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Rose (allthefandom) | 27786 comments Name: Arianna

Age: 17

Appearance: http://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t51....

Name: William

Age: 22

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Rose (allthefandom) | 27786 comments ((Yep I will start:) ))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 27786 comments Arianna sat in the carriage, anxiously awaiting the arrival. She was to married Wylster, prince Wylster. She bit her lip and looked at Rose, "I have changed, he has probably changed. The last time I saw him I was 13 and we were dancing at a ball. I haven't seen him since. What if he is disappointed?" She asked and tilted her head. She pushed her brown hair behind her ear. Arianna was a beautiful princess. One of the most fancied princesses. She had been promised to the prince before birth though. She squeezed Rose's hand as the carriage pulled to a stop and smiled, "ignore my worry. I need to be calm after all," she laughed lightly and slid out. A guard bowed to her then helped her maid from the carriage and kissed her hand. Arianna smiled. Rose has been her handmaid since she was old enough to work. She was really her only friend, basically her sister.

William bowed to the princess when she arrived. Wylster had not lied when he said that her beauty was incomparable to any other. He then saw her handmaid and a smile spread across his handsome face. He kissed her hand, "good afternoon miss, princess," he said. He was Wylster's head guard. Wylster has been preparing for princess Arianna. The two had many play dates but now marriage. Arianna's kingdom was in desperate need of resources so her mother had practically begged for the marriage to happen immediately, "follow me," he said to the two and led them inside. He led them through the halls and into the throne room, "her royal highness, Arianna Maria Vasquez," he announced and moved out of the way so the prince could lay his eyes on his future queen.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 27786 comments Arianna smiled softly, "it is good to see you again my prince," she murmured as he kissed her hand. She smoothed her skirt, "my mother thanks you for your kindness and hospitality allowing me to come here on such short notice," she said and smiled, looking around the room. She has sent three of my men with me for guarding purposes if that is alright with you," she said and nodded. She was still very nervous. This prince, it meant the world to her mother that this marriage worked and remained. It meant the world to her kingdom. Arianna always enjoyed Wyl's company and companionship. She loved to play with him when they were children and even recognized the halls of this palace, "Ros if you would please go get my things and get them into my room," she said and smiled to her before turning back to Wyl, "could you show me around a bit? I like to know where I am going, I vaguely remember but it has been a few years," she said and looked up into his eyes. Hers were brown with a gold rim that made them look like they glowed. She knew of the fae rumors which were ridiculous but to her, very humorous.

William smiled to the handmaid, "allow me to give you a hand my lady," he smiled, "I can carry the heavier load and lead you to her chambers." He led the way and had some men help carry the larger things, letting Ros carry small valuables, "so I hear the princess is very kind, I always like to hear the perspective of the worker though. Since she will be the future queen I feel I should know how to handle her," he smiled and opened the door to the very large room. They had spent months preparing it so it looked perfect for her arrival. Everything had to be as perfect as the princess. Gifts from the king queen and prince were lined up against the wall, "I shall leave the unpacking to you but shall I stay and keep you company my lady?" He asked. William was a flirtatious man. He acknowledged beautiful women and loved to make them swoon.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 27786 comments "I understand. I was given word of your father and I truly feel terrible about everything that has happened with his health," she placed a consoling hand on his muscular arm, "I hope the festivities lighten his mood a bit," she murmured and smiled, "I would love to accompany you. I love festivals and it is kind of them to throw us a celebration," she smiled and pushed her hair back, "I am excited for the wedding. My mother has told me of the guests and I am surprised so many are coming. I know many are not fans of my kingdom since my father has passed," she murmured. Her father had been killed in battle. He had no sons so her mother ruled and she was the rightful heir. Because of this she would be queen of two kingdoms once married to the prince.

Arianna looked around the halls and smiled, "I remember playing hide and seek in this hall with you. You got so frustrated you could not find me you called the guard," she teased and nudged his shoulder. Arianna spoke a lot for a queen. She was witty and stubborn, two things that made many men look away from her as a future wife. Kings liked their queens as a pretty object that simply gave heirs, Arianna could never help her tongue or her humor.

"No problem my lady," he smiled and sat back and watched her unpack, "my name is William by the way, head of guard. William the third," he said and nodded his head, "so back to the princess. What is she like? Besides part fae so I hear from sources in her kingdom. She has powers to lure men?" He arched a brow and smirked, chuckling slightly at the things people come up with, "how long have you cared for the princess?"

