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Unamo | 382 comments .

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Harley | 315 comments Hello!

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Unamo | 382 comments Hi! Do you want to be the boy or the girl?

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Harley | 315 comments I'd like to be the girl please :) sorry I didn't respond sooner! I thought I turned notifications on but I guess I didn't.

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Unamo | 382 comments Apparently my notifications don't work either. Well I guess we can make characters bios and then I'd like to start the RP where the Alpha is coming down to the cells to check on the girl.

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Harley | 315 comments Alright the sounds good to me.

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Unamo | 382 comments Name: Ruben Myle
Nickname: Ru or Alpha
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Main Language: English
Age: 24
Species: Werewolf
Pack: Lupus Sidera Pack

- Cold
- Intelligent
- Humorless
- Respected
- Calm
- Authoritative

Human Appearance:

Wolf Appearance:

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Harley | 315 comments

Harlow 'Harley' Grace Avery



Hair: blonde
Eyes: blue
Height: 5'4


~ all white
~ smaller

» quiet
» shy
» stubborn
» observant

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Unamo | 382 comments Do you want to go first or should I?

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Harley | 315 comments Can you? Sorry I forgot to change her age so I just did.

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Unamo | 382 comments Ruben walked down to the cellars with an annoyed look on his face. He had a lot of work to do and the last thing he needed to be dealing with was a rogue. Do you smell that? Ruben heard his wolf purr. Whatever his wolf was smelling, the Alpha did not want to. As he reached the to the cellar, a guard opened it up and bowed his head in respect. Upon entering a thick, sweet scent wafted into his nostrils. "Where is this rogue at?!" Ruben's voice was harsh and loud causing some of his pack members to briskly walk to the rogue's cell. As Ruben's hazel eyes fell down on the rogue, he was shocked to see the rogue was a girl. And that sweet scent was hers. Mine! Ruben's wolf once again spoke, but Ruben wasn't as excited as his wolf. "What is your name?"

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Harley | 315 comments Harlow flinched when she heard the alpha shout out. She sat with her back against the wall in her cell. Her left leg was stretched out to the side and bleeding, her arm on the same side was burned in a few spots. She had other injuries that weren't as obvious, like a pulled hip and deep bruises. Her face also had a couple of cuts and her lip had obviously been split open. With her being so exhausted and lacking energy she wasn't healing like she was supposed to. The thought of being hungry made sharp pains rip through her stomach. Her icy blue eyes looked up when he drew near, something about him had her intrigued. She flinched when he asked her what her name was. He seemed so angry. She hadn't been trying to cause trouble. "Harlow Avery," she murmured in response. She brushed blonde strands behind her ear as she cowered. "I swear I don't mean to cause any harm," she added just as softly. She also made it very clear that she understood he was the alpha by making sure she didn't make any moves that could even be taken as a threat.

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Unamo | 382 comments Once her icy blue eyes met his, he could finally gauge the seriousness of her injuries. As the female tried to go on and explain something, Ruben was busy yelling at his pack members. "Are these injuries the result of you bringing her here!?" The members stammered in their speech and just said it was a possibility. Ruben pinched the bridge of his nose, a habit when he was annoyed. He yelled for them all to leave which they gladly ran out as fast as they could. "I'll have the pack doctor come down and bring food along with him. Now as an Alpha, why were you near my territory? Surely you should have known, they remark the borders everyday." At this point Ruben's voice was....at least quieter. It still held a harshness that his wolf growled at. Look at her! She's scared and injured! Be nice! Unfortunately for Harlow, Ruben didn't know how to be nice. As the pack doctor entered with a tray or food, Ruben took it and set it to the side. She'd have to answer his questions before she earned the food.

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Harley | 315 comments Harley kept her eyes on him, she rubber at her uninjured arm "I-I'm," she stuttered at first, intimidated by him. She was worried that if he didn't believe her then he'd kill her. "I'm not from around here. My pack was attacked... They are all..." she paused, taking a deep breath and rubbing at her eyes that were filling with tears, "they're all dead. I'm the only one I think. I've been running for a long time. I ran into some hunters at some point and didn't stop running but then I was attacked by other wolves and brought here. I didn't mean to intrude. I've just been trying to find a place to stay and not get hurt." She fell quiet after that and looked to the ground. Her arms wrapped around her knees and she hugged them to her body. The blonde strands that were partially tinted red fell around her shoulders and hid her face. She didn't bother to move it this time.

