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message 1: by Shane (new)

Shane Phillips | 138 comments The Dark: Horror Anthology Volumes 1-4
David Hernandez
Paperback: 255 pages
Publisher: Independently published (April 20, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1521109966
ISBN-13: 978-1521109960
Format: Kindle, Paperback, Audible
The Dark: Horror Anthology Volumes 1-4 The Hunter: A serial killer on a killing spree, chooses the wrong victim. Shadow People: An amateur paranormal investigations group, investigates an abandoned Mental Asylum. Be careful what you look for. The Harvest Moon: Three friends go camping on a cool Fall night, during the Harvest Moon. Fisherman's Catch: A private fishing boat, pulls something up from the depths of the ocean in it's net. It's something that thankfully has never been seen before by man... until now. The Bridge: Three children playing in the woods, stumble across and old abandoned stone bridge... and it's guardian. The Pod: Two brothers on a routine boar hunt, come across a strange metallic pod in the middle of the woods. Motivated by monetary gains, they bring it home to further inspect it. Wenatchee Forest: A group of friends go on a hiking adventure, in search of a legendary myth. Kabul Night: A soldier on an intel and recon mission, steals a mysterious sealed bottle from a village hut. Once opened, the contents prove to be deadly to him and his fellow soldiers. The Gift: A detective with a special gift is asked to help catch, an uncatchable killer. A Strange Case: A strange formula is discovered in an old second hand book. Sometimes fiction is based on reality. The Program: Three death row inmates are offered a pardon... if they can survive the deadly task at hand in a remote location. The Vessel: In the future human cloning has been approved, but what consequences does mankind face... when tampering with God and nature?

message 2: by David (last edited May 29, 2017 12:44PM) (new)

David Raz (davidraz) | 4070 comments Oddly, the same ASIN was used for Volumes 1-3: The Dark: Horror Anthology Volumes 1-3 and not so long ago, in April.

On it

message 4: by Shane (new)

Shane Phillips | 138 comments This book was writtern by this user:

message 5: by David (last edited May 29, 2017 03:05PM) (new)

David Raz (davidraz) | 4070 comments Shane wrote: "This book was writtern by this user:"
Seems we need to move some books to another author page, I'll try to do it tomorrow. Then I'll send him a message inviting him to claim his author account.

message 6: by David (last edited May 30, 2017 12:25AM) (new)

David Raz (davidraz) | 4070 comments Seems some other librarian has already created the new author page and move the books. I sent a message inviting the author to claim his page.

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