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Rose (allthefandom) | 27786 comments Arianna beamed. This whole wedding seemed completely surreal. She blushed softly when he spoke of how excited he was. The blush spread across her cheeks, only adding to her beauty, "if anyone needs any assistance in planning I am more than happy to help. I would love to help plan. After all, it is my fault this was sprung upon you so quickly," she murmured softly. She blew out a breath, "with my kingdom under attack my mother wanted me away from all of the danger and wanted me taken care of," she whispered quietly and looked down, "I just... I feel horrible for this entire situation it truly isn't fair to your family. Especially since your father is going through this hardship," she said and bit her lip.

She was speaking too much and she knew that. She babbled when she got nervous. Everyone knew of the threats on her kingdom but she should not be troubling Wyl with that information, "anyway," she cleared her throat, "the festival... what sort of events will be taking place? Dance? Music? Games?" She asked and put on a smile once again, trying to remain positive and keep the worry from her pretty face.

William's ears perked when she mentioned no suitors. Interesting. He himself came from a line of nobles, his father is a duke but William chose to be the head of guard. He was strong and able and a fantastic leader. Since he could not be king it was the next best thing. He gave her a charming smirk and walked up to her, brushing hair from her face.

"You know I would not doubt the fae's powers on your beauty my lady," he purred then smiled and pulled away, "there is a festival tomorrow all day for my crown prince and your princess. Would you care to be my date for it? I will be there to protect but I am allowed my fun unless there is a problem," he explained, "and I need someone as enchanting as yourself on my arm," he murmured.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 27786 comments Arianna smiled, "I am ready for the feast. No need for me to go back to my room. I think I might just go to the library and read a bit if that is alright with you," she smiled softly then walked with him to the large and extravagant room, "thank you for the tour. I will be sure to be down to the feast when called," she kissed his cheek sweetly, "see you in a bit your highness," she murmured and curtseyed before walking into the library. Guards followed her of course. Arianna looked up to one, "fetch Ros for me would you? I need to have a word with her," she smiled and sighed, grabbing a book. Unlike most women Arianna was a very big bookworm. She was smart and witty.

When Ros entered the room Arianna beamed, "it went wonderfully!" She exclaimed, "we get along just as well as before," she smiled and set down the book, "by the way they have wonderful literature," she smiled and hugged her, "tomorrow is the festival. I hope you will come and enjoy the festivities. After helping me get ready consider it a day off," she smiled, "on a more serious matter," she murmured, "My mother is in grave danger. I need to find a way to go back and help her after the wedding. The prince must not know how bad the situation is or I will be kept here. You will help be find a way that is kept secret," she whispered.

William smiled, "until then my lady," he kissed her hand and then exited when she was retrieved for her princess. He went to find his prince, "hello your highness, I would just like to give you an update, her room is almost completely unpacked. Also, now that your father is not well he has asked I discuss this with you. Princess Arianna has an uncle. We are concerned he is the one behind many attacks and your father believes the princess will think to sneak away undetected to go be the hero in her country once married. You know as well as any royal she is head strong enough to go face to face with her uncle and he is worried you will lose a queen and the possibility of heirs with it."

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Rose (allthefandom) | 27786 comments Arianna looked at her, "as you know my uncle has always been a problem. My mother slipped me this letter," she handed it to her, "inside explains how once I leave there will be a very horrid attack and she might not live through it. Which makes me the queen and a target. I must speak to my uncle privately before any of this goes horribly wrong," she took the note back and threw it in the fire, "I understand there are many here but you are good friends with the head of guard now yes? I need a boat and I will need one quickly after the wedding. No word is to even be breathed to anyone. My uncle is dangerous and if men are sent to war against him... we might lose my country and I cannot let that happen," she said quietly, "just do as I asked," she murmured, "thank you," she hugged her, "I need to be off for the feast but I shall see you this evening," she walked out of the room. Smoothed her dress before going to meet the king.

She introduced herself and hugged him, smiling then smiled at Wylster as he walked in. Strong, poised, and confident. She sighed in content then began to eat. The king cleared his throat, "so princess... how is your mother?" He arched a brow. Arianna froze but plastered on a smile, "the queen is doing very well. She misses my father dearly but she is doing well," she lied and continued to eat, "enough about me really, you both have been far too kind... Wyl what have you accomplished over the years?" She asked and smiled.

