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Any character similar to Laurent?

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Zozo Not a very popular archetype from what I've seen. He's not a cocky bad boy playing at mysterious - he has actual substance which is what I like about him the most.

Saskia Luca from ‘Close Protection’ has some similarities. Vindictive, cold power bottom with many layers of softness buried deep.

Also, I second the recommendation of Yoneda Kou’s ‘Saezuru’, it’s an amazing Manga. I wasn’t very interested in that story format until reading her work and now I love Manga!

Lens Stewart Hi - maybe the original Laurent would be Iason Mink (yes with an I) from the Ai No Kusabi book series , the animated/mature series of the same name And the AU books - the Taming Riki book series. Iason Mink - Cruel, beautiful, sadistic, multi-layered, torturer, and sex slave/ “Pet” Master of gang leader/forced sex slave Riki the Dark.

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