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message 1: by Lea (new)

Lea | 326 comments Mod
This month, read any fiction book you’d like!

message 2: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bea (gekrepten) | 327 comments Mod
book post for this month's theme is up! http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/...

message 3: by Dessi (new)

Dessi | 15 comments I just started reading Call Me by Your Name due to all the buzz. I am on the very first pages but I am already in love with the writing. Super excited for it and reckon I will devour it quickly.

message 4: by Juliana (new)

Juliana (julzreads) | 94 comments I'm currently reading Love and Other Alien Experiences. It's about a girl who becomes agoraphobic after her dad leaves the family. It's not bad so far. I can tell it's going to end up being wrapped up in a nice, red bow and all her problems will probably be solved by the end.

message 5: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa (girlcomeundone) | 152 comments my TBR pile at home is out of control, so i'm not picking up any new books for this challenge and instead trying to read some of what i already have. starting the month off with The Ragman's Memory. Local author who writes murder mysteries set in the town i live in. he's up to like 28 books so far and i'm working my way through them - this is number 7.

message 6: by Cara (new)

Cara (hidingmyheart) | 35 comments I"m reading Final Girls and The People We Hate at the Wedding right now. I haven't gotten very far in either so can't really say how good they are yet. I still need to read June's challenge, as well.

message 7: by Susan (new)

Susan | 53 comments I've decided this month I'll read only books published in 2017 - since I always buy books and put them at the bottom of my to-read pile, so I always feel 2 years behind book discussions >_<

I bought Rich People Problems and Pachinko today, and ordered The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue online since they don't stock it in my country :'(

message 8: by Despina (new)

Despina Karras (despinakarras) | 13 comments I won a copy of Friend (With Benefits) Zone just a few days ago, so I'm reading that for this month =)

message 9: by Juliana (last edited Aug 06, 2017 08:42PM) (new)

Juliana (julzreads) | 94 comments I finished my first book, which was rather predictable. Now I'm reading Windfall and loving it already. It's entirely possible I may finish it by the end of the day.
I did finish it in one day! Super enjoyed it :)

message 10: by Kat (new)

Kat | 54 comments I'm currently reading The Collapsing Empire. It's pretty good, I'm almost finished.

message 11: by Liz (new)

Liz (lizleeee) | 20 comments I'm currently making my way through It, with Howl's Moving Castle on deck!

message 12: by Kat (new)

Kat | 54 comments I finished The Collapsing Empire, the ending sucked so I've downgraded it from "pretty good" to just okay.

Amazon has Star Nomad for free right now, and it's one of the free books that is great so I really recommend getting it now if you like sci-fi.

message 13: by Juliana (new)

Juliana (julzreads) | 94 comments I'm currently reading Eliza and Her Monsters and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I love when authors create fake fandoms for their main characters to love/hate. This one is so unique.

message 14: by Sasha (new)

Sasha | 104 comments Finished The Bookshop on the Corner and while I do want to traverse the Scottish countryside now, I couldn't stand the main character and pushed myself to finish it (thankfully it ended sooner than I thought. Thank you excerpt for another book). There are some cute parts, but the romance was not my cup of tea.

message 15: by Leyla (new)

Leyla | 4 comments I wasn't sure if I should start from January to catch up with all the months I missed but I decided to try to be current. I'm reading "in a dark dark wood" bc I've been in such a thriller and mystery kick lately

message 16: by Juliana (new)

Juliana (julzreads) | 94 comments Sasha wrote: "Finished The Bookshop on the Corner and while I do want to traverse the Scottish countryside now, I couldn't stand the main character and pushed myself to finish it (thankfully it e..."

I actually enjoyed that book but I'm a librarian so I related with the main character. I agree about the romance though. It seemed harried, at best. Her getting the town to read was what I enjoyed more.

message 17: by Sasha (new)

Sasha | 104 comments Juliana wrote:

I loved all the parts dealing with her selling books, or getting ready to, and finding books that matched the people. I would have loved more about that but then the romance shows up where I'm not rooting for any of the characters. I was more invested in the roommate. I'm sure there are other stories or there with people matching books to personalities and I'll just have to find one of them. :)

message 18: by Juliana (new)

Juliana (julzreads) | 94 comments Sasha wrote: "I loved all the parts dealing with her selling books, or getting ready to, and finding books that matched the people. I would have loved more about that."

