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Cindy Ash I was first disappointed with the movie. Then I read the book, thinking the accent of the actors might have distracted me from the book. However, I was even more disappointed with the book. Male chauvinism lingered from beginning to the end. The submissive geisha, the nasty catfight, the disgusting attempts of win over the chairman ... I would not recommend this book at all. It is a man's fantasy book about Asian women, not from a positive point.

Dynagrip 100% agree with this. The book reeked of "Orientalism" and just wasn't there for me.

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Thourya I only read the book but, I never looked at it in this way.
What I really loved about the book that I never knew this information about Geisha's world and the way they live.
Their lives wasn't perfect and everything was about how to keep men happy but whether I like it or not that was the truth,
that was what really happens and taught to them

Jennifer Obviously, I think it's a book I would not recommend to a girl if what I'm looking for is to create an idea about feminism and independence, but the point of the book is not that.
We can not expect a way of acting of the geishas that is not according to the time and the way of life.
The reality of the geishas and the oriental woman in general can not be made invisible.
I would recommend the book to a person who can be aware of what the author is really trying to convey and can take advantage of it.
The love story is not perfect, but I think you can find much more in the book than the feelings.

Michaela Osiecki Oriental is an outdated term and bordering on slur, I hope you're aware of that.

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