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message 1: by Tom (last edited May 29, 2017 10:26AM) (new)

Tom | 1 comments Hi there

Thanks for reading and hope you're all well.

I've written a political dark comedy thriller which is currently called F.F.S and I'm seeking some feedback.

The story is this:

It tells the story of three best friends who spend their 20’s making a small fortune out of cocaine after accidentally becoming drug dealers, but, when their supplier gets arrested, they need to launder their ill-gotten gains quickly to avoid a long spell in prison. Desperate for a solution, they decide to start their own political party to clean their fortune, paying cash in anonymous donations and paying themselves it back in consultancy fees. To front the operation they blackmail their old revolutionary politics tutor, Professor Malcolm Morris, to be leader, expecting him to lose heavily as they quietly wash their cash clean. Trouble is, he then starts winning and they can’t stop what they’ve started...

I like to think of it as Layer Cake meets The Producers, but that's just me. If you're interested in reading a few chapters, please drop me a line, I'd appreciate any feedback.



message 2: by Jonas (new)

Jonas | 19 comments Tom,

I never beta read before but this sounds really interesting, I would like to read it and give you some feedback, take my feedback with a grain of salt though.

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