There's at least one! The Little Paris Bookshop. I bought it at the airport and read a couple chapters and liked what I read. I got distracted from reading the rest though. lol

message 19: by Sasha (new)

Sasha | 104 comments Juliana wrote: There's at least one!h [book..."

Thanks! Adding it to my tbr list! :D

message 20: by Juliana (new)

Juliana (julzreads) | 94 comments I just finished reading Dating You / Hating You, which was a fun book. For anyone who didn't like The Hating Game but likes the competing coworkers/harboring feelings for each other trope, this may be a better fit for you.
I'm going to start on The Fireman and my ebook is telling me it's 1100 pages! I may be working on this one for a while.

message 21: by Courtney (new)

Courtney (winterlace) | 20 comments I'm just trying to work through some of my (never ending) to-read pile, I ripped through My American Duchess and struggled with Year of the Orphan and now I'm going to try and plow through Dragonfly in Amber, so that'll probably be my entire month

message 22: by Keri (new)

Keri (keri91) | 39 comments I read two books so far (Borderline and Heartless... sort of), and am currently reading Shiver!

message 23: by anolinde (new)

anolinde | 18 comments I just finished Seeing by Jose Saramago, the sequel to Blindness. The ending was fifty shades of wtf and literally nothing was resolved, so I'm kind of bummed about it.

message 24: by Kelly (new)

Kelly (vehiclesshockme) | 78 comments Knocking out a couple this month. So far I've finished Wonderstruck (wanted to read it before the movie came out since I really like Haynes and one of my current faves is in the adaptation), All the Missing Girls and Reality Boy. I actually enjoyed all three of them. At the moment I'm reading Broken Monsters since it was on the librarian rec shelf at my library and I liked another book I read by the author earlier this year so I should have that one done by the end of the month and I've also picked up Death Troopers - a Star Wars horror novel that one of my favorite podcasts keeps recommending so I finally cracked and got it - which I'm hoping to squeeze in. So basically its been a busy FFAF for me.

message 25: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bea (gekrepten) | 327 comments Mod
I kept forgetting to check in this month.

I finished The Call by Peadar Ó Guilín and would 100% recommend it.

Then I finally finished The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter by Theodora Goss.

They are both YA, but The Call was a more interesting read for sure. I liked them both, though. Strange Case was fun, but in a lighter way (even though murders were taking place).

Then I read Hot Blooded by Lisa Jackson, which was totally a guilty pleasure so if anyone is looking for a trashy book about a serial killer in New Orleans who is obsessed with a radio talkshow host then I recommend it :D

message 26: by Ines (new)

Ines | 8 comments I read He Said/She Said, which was my pick for my book club with friends.

I thought it was interesting, pretty rage inducing. Also, turned out to be quite topical, because the book is structured around Solar Eclipses.

message 27: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bea (gekrepten) | 327 comments Mod
I finished River of Teeth by Sarah Gailey and was pretty disappointed... It was okay.

I just started Summer of Night by Dan Simmons and lovin it! i already read the sequel, A Winter Haunting, lol.

message 28: by EJ (new)

EJ (skrlos) | 14 comments I read Rules of Civility since I finally had the time to fit it in. I really liked it. I loved the voice that he gave to his characters, especially his main one.

message 29: by Courts (new)

Courts (stormqueens) | 5 comments So far this month I've finished Dividing Eden by Joelle Charbonneau, which was a fun YA fantasy in a similar vein to And I Darken and Now I Rise; Beauty and the Boss by Ali Vali, a very bad lesbian romance; Swearing Off Stars by Danielle Wong, a thin but moderately enjoyable historical lesbian romance; and Shark Island by Chris Jameson, a super fun shark attack thriller.

