any real ones. The young man (view spoiler) towered over the rest of the classroom, including himself, but his height did not hinder his light, playful nature. "Ted!" Mason called as Teddy waddled away. The little boy wobbled on his feet, eyes big as he searched for his guardian, and then his little face was full with a bright smile. Mason squatted down as the little boy hurried over to him, throwing his small arms around his shoulders. He peppered Teddy with kisses while the boy laughed, "Bye, Papa." Teddy giggled, whipping the kisses off his cheeks, smile wide. "Bye, squirt. Have a good day. I wanna see you in one piece after today, so try not to run too super fast." Mason waved him off. He watched as Teddy put on the sunglasses the young man had given him, slipping down his nose every few seconds. He joined the group of kids in the alcove, and Mason stood up. "Thank you," he said to Missr Wen'ell (Mr. Wendell, he guessed) "He's never quiet at home, so when I got him into daycare I was pretty surprised at how shy he is." Mason rubbed his neck, looking a little worried.

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Amber | 683 comments Emmerich couldn't help but watch the interaction. It warmed his heart. He looked to the man and smiled, "I wouldn't worry about him. He's a bright kid. I was a lot like him. Hes been slowly getting out of his shell." He held a hand out for the man to shake, Emery didn't often get to meet the parents since he was more of a background figure. "Emmerich Wendell," he introduced, because of his accent his W came out sounding more like a V. There were other different sounding words that he pronounced but that was the most prominent. For some reason he could never get the W's down. "I've heard a lot about you, Theo really looks up to you," he stated afterwards. Theo came out more like Tayo. And he had heard a lot about Mason. Whenever Em played with Mason all he talked about was his dad. It was cute to see how much of an influence he was and Em was happy to finally meet the man he'd heard so much about. He looked over to the kids and saw Teddy with his glasses on. Emery had been trying to get him to take them off for longer bits of each day.

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Mal (malxox)
Mason recognized the accent. European definitely, but guttural and harsh rather than romantic - which outed French, Spanish, and Italian. He guessed maybe German or Dutch, something pagan in root, but leaned strongly on the assumption that his first choice was correct. German accents are usually easy to distinguish, even in their subtlety, if you spent your days exercising your brain to recognize what makes it different from the others. "He talks about me?" Mason grinned, elated with the news. "All 'my papa's mac n cheese is the best mac n cheese' and not 'my papa wouldn't let me bring two action figures' kinda talk, I hope," he joked. Except that he had become an expert mac n cheese maker because that was Teddy's favorite meal. "Funny enough, he talks about you a lot at home," Mason said. "He doesn't make friends easy, I think, so you're kind of like his first one. Whenever I ask what he did that day, he always jumps into a story about playtime and how Super Teddy bet 'Missr Wen'ell' yet again. He's pretty proud of his track record."

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Amber | 683 comments "Well I'm honored he's deemed me his friend. And he should be proud. He gets me every time," Emery said with a laugh and a small wink. "But really he talks very highly of you. I don't think I've ever heard a bad comment. Though I do wonder what your secret to Mac n cheese is. You joke, but it's a hit with him," his smile was almost contagious. It always reached his eyes and lit up his whole face. Emmerich finished fixing the cubbies and walked over to a computer and started looking the kids over to check who was there and who wasn't. "Oh and Teddy can keep he glasses. I got that pair for him so he can feel comfortable wherever he goes. I don't expect you to continue that but just so you know he isn't walking off with random glasses. I just know he likes them a lot," he stated with a nod, "and that way Super Teddy can have his secret identity." He ran his fingers through his hair after he was finished and looked to the male again, it really was great to put a face to the person he heard about all of the time.

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Mal (malxox)
"Actually, I think it's a great idea. The sunglasses, I mean. It actually sounds like they're doing him more good than harm," Mason observed. He wished he'd thought of something so clever; they made Teddy look comfortable sitting down with the other kids. The teacher was sat at the head of the group, talking to the noisy ones in the front while she riffled through a squat bookcase, tapping the spines of books that the kids pointed out. Teddy was young but Chris had had a thing for superheroes, and the little amount of time that he had spent with Teddy and Mason was watching superhero shows, or pulling out comics to read Teddy at night. For the most part, Mason felt that Teddy's liking for it all was normal, good even, but there was another piece of him that worried his son had developed this intense liking through the divorce; that it was a way to be closer to his, otherwise, absent dad. "I hope you don't mind me asking," Mason said suddenly. "But ... are you from Germany, by chance? I think I recognize the accent, but I don't want to assume wrong."

