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J.B. Trepagnier (jbtrepagnier) | 8 comments Looking for reviewers for humorous tale about spies. It's based on a short story I wrote, but you don't really need to read it to understand the book. I've included the blurb. If you're interested, email me at, message me, or comment here with your email address and preferred format. It's also on KU.

What do a hacker group, a hairless cat, and a botanist with a foot fetish have in common? Agent Mauve's next mission.

Agent Mauve is progressing with her language modules and gun and fight training, but she's still a baby agent. Thinking she's going out with Agent Red to just be arm candy and to sneak off towards the end of the meeting to steal data from a hotel room, it ends up being so much more than that.

The data that was stolen ends up bringing Mauve's friend, and soon boyfriend, Jeremy's work under scrutiny as possibly being a cover for The Arm.

Mauve is in over her head doing things she's not trained for while still trying to keep her training. Could baby Agent Mauve possibly bring down The Arm?

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Prajwalit CHAUHAN (prajjawalit) | 19 comments
willing to swap review with your book let me know if you are interested

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