Plus Hawkeye: Kate Bishop, Vol. 1: Anchor Points and Trinity, Volume 1: Better Together.

message 30: by Leyla (new)

Leyla | 4 comments Does anyone have recs for conspiracy theory stories??

message 31: by Eve (new)

Eve (eveofrevolution) | 123 comments So for this month, I decided to read the Bill Hodges Trilogy by Stephen King, which starts w/ Mr. Mercedes. I read this shortly after it came out, but it didn't make much of an impression on me. I had heard the other two books were better, so I decided to reread it and then read the other two in the series, Finders Keepers and End of Watch. The other two were definitely better, with Finders Keepers being the clear stand-out in my mind. Overall, it's a solid trilogy, and aside from minor gripes, it was pretty enjoyable. I will likely reread Finders Keepers again at some point, but I'm not sure if I'll feel the need to revisit the other two again.

message 32: by Alyssa (new)

Alyssa (girlcomeundone) | 152 comments For this month i read:
The Ragman's Memory - a mystery novel in a series based in the small VT town i currently live in. i've been reading them in order and this book was written 20+ years ago. it was ok, not my favorite in the series.
The Great Gatsby - i've been trying to read a couple of classics each year since i blew most of them off in high school. they've been hit or miss for me, this is a miss for sure. didn't love it, don't get the hype.
Exit, Pursued by a Bear - YA read about a girl who is sexually assaulted, it was really awesome and had a very different tone than most books that have a MC who is raped, and i liked that the book was about healing and not about the event itself.
Exley - i've had this book sitting on my shelf for ages after i impulsively bought it on sale like 6 years ago. and after reading it i remember why i've been putting it off - it's really not my cup of tea. unreliable narrators but no pay off for their unpredictability.
Silent to the Bone - a super-heavy young YA novel about child abuse. i think the author handled it very well given the target audience.
Idaho - i still have a little over 100 pages left to go in this, and i can't decide if i like it or not. it's more of a character-driven than plot-driven story, which isn't usually something i enjoy. i keep going back and forth between being really drawn in and then not being interested in picking it back up.

message 33: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Bea (gekrepten) | 327 comments Mod
I'm still working through Summer of Night and it's SOOO GOOD.

and I also started With a Voice that is Often Still Confused But is Becoming Ever Louder and Clearer because the author sent it to me a few weeks ago and I feel guilty that I hadn't started it yet. It's a collection of short stories, so good to have when I want to read something else.`

message 34: by Lea (new)

Lea | 326 comments Mod
Alright, so I read 4 fiction books this month: The Unknown Ajax by Georgette Heyer (funny, but not the besssst Heyer ever); The Pursuit of Love by Nancy Mitford (l o v e d it, can't wait to read more by her; Les Liaisons dangereuses by Choderlos de Laclos (amazing tbh, so scandalous); and The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden (really nice fantasy). Good month!

message 35: by Sam (new)

Sam (samjunipero) | 41 comments This month I read:
The Accusation by Bandi - This was really amazing, I'm still thinking about it. If you've never read any book about North Korea, I'd say give this book of short stories a try.
Girl at War by Sara Novic - This was quite good, heartbreaking and insightful. The main character really stuck with me.
Fingersmith by Sarah Waters - I loved this so much! I finished it in only two days because I couldn't put it down. Lesbian Dickens really is a way to describe it. It's full of twists and turns and is so engaging in its storytelling. Highly recommended!

message 36: by Susan (new)

Susan | 53 comments My self-imposed challenge of reading only 2017 books ended up really well lol.
Pachinko - really good to start with but I felt it unravelled in the third act.
The Well - decent paranormal murder mystery with a little m/m romance.
Rich People Problems - so much fun omg and had some depth I hadn't expected out of the series? I can't waittt for the movie
K.J. Charles's Sins of the Cities trilogy - really solid, and surprisingly diverse historical murder mystery/mm erotica lol
The Legend of Korra: Turf Wars Part One - really cool to read as a huge ATLA fan but omg so short!!
The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue - a super fun romp, really cute idea, I had fun!
I don't know if I'll finish Amberlough by Sept but it might be my favourite out of these already lol

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