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message 1: by Ooh_jim (last edited May 30, 2017 02:00PM) (new)

Ooh_jim | 251 comments I’ve already posted this link a couple of times, but I figured I’d start a new thread for the topic so it’s more accessible.

A while back, I put together a spreadsheet charting every major appearance of Warlock, Thanos, and the Infinity Stones. The link shows various ways in which the issues are reproduced, and highlights what’s yet to be collected. You can check it out by following this link.

There’s a lot of info there, so I’ve put together a list here of each of the stories, the best way to collect them, and a rating out of 5 as to how important they are to the ongoing arc of these characters. Note: the books are not oversized unless specified as an OGN, OHC, or Omni.

Classic Era

HIM – Warlock’s origin - 3/5
FF Masterworks v7 & Thor Masterworks v8

THE COUNTER-EARTH SAGA – Warlock receives the soul gem and becomes a messianic figure - 4/5
Warlock Masterworks v1

THANOS WAR – Thanos’ introductory arc – 5/5
Avengers Vs Thanos (2013) TPB

THE MAGUS SAGA – Starlin begins writing Warlock – 5/5
Warlock Masterworks v2 if available. If not, Warlock by Jim Starlin Complete Collection TPB

DEATH THROWS – It is revealed that there is more than one infinity stone – 1/5
Captain Marvel Masterworks 4

THE FINAL THREAT – Thanos gathers the gems for the first time as the Magus Saga concludes – 5/5
Warlock Masterworks v2 if available. If not, Warlock by Jim Starlin Complete Collection TPB. The core story as well as the Thanos short from Logan’s Run is collected in Avengers vs Thanos, and GOTG Solo Classics Omnibus. Incredible Hulk 248 works as an epilogue to the story. Although it’s worth reading, it’s never collected with the core material. It can be found in Hulk: Heart of the Atom

LEGACY OF THANOS: TROUBLE ON TITAN – Thanos’ pirates seek revenge on Titan - 1/5
GOTG Solo Classic Omnibus

HER – The enclave create a second being, who then seeks to animate Warlock’s corpse – 1/5
Essential Hulk v6 for Her’s origin story, GOTG: Tommorrow’s Avengers v2 TPB for the Warlock action

DEATH OF THE COSMIC HEROES – RIP Captain Marvel, RIP Drax – 3/5
Both contained in Drax: Guardian of the Galaxy TPB. Drax’s story included in GOTG Solo Classic Omni.

LEGACY OF THANOS: THE WAR TO END ALL SKRULLS – Nebula vs The Avengers & The Skrulls – 1/5
Avengers: Legacy of Thanos TPB

THE ELDERS VS GALACTUS – What happens to the gems between The Final Threat and The Rebirth of Thanos – 3/5
Essential Silver Surfer v2 has the whole story, but in black and white. Silver Surfer Epic v2: Freedom is in colour but only collects the first half.

LEGACY OF THANOS: INTO THE VOID – Nebula wipes out reality – 1/5
Avengers by John Byrne Omni

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Ooh_jim | 251 comments Infinity Trillogy Era

REBIRTH OF THANOS - Thanos comes back to life and acquires the gems again – 5/5
The Infinity Gauntlet Omni if available. If not, Silver Surfer: The Rebirth of Thanos.

INFINITY GAUNTLET – Thanos becomes god – 5/5
The Infinity Gauntlet Omni has the title series and all of the tie ins except a single Quasar issue (NYC). If the omni’s unavailable, The Infinity Gauntlet TPB

INFINITY GAUNTLET AFTERMATH: BIRTH OF THE INFINITY WATCH – Warlock is charged with protecting the gems – 5/5
Infinity Gauntlet Aftermath has everything but a backup story from Fantastic Four Annual 25 (NYC)

INFINITY WAR – The Magus Returns –5/5
The Infinity War TPB. Most of the tie ins are NYC, so hopefully we’ll see an Omni of the event at some point.