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Amber | 683 comments Emmerich was pretty satisfied that Teddy's dad was impressed with his glasses idea. Though he wasnt really the one who came up with it he would take the credit. He was just happy to help the kid come out of his shell. He knew what it was like when you had to make new friends. "Sie haben recht," Emery responded. "My family moved here from Kassel in northern Germany about 9 years ago," he added. They visited often though. They'd left because his dad had a job opportunity. It was been a big slap in the face for Em though. He was part of a whole new school system that worked a lot differently than at home. He was used to it now but it had been rough his first year. "Do you spend a lot of time with Germans or was it a lucky guess?" he inquired. Most people couldn't figure it out. He'd explained a million times where he was from so he was used to it, but it was nice to have someone know. "I never caught your name," he stated after a moment. He was thoroughly intrigued now.

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Mal (malxox)
Mason did little to hide the satisfaction in his grin. He spent most of his time translating eastern texts into English texts, but jobs that brought him deep into the European languages were some of his favorites. "Ah, sorry," he laughed. "I'm Mason. I'm also a translator, or an interpreter... it depends on who hires me, really." It would've been too embarrassing to reveal his profession if he hadn't guessed the boy's nationality correctly. Thankfully, though, he knew his stuff. "You know, I've always wanted to go to Germany. Lots of places, actually, but Germany's definitely on the list. Mostly the hot-spots though-- Paris, Milan, Rome, Berlin ... how's Kassel? Should I give that a visit if I get the chance?" He figured that Emery was a little bias in relation to his home town - presumably this home town, anyway - but it didn't hurt to ask. Even if he was probably holding the young man back from his daily teacher assistant duties. To be fair, he didn't meet a whole lot of people from out of the country, and even less of those people (counted: one) were people that his son knew and talked about almost 24/7 at home. Nor were they attractive-- wait what? Ahaha, no. This kid was way young.

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Amber | 683 comments Em's eyes lit up, "Kassel? It's... Fantastic." He didn't even know where to begin to start. "I have yet to experience something so beautiful again. Not even Berlin is as beautiful. But that's my opinion. Definitely if you visit Kassel you have to go to Wasserspiele Bergpark Willhelmshöhe. In tourist it's truly at its most people but the land is so green and the waterfall is beautiful. And especially at night when they light it up," he paused and sighed softly, "for someone who doesn't live there the traditional German architecture is something else. When I return home it's like a breath of fresh air to see." He chuckled softly and shook his head, "my apologies. I really love Germany. You should definitely go. And if you end up in Kassel go to Bergpark and also visit Löwenburg Castle. Going to Berlin is also nice but it's a bit more touristy and a lot more modern." He felt a bit embarrassed for being so excited. His cheeks were tinted a small shade of pink. However he looked to Mason with a smile that hid his pearly white teeth.

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Mal (malxox)
The enthusiasm coming from Emery was genuine; it warmed the light in Mason's eyes, and sketched a lasting smile on his face. He loved the look of passion in the boy's eyes, even if he felt the inevitable homesickness that came with it. Happiness was a fickle thing, too often distance was the wedge that kept people from it. Even so, Emery said that his family visited, so Mason was content knowing that he had spent so much of his time away from the place that he truly loved. This is why Mason had decided to stay here rather than move back to his home state, he didn't want to remove Teddy from his environment so suddenly. "I've heard that the case of many countries. Rural areas are likely to give you culture over the central cities... thank you. I think if I ever accumulate enough money to travel than that's where I'll go. Teddy would like that," his gaze lingered on his son before turning back. "Would you mind writing all of that down? I'll forget it," Mason laughed. You can send it home with Teddy for me." he checked his watch, "Because I've gotta run, or I'll be late for work."

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Amber | 683 comments Em nodded. "No worries. I'll write it down or type it up. Whatever I end up doing I'll send it home with him. I'll work with Teddy and being more social, he'll be a social butterfly by the time I'm done with him so stop worrying. I promise," his smiled turned into one that showed his teeth. He waived as his goodbye. "Ich werde dich sehen," Emery tagged on, telling the man he would be seeing him. At least Emmerich hoped he'd be seeing Mason again. He didn't know why but he felt a connection with the man and his kid as well. Later that day when he had free time he wrote down all the places he thought would be worth seeing in his home country, even taking time to map it out and give Mason different places. He was passionate when he really cared about something. He put his number on the page too in case Mason had questions. Once he was done he put it in Teddy's backpack for safe keeping. Like he said he also worked with the boy before he had to leave because his shift was over and he had classes to make.

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Amber | 683 comments ((If you're still around I really want to continue ^.^))

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Mal (malxox) ((gr turned off all my notifications I haven't seen any for months I'm so sorry))

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Amber | 683 comments ((It's alright!))

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Amber | 683 comments ((Are you still interested?))

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Mal (malxox) ((Yes yes I'll reply as soon as I can :) ))

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