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Unamo | 382 comments The Alpha listened to her story and then lost a bit of his aggressive features. As the doctor examined the girl he wrote down all her medical issues. "Alpha, this girl is in very bad shape. I am surprised she was even able to walk into our territory." As the medic finished his examine, Ruben pinched his nose then walked to the girl. "Get up. Let's go. I will allow you to stay in a room to recover but once you have healed, you are gone." He reached down to pick her up by her upper arm and it made tingles run through his body. Ruben's wolf was purring loudly. She's gotta be our soulmate! However, he didn't care what she was, he needed to do his work. Ruben grabbed the tray and walked her up the stairs to a spare room on the first floor. "You'll stay here. The doctor will be in to tend to your wounds. Now here is your tray and don't eat too fast." The Alpha was about to take his leave but something in him wanted to make sure she was alright. "I will have my Beta bring my work here so I can see what medical issues you might have. Then I will take my leave." He sat at a little desk and waited for his paperwork to come.

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Harley | 315 comments Harlow allowed the doctor to look at her and didn't say much about it. When told to stand she immediately tried to but have to take it slow. Having both legs hurting made every move she made slower. The hand to her arm had her eyes widening and falling on the hand. Her wolf stirred and she had to force herself to look away so they could move. When they made it to her room she pulled herself into bed and sunk into it. Her tired body appreciated the rest and it felt good to get off her feet. "Thank you," she murmured. She took a bite of the food and though she knew she should it she felt like she couldn't. She tried to get a few more bites in and eventually pushed the food away. Her eyes fell closed for a few seconds before she opened them and looked at him. She felt her wolf stirring more, she'd been staying quiet since Harley had been found. After she'd shifted back to human form her wolf needed rest from being out for so long. She looked o the doctor that came in and let him tend to her injuries, murmuring her thanks to him over and over again for helping her. She'd been scared she wasn't going to make it before.

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Unamo | 382 comments As the girl rested a bit, Ruben worked away at the desk. Even when the doctor entered he did not stray from his work. "Alpha, I'm finished, I told her to stay and rest so she might need someone to take care of her." The man looked up at him then gazed at Harlow. "I will see to it that someone takes care of her. You may leave, now." The pack doctor bowed and took his leave. Ruben stood and gathered his papers. "There will be guards outside your door. I've accepted you to stay on my territory but you are still a rogue and I most consider my pack's safety. Harlow, was it?" He peered down at her awaiting an answer. He already had his choice for her caretaker picked out. Why her?! She's going to talk the girl's ear off! She'll probably hobble out of the territory willingly! Ruben rolled his eyes at his wolf's words. His little cousin wasn't that terrible....or actually she was.

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Harley | 315 comments While the doctor worked on her Harley was quiet. She ended up closing her eyes and letting her head fall back into the pillows. Her body relaxed and she was almost asleep. When she felt him walk away though and opened her eyes again, "thank you." She wanted to make sure he knew how grateful she was. Her eyes moved to the alpha. "I understand Alpha. You won't have anything to worry about. And yes that's my name, I prefer to go by Harley though," she stated. She pushed blonde strands out of her face so she could see him better. Harley was still trying to show that she respected him and knew very well she would be reprimanded for any wrong moves. She was the wrong one here. She fully recognized that.

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Unamo | 382 comments The Alpha nodded then walked out of the room. She was being a smart and showing him respect, he liked that at least. That's all you like?! Everything about her is amazing! Ruben shook his head and left the room only to be ran into by his little cousin. "Ah! Sorry Ruben!" The man growled quietly more in annoyance than anger. "It's Alpha Ruben, Kaia. You know that!" The girl shrugged. Kaia was a very short girl and had dark brown curls that were everywhere. Her skin was tan from all of the time she spent laying outside. "I heard we had a guest! Oh! There she is! Hello, I'm Kaia!" Her voice was loud but sweet nonetheless. Ruben rolled his eyes at how outgoing she was and stood in the doorway just to make sure Harley didn't get annoyed and lash at Kaia, it was always a possibility with her.