William sighed, "really bad danger. Captured buy her uncle danger. I am only concerned for everyone's well being. I will arrange it though so no ships leave port without your signed permission," he said and bowed, "we will keep her safe your highness I swear this to you."

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Rose (allthefandom) | 27786 comments ?

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Rose (allthefandom) | 27786 comments Arianna nodded and arched a brow. She smiled, "wow... impressive," she said and looked at the food. She gently pushed it away which signaled servants to take it. She folded her hands in her lap and looked to the king, "your highness, though ill you look great this evening. I am happy to see that you are still able to join your son and I for the wedding," she smiled kindly.

She then looked to Wyl, "I appreciate the feast but the boat ride has me so exhausted. I think it would be best if I get some sleep. Goodnight to you both, I am excited to participate in the festival," she curtseyed before leaving the room quickly and going to her room. She called on Rose and sighed when she entered, "this must happen soon," she whispered and looked down.

"Ros I am going to keep you out of this. You are so loyal to me," she took her hands, "but I must do this on my own or you could be held at fault and if it goes badly then I cannot have you beheaded or worse," she murmured and hugged her, "so no more secret agendas for me," she said and slid into bed, "that will be all. You must get your beauty rest for the festival tomorrow. Your date is very handsome," she nodded, "and if I like him perhaps I'll give him permission to court my best friend." She laid down and closed her eyes.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 27786 comments Arianna nodded and sighed then went to sleep. When she wome the next morning she called in Ros to assist her in getting ready. She had a gorgeous lilac dress on and her hair was curled and simply down. She smiled and looked at her, "ready?" She asked and beamed. Part of her was nervous. She would need to speak to some men loyal to her. She walked out to meet Wyl and smiled, "hello," she murmured and curtseyed, "it is a beautiful morning for a festival isn't it?" She asked him and smiled even bigger when William came forward to speak to Ros.

William pulled her to the side gently, "what is your princess planning on doing? I heard she was planning on saving her mother. How clueless is she? She could be hurt or worse and the king is very set on cutting ties with her country because of how dangerous it is and if she goes back things will get messy," he mumbled and looked at her, "it will go back in the contract her mother signed," he whispered and sighed, "forget it for now so we can enjoy ourselves but after you must speak with her," he murmured.

Arianna looked over at William and Ros then to her prince, "so for our wedding I was hoping to invite my mother," she murmured, "so I was thinking we send her a ship?" She asked him slowly, "like you did for me," she said. If she could get his approval on a ship to leave then she could move her plan along a bit. She just could not be caught. She knew about the contract. She was not to have contact with her kingdom. It was too far gone to save but her mother was trapped there. She had to do something.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 27786 comments ?

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Rose (allthefandom) | 27786 comments ((Sounds good! Hope you had a good time there!:) ))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 27786 comments ?

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Rose (allthefandom) | 27786 comments ((Okay))

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Rose (allthefandom) | 27786 comments Arianna looked at Ros before nodding to Wyl. She would find a way around the king. She was smart. With Wyl's help she mounted the horse and rode beside her future husband. She sighed but shook it off, "I am glad there are only a few short days until the wedding," she said and smiled to him, "I know I have been waiting a long time to finally be with you." She murmured sweetly as they arrived.

William listened to Ros before nodding and getting up on his horse. He helped Ros onto the back of his. As she was a lady of status but not enough to receive her own horse. He rode behind the prince and princess and smiled upon arrival, "food, games, all you can imagine," he got off and helped her down, "where shall we begin Lady Ros?" He asked her and offered his arm, "they have jousting, would you care to watch? I am sure your princess will be attending later this afternoon," he said and smiled.

Arianna took Wyl's arm and sighed softly. She smiled as the villagers greeted her warmly. They offered her wine and cheese and bread. Plenty but she wasn't allowed to eat without it being tested. She knew this. She looked up to Wyl, "where shall we go first?" She asked him and tilted her head. Many just stared in awe of her. She was far more gorgeous than the rumors and villagers were not used to such beauty. Some even tried to touch her as if she were some animal at a zoo.

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Rose (allthefandom) | 27786 comments ???

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