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Harley | 315 comments Harley noticed the interaction between the alpha and this girl when she came in. Harley had always been a very observant person. She watched the girl and gave a small smile, "hello." She didn't think she'd be awake long enough to really be around the girl long. "I'm Harley," she added her name. Her exhaustion had set in and it was obvious because her eyes were heavy and it was a struggle to keep them open. She sighed softly and went to relax her body. She had realized she was really tense and she'd heal faster if she wasn't so rigid. Of course she couldn't perfectly relax. Not with her being on foreign territory with an obviously very unhappy alpha. She made a note to be sure to thank him many times before she left. And the second she could leave she would. Once her leg was healed enough she'd get out of there. Even though her wolf was drawn to him she knew she couldn't stay forever. She was a rogue. She was on her own now.

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Unamo | 382 comments The Alpha watched Harley drift to sleep and then he gave Kaia look as to not bother the girl. With that he left to his office, but leaving left a bit of a tug on his heart. Of course, Ruben shook it off and got to work. His wolf, not so much. She hasn't acknowledged us yet! He whined to his human which made Ruben rub his forehead. "Maybe because she is a rogue and fears us. Look, I am too busy to have a mate." These words caused a loud growl to rip through Ruben's head. Too busy?! You're going to need an heir to the Alpha position and no one will give you a better heir than Harley! An heir wasn't on his mind at this moment but in a way the wolf had a point. He would just have to take that into consideration. As Ruben worked, his mind was out of focus which felt odd in a way. He was normally always thinking about his work but not this time.

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Harley | 315 comments Harley had horrible nightmares. She'd been having the same ones over and over again, however they seemed to be getting progressively worse. She murmured things in her sleep and tears spilled down her cheeks. In her sleep she'd shifted into her wolf. She'd hoped before she fell asleep to never set foot on the ground of the alpha's territory in wolf form. But right now she didn't have much of a choice. She ended up whimpering and curled up in a ball, only looking like a tuft of white fur on the bed. She dreamed of the demise of her whole pack. All of her friends and family were wiped out. She had barely made an escape and now she felt guilty because she had survived and no one else had.

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Unamo | 382 comments Ruben worked diligently until Kaia decided to burst in the door. "Ruben!" The Alpha closed his eyes and took a deep breath to keep from yelling. "Kaia, I am trying to work and you are supposed to be watching Harley. So why aren't-" His cousin jumped onto his desk and grabbed his arm. "That's why I am here! Harley is shaking and crying. There is more to her than just being a rogue!" The man's heart dropped a little bit but he kept his composure. Standing up and sighing, he walked with Kaia to Harley's room. He saw the tear trails that had made their way down her cheeks. Ruben's eyes fell on her lips and the way they moved as she talked to herself. Lay down with her! She needs someone to hold her cause she is having a nightmare! There was no way Ruben was going to climb in bed with a girl he had just met today. "She is just having a nightmare Kaia. It's best to let her overcome it herself." Ruben rubbed his temples and then sighed. "Look just go make some food and I will stay with her." Kaia eyed the two then left with her suspicions.

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Harley | 315 comments Harley's tear soaked fur was hidden when she nuzzled her face into her body. But eventually she ended up uncurling a bit when her body twitched. In her dream she was running to each person she saw dead on the ground. Every wolf was bloody or burnt, a lot both. She sniffled and kept whimpering until finally she woke up suddenly, howling and whimpering. Her wolf was in control and instinctually ran straight to Ruben seeking comfort. Now that her wolf was fully in control she could sense now the strong pull to the alpha. And her wolf didn't care a single bit that they had just met. She curled up in his side and laid her head on his lap. Nothing about her wolf form was menacing. She was small and though she could fight when she needed to she wasn't the strongest of wolves. She hadn't been any special type of person in her pack, just one of the commoners that were still trained to fight but weren't anymore powerful than the rest. She nuzzled into his leg and whimpered softly.

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Unamo | 382 comments The last thing Ruben expected was for a wolf to come and lay itself on him. The moment Harley's wolf head laid down on his lap, sparks ran through his body. What was he supposed to do? Pick her up. She's scared and needs us. Take her and sit on the bed with her in your arms. Harley needs someone right now. Ruben sighed and listened to his wolf. The Alpha picked Harley up and carried her to the bed. Her fur was so soft and so light in color. Ruben sat down, laying Harley on his lap. The man reached over and fixed her loose bandages and then ran his hand soothingly along her fur. For once he wasn't thinking about work or his pack, just her. "Why did she run to you when-" Kaia thought about it making Ruben growl at her. "Just drop it, Kaia." However his little cousin refused to drop it. In fact when realization hit her eyes, it spread like a wild fire. She was clapping and jumping and yelling, "Your ma-." Ruben threw a pillow at her to shut her up. "Give me time before you blab your mouth to the whole pack."

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Harley | 315 comments Harley kept her eyes closed and stayed nuzzled into Ruben when she was picked up. Instantly she was calmed. Her breathing had slowed to a normal pace and no longer were tears wetting her fur. After a while slowly she shifted back into human form and she started to realize exactly was was happening. She was sitting on the Alpha's lap with her head against his shoulder. Despite her wolf protesting and the strong pull to be in his arms Harley clambered out. Panic struck her face because she realized that she had probably climbed into his lap when her wolf had total control and that wasn't okay. "I...I," she wasn't sure if she was necessarily supposed to say she was sorry. After all she was pretty sure she was his... mate? It's not a question. It's the truth, her wolf supplied. But they had just met and she was an intruder. So she stuttered an "I'm sorry." She ran a hand through her hair and her face changed from panic to just confused. How could this have happened? She was now realizing also that if she hadn't left pack territory she would have never found her mate.

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Unamo | 382 comments Ruben watched at Harley shifted back into a human, and as she scampered out of his arms, he caught her arm to keep her steady. "Kaia leave." He commanded, staring directly into Harley's eyes. His Alpha voice forced his little cousin to leave. The male stood and slowly let Harley go. He cleared his throat and then looked around awkwardly. "You're fine, Harley. It's a pull that our wolves have a hard time resisting..." Ruben was not sure what else to say. She was a rogue, and even if she was his mate, there were issues they had to get past. "Come Harlow. You need to try and eat again." The Alpha led her out through the pack house. Ruben's house was immaculate. Like a billionaire lived within it, but it was all just a combined help from pack mates. As he walked in front of Harley, Ruben shot all his members a look as to not say anything. Some sneered and growl just because she was a rogue. It was a wolf thing to disown those outside of the pack, but a growl from their Alpha shut them right up. Once in the kitchen, Kaia stood over the stove. "Sit." He demanded Harley gently, pointing to a bar stool.

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Harley | 315 comments Harley paused when he arm was caught, she turned her head and gazed into the eyes that were looking right into hers. She bit her lip gently after tearing her bright blue orbs away. A hard time resisting was true. Still she wanted to throw herself back into his arms and just let everything go. She didn't though. Harley was far more shy and sensible than her wolf. She stood and was a little slow on her feet. Her body still hurt and her legs especially were tired. Harlow kept her eyes down. She didn't want to meet the faces of any of the snarling wolves. However she did manage to look up when a growl left Ruben that made them all be quiet. Her heart felt a little warm at that but she figured she couldn't help but feel that. Obediently she found her spot in the chair Ruben had pointed out to her. She crossed her fingers in her lap and looked down at her hands. This whole time she had remained quiet. Not only because she was shy but because she didn't belong here, and didn't want to act like she did. Just because the alpha was her mate didn't mean that she had automatic rights in the pack.

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Unamo | 382 comments Ruben worked with Kaia in the kitchen, both of them quiet but kept throwing expressions at each other. Somehow they communicated through different means. At one point Ruben was pinching the bridge of his nose as Kaia smiled and walked over to Harley. "Here you go Harley, it's just roast, potatoes, and corn. The men here are like barbarians asking for only meat and potatoes. Just try and enjoy, eat as much as you can." Kaia was sweet and then she made another plate and sat it on the bar, right next to Harlow's. The young woman looked at Ruben and pointed to the food. "Eat you're cranky." Ruben growled at her and spoke, "You're not my mother or Alpha, you can't-" But the look Kaia had made him stop, walk over next to Harley, and sit. Begrudgingly he ate his food and Kaia watched the two eat together. Ruben was sure she took a picture at one point. "So Harley, tell me about yourself. How old are you, favorite color, animal, etc." The small cousin was trying to poke into Ruben's business. Of course Ruben, well at least his wolf was all ears as to what she had to say.

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Harley | 315 comments Harley slowly brought a bite to her lips. She had just gotten the bite down when suddenly she was being asked questions. Her eyes widened and she sighed softly, feeling overwhelmed. "Um," she paused and pushed her hair behind her ears, "I'm 21, my favorite color is grey, and I don't really think I have a favorite animal." She looked down to her hands that were now in her lap before unfolding them and picking up her fork again. "Is there anything else you want to know?" she asked as she took another bite. She didn't look up to either of them. Both because she was shy and out of respect. Her pack had been rather strict and eye contact with the alpha or their family when you weren't of importance was pretty much forbidden. The only reason she'd held Ruben's gaze earlier was because he looked right into her eyes.

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Unamo | 382 comments Kaia opened her big mouth but immediately Ruben told her to shut it. "Let Harley eat. She needs to eat without distractions like you." Outsiders would think he was being rude but it was only the relationship that he had with her. In fact, it was a lot nicer than some of the other commands he gave. Watching Harley out of the corner of his eye, Ruben noticed how she always looked down. Never at them, unless spoken to. What was he going to do? The pack would eat her alive if he announced that mates at this point. She was submissive and hurt, which they'd assume would be from weakness. "Harley." Ruben said waiting for her to look at him. "You're going to cause your neck problems if you keep looking down. Hold you head up." It wasn't really a direct demand but a hard suggestion. Unfortunately he didn't have to to help her work on getting better. At this point it'd see that she wasn't capable of being Alpha female and needed to be rejected as a mate. If you dare reject her, you won't be able to shift ever again. Ruben's wolf threatened Ruben which he hated. Well now that was out of the question. "Harlow, after you finish, we will go to my office and discuss a few important detail we need to cover then you may return to your room after such." He was so formal in his speaking. And when being formal he liked to use her real name not a nickname.

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Harley | 315 comments She looked up when her name was said and instantly. With an Alpha addressing her she knew to be snappy. The confusion on Harley's face was obvious. However she didn't drop her head again, just now avoided the eye contact that her wolf craved. It was weird, all of a sudden finding her mate. Harley wanted to get better and leave but her wolf wanted to sit closer to Ruben, to lean into him, wrap her arms around him, show what was hers. "Yes, Alpha," she said softly, instinctively. When her stomach had taken in as much as she could handle she picked up the plate and cleaned it. Harley followed Ruben to his office and she sighed softly. This was going to be it. He didn't want her there so he was sending her away, not a single mention of them being mates. Her wolf whined in protest at the thought. If he tries that you'll have to take a stand. Harley fought the urge to roll her eyes. They both knew she'd never do that. Especially not if this was anything like her pack. The consequences would be horrible.

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Unamo | 382 comments Upon entering his office, Ruben pointed toward the seat which she could sit in. As he sat and she sat, the Alpha had to think about how he wanted to word this. "Look, Harley. We're mates and we both acknowledge that, but you're a rogue as of now. You're shy, timid, and very submissive. As a mate to an alpha, you have to be willing to lead, and take charge. If you can't do that, my pack will make your life here torturous. I can only protect you so much. We could work on your skills, but I can not help you. I have work I must get done. If I found someone to help you, would you take it? Would you want to stay?" The last question felt hard to say for even Ruben. If she left, the chance of him finding someone and falling in love would be over. He'd place work above love any day if it wasn't his mate. Ruben started to organize his desk as Harley at least thought about it. This was his attempt at trying to make things work and it was the best he could offer.

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Harley | 315 comments Harley found herself surprised. Her eyes snapped up when he criticized her for being submissive. She cocked her head to the side, confused. She realized now she was the mate to an alpha so her behavior would have to change, but she found it odd that he seemed to think she was too submissive before. While her wolf was screaming at her to tell him yes, they would stay. She was too stuck on wondering how this pack was run. "I don't understand," she stated, "how does this pack run?" She ran a hand through her hair and sighed softly. "In my pack we... You didn't make eye contact with anyone in power unless you wanted a very public whipping. You kept your head down and worked if you weren't training. Everything was for the alpha. I mean sure we had fun sometimes but it was rare," she started talking. Her pack had also been very isolated. Her alpha had been extremely paranoid about attacks. Unfortunately even with the paranoia they'd still gone down. "It's different here?" she asked.

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Unamo | 382 comments At the sound of whippings, Ruben growled loudly. "Whippings!? Who is this pack?" He stormed to in front of her chair. His eyes had turned very dark, almost black. "Did they ever whip you?" His voice was dark and eerie. Ruben's hands clenched at his side and upon that Kaia and a male stormed in. They had been eavesdropping on their conversation and it was probably a good thing. The male stood between Ruben and Harley. "Go for a run Ruben. You need to clear your head before you do something stupid. Go for a run." The Alpha growled but went out of the room. The man sighed in relief and Kaia appeared in front of Harley. "Oh my. You look scared, please don't be. Harley, he just got angry because Ruben is your mate. Hearing that your pack was so extreme with their members infuriates him. If you would have told him that they whipped you, we be instantly at war." The small woman smiled and gently grabbed Harlow's hand. "It's different here. We're like a family. You have guardians who make the rules but still love you and respect you. Then you have siblings and cousins. Aunts and uncles. We get on each other's nerves and get a little snappy but we wouldn't physically hurt anyone. The most you'll get is a yell. It isn't a sin to look someone in the eyes. As long as your intentions are based on respect and not intimidation. Please, don't think ill of us." Kaia looked at the male who smile and waved. "Hi Harley, I'm Ruben's beta, Dakota. See, you don't have to look down. I'm Ruben's best friend but I'm a lot nicer." Dakota waved again then took a seat in Ruben's chair while Kaia sat on the desk.

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Harley | 315 comments Those icy blue eyes widened when Ruben started yelling. The scars on her back burned at the question. Harley was just about to answer him when the other burst into the room. There was so much happening at one time that she was just really overwhelmed and didn't know exactly what to feel. However she wasn't scared. Harlow's wolf had so much trust in Ruben that she knew in his rage that nothing would happen to her. Once they were done talking she slowly pulled her hands away from Kai and just nodded at Dakota. She had to resist the urge to growl at the beta for saying he was nicer than Ruben because her wolf thought he was implying being nicer was therefore better. "Even if he wanted to start a war between the packs he couldn't. And he's my mate so he should know my past anyway," she stated softly. She was glad he ran a different way here. Before she hadn't known a different way actually existed but it was a relief to hear it.

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Unamo | 382 comments Kaia's eyes widened as she noticed how Harley responded to the entire situation. She had, well at least her wolf, knew that mate rarely laid hands on each other. "Why wouldn't we be able to wage war against your pack?" Dakota asked in curiosity as he sat in Ruben's seat d

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Harley | 315 comments Harlow looked to Ruben, her eyes hid her emotions as if she were wearing a mask. "They're all dead," she responded. "That's why I was running and so beat up when I wandered onto your pack's territory. We were attacked and I got away. When I went back everyone was dead. At least I assume everyone was. I wanted to get out of there before the hunters came back so I ran as fast as I could as far as I could," she added. Harley looked to her hands and fiddled with her fingers. It still hadn't really hit her yet, that everyone was dead. Sure her pack had been pretty awful, but she still had friends and family.

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Unamo | 382 comments (Sorry, I didn't realized that sent. I thought it got erased. Ruben isn't back yet. That's my bad though.)

Dakota was actually taking notes as Harley talked. If her pack had had an issue with hunters then their pack could potentially have one as well. Kaia too was shocked by how well Harlow had handled all of her pack members being dead. "I don't blame you for trying to find at least a little bit of safety. Look what it brought you. Fate forced you here and you found your mate. That's pretty amazing." As she smiled down and tried to reassure Harley, Ruben walked in glistening with sweat and rather shirtless. He was breathing pretty hard from his run. "Alpha, I'll fill you in on the information Harley provided for us." Dakota quickly hopped out of Ruben's seat to which the Alpha didn't actually sit in. "Very good. Harley, accompany me to my bedroom?" Ruben asked, needing a shower desperately but not wanting to leave his mate in his office alone. After his shower, he would have to continue his work.

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Harley | 315 comments ((Oh I meant Dakota anyway. I knew he wasn't there.))

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Harley | 315 comments Harley had quietly watched Dakota write things down. "I can tell you anything you want to know," she offered. Her attention moved to Kaia and she nodded. The girl was sweet, Harley found that she liked her. But when her eyes landed on Ruben she could feel her mouth water and her wolf howl. While her wolf encouraged her to pounce on him and claim what was rightfully hers, all Harlow could think about was how now wasn't the time. Go! Go with him. Her wolf demanded. She bit her lip gently before sighing softly and getting to her feet. "Okay," she said quietly with a nod. Though she had been quiet she looked to him for once. She had to make a conscious effort to not immediately shy away but so far she prevailed. And her quietness was a way to cover up her wolf's eagerness. Harlow followed behind Ruben. Subconsciously a hand went to the back of her shoulder. She wondered what would happen when he got to see those scars on her back.

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Unamo | 382 comments Ruben turned and walked out upon Harley agreeing to walk with him. They walked up a flight of stairs to a door. There was only a single door on the entire floor. As he opened the door, there was an extravagant room laid out. It lacked personal items like pictures but there was a ton of furniture. "You can sit on the bed. I don't have a tv but there are books over there. That is unless you were planning on joining me." You would think the Alpha was teasing about the last part but he was being completely serious. He walked into his closet grabbing some new clothes then headed for the bathroom. Closing the door behind him, he turned on the shower and thought about Harlow's old pack.

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Harley | 315 comments Harley had stayed quiet when she followed behind him. Immediately her eyes took in the surroundings of his bedroom, or maybe the lack of surroundings. His room appeared to be just like what she expected it to be. He seemed to be a very straight forward and precise person. She'd suspected there wouldn't be much in her room. Harlow whipped her head around to look at him when he spoke before leaving. She raised a brow, she hadn't expected those words to leave his mouth. Her wolf howled but she went and sat on his bed. She grabbed a book and read the back of it before opening it. She slide on her stomach and looked down at the pages. A little bit of skin on her back was exposed and the bottom of the lashes they'd been talking about earlier could be seen.

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Unamo | 382 comments It didn't take long for Ruben to shower but the entire time her was mad. Not at Harley but at her pack and the way they ran things. Walking out, he smelled clean and his skin was warm. Eyeing Harley for a second, he decided to sit on the edge of the bed, near her. "That book can hardly be interesting. I read it in order to do some of my work as an alpha." When he leaned back, he noticed the sliver of skin and the scars that ruined Harley's flawless skin. "Is this what they did?!" He growled loudly, pushing her shirt up to expose her entire back. What Ruben saw made his eyes turn black, his canines grow out, and his claws to elongate. Despite being rough, he was oddly careful with Harley. "Why?" The man gritted through his teeth expecting an answer. Ruben flipped Harley over so she could look him in the eyes. "Why did they do this?" It was eerie and the way his hot breath fanned on his face was most likely intimidating. However, an angry Alpha was not the person you wanted to beat around the bush with.

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Harley | 315 comments Harley had smiled when he came out. "Reading doesn't have to be interesting. It's an art form. As long as you can appreciate the art you can appreciate the book," she responded. She'd just closed the book and was going to look back at him when suddenly he was pushing her shirt up and exposing her skin. Having not expected the action she yelped when startled. Being flipped over was anther unexpected movement. She took in his appearance, fangs bared, eyes dark, claws out. For a second fear flashed through her eyes, but then Harlow was reassured by her wolf that he wouldn't hurt her. "The first time I was at a whipping, some were a mandatory public event to teach lessons to everyone else and embarrass whoever was getting the punishment, and I ran away. I couldn't handle seeing it or hearing it so I ran away and they took that as me saying I was afraid I would be punished for something I did but hadn't been discovered yet. The second time the alpha barked an order at me and I didn't react fast enough," she explained. She reached her hand out and put it on Ruben's shoulder, "they are all dead. It doesn't matter Ruben."

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Unamo | 382 comments Ruben felt a wave of calm rush through him as Harley placed her hand on his shoulder. "It does matter! They hurt what is mine for no reason at all! That's not right and I will find a way to get my revenge." The man got up from the bed, but his wolf scolded him. Do that tomorrow Ruben, just stay with Harley for tonight. The Alpha listened but continued his work. "Give me the name of your old pack and the name of your old Alpha." He was thumbing through a book and writing down his thoughts. At one point he even called someone. "Your allies, were they the same? Abusive?" Suddenly, a woman walked in with a couple of boxes. "I brought some clothes for the girl, Alpha. I-Is she staying with us." Ruben only nodded and thanked the woman before looking at Harley. "You will be staying in my room, Harlow. I need you close to find out information on your old pack." Just thinking about what they did made him angry, absolutely furious.

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Harley | 315 comments Harley sighed, he still was angry. She figured he'd be angry but not enough to want revenge. Gently she bit her lip as she watched him. "Crimson Moon Pack. Alpha Lucifer Electus," she returned. "I'm not completely sure. I think one or two might of been. I know that they were when the alphas would visit my pack. They had free reign to act however they wanted on our territory," she spoke to his question about other packs. Quickly her blue eyes moved to the new person in the room. She didn't feel comfortable meeting so many new people at once but she knew this was just the beginning. She could tell there was hesitancy when asking if Harley was staying. For some reason she was a little surprised that he had said yes. She guessed she was still nervous he'd kick her to the curb. "Okay," Harley nodded when told she'd be staying with him. That made her wolf purr and even she was satisfied. "I can give you more information, but may I please shower first?" she questioned. She was still in her dirty clothes that were stained. While Harlow looked Ruben, this time in the eyes, she gently twirled her hair around her fingers.

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Unamo | 382 comments At hearing Harley's information, he started to look up names in his old record book. There was a meeting of alphas every year, one that was used to catch up on the latest information. "Go ahead. There are towels in the cabinet. You can throw you dirty clothes in the trash." Ruben gazed at her for what seemed like a long while. Part of him felt that she was acting cute on purpose cause it got his attention. Of course, he couldn't help but enjoy it. Turning his head back to his work, he looked for a way to avenge his mate. "If I find one of their allies, it will be war." Growling to himself, he couldn't help but hesitate when Harley turned on the shower. It's hard to do your work when you have a mate, isn't it? Ruben's wolf replied smuggley as he growled happily at hearing her. The Alpha shook his head and tried to focus.

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Harley | 315 comments Harley smiled when he held her gaze. She got up and went to the bathroom she'd seen him come from earlier. His already familiar scent filled the room and she sighed softly in content. It was comforting. She had taken clothes with her and set them on the counter. After the water was turned on she stripped down and as Ruben had told her to do she threw them away. The shower was nice. It was filled with him. It amazed Harlow that someone she just meant could bring her such happiness and comfort. Once cleaned she dried off and changed into comfier clothes than she had been wearing earlier. She walked out with her wet hair over her shoulders, smelling like Ruben from using his products but still her scent was present. "Is there anything else you want to know?" she question as her bare feet padded against the floor. She looked much better than she had before. Now that her skin was clean you could really see how bright her eyes were in contrast to her light hair. Her healing had kicked in and a lot of her face wounds were gone. She even had a healthier glow.

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Unamo | 382 comments That right there is a smell I could live with the rest of my life. Smell her! Ruben could smell her clearly from his seat. She smelled like a mix between him and herself. It gave his wolf tons of satisfaction. "Not for now. You should dry your hair so you don't ruin my pillows or catch a cold." Never looking at Harley, he work diligently. There was a lot to process. All the allies of his mates pack and whether they were good or not. A lot of them he had met and thought highly of them. Of course, if Harley didn't like them then there was no chance of Ruben liking them. The Alpha switched after a while and changed his to bookkeeping as the prior was just pissing him off. "You need to rest. You're healing but it will go even faster with sleep." Ruben had shut off the bedroom lights and was working by a dim lamp. He'd climb into bed later. Right now he had too much work.

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