INFINITY WAR AFTERMATH: RESURRECTION – The Watch recover from War, and help The Surfer bring his love back to life – 4/5
Everything's collected between Silver Surfer: Homecoming OGN & Infinity War: Aftermath TPB except the Cyberspace 3000 tie-in issues (NYC)

INFINITY CRUSADE – Warlock’s good side manifests itself as The Goddess – 5/5
The Infinity Crusade v1 & 2. Again, most of the tie ins are NYC so hopefully we’ll see an Omni.

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Ooh_jim | 251 comments Post Infinity Trilogy Era

BLOOD & THUNDER – The Watch help Thor, who has gone mad – 3/5
Blood & Thunder TPB. Before the Watch leave to go and help Thor, they’re getting caught up in the Starblast crossover (NYC)

THANOS’ SECRET DEFENDERS – Thanos hires a group of Earth’s villains - 2/5
Thanos: Cosmic Powers

ABYSS – The Watch fend their gems from extradimensional dictator, Count Abyss – 4/5
The Infinity Watch v2 TPB

THANOS SHORT STORIES I – A collection of single issues that focus on the Mad Titan – 3/5
(All NYC)

LAST DAYS OF THE INFINITY WATCH – The Watch fight Strange, and help Firelord – 3/5
The Infinity Watch v2 TPB

FINAL DEFENCE – Before losing his gem, Drax joins the Secret Defenders - 1/5
Deadpool and the Secret Defenders TPB

THE WATCH IS BROKEN – The Watch disbands once their gems are stolen - 5/5
The Infinity Watch v2 TPB

COSMIC POWER – Thanos wages war on Tyrant - 3/5
Thanos: Cosmic Power

A TRIP TO THE ULTRAVERSE – The Gems make their way to the Ultraverse, where they are stolen by Loki – 4/5
(All NYC)

BLACK SEPTEMBER – The gem’s origin story is revealed as the Ultraverse’s reality is altered – 5/5
(All NYC)

STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND – Warlock arrives in the Ultraverse in search of the gems – 2/5

THANOS SHORT STORIES II – Another collection of single issues –1/5
Spider-Man: The Complete Ben Riley Epic v3 contains one story, the rest are NYC

THANOS VS KA-ZAR – Thanos attempts to steal the power source of the terraformer that maintains the Savage Land – 1/5
Ka-Zar by Waid v1 & 2

REUNION – Syphonn attempts to steal the soul gem – 2/5
GOTG: Road to Annihilation v1

THANOS VS THOR – Thanos and the Mangog wage war on Asgard & Midgard – 2/5
Thor vs Thanos TPB, or Thor: Heroes Return v1 Omni for a less focused, but oversized collection

THANOS VS WALKER – Thanos and Genis fight another suitor of Death – 1/5

CELESTIAL QUEST – The Avengers save Mantis from Thanos – 2/5
Avengers: Celestial Quest, or Avengers: The Complete Celestial Madonna Saga for more background on Mantis and her tree child.

THE INFINITY ABYSS – Thanos takes down a number of his renegade clones – 5/5
GOTG: Road to Annihilation v1

SOUL SURVIVOR – The Magus returns as an adversary for Genis – 1/5

THE END – Thanos defends the Earth from Akhenaten – 5/5
Marvel Universe: The End

ODYSSEY – The Magus resurfaces again to plague Genis – 1/5
Captain Marvel: Odyssey

EPIPHANY – Thanos seeks redemption for his past – 3/5
Thanos: Redemption

SECOND COMING – A new version of Warlock is created on Earth – 1/5

IMBALANCE OF POWER – The Champion gives his gem to Titania – 4/5
She-Hulk 2: Superhuman Law

SAMARITAN – Thanos finds The Falen One in The Kyln – 4/5
Thanos: Redemption

THE TRIAL OF EROS – Thanos is called as a witness to his brother’s trial – 3/5
She-Hulk v4: Laws of Attraction

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Ooh_jim | 251 comments Abnett & Lanning Era
ANNIHILATION – Thanos allies himself with Annihilus during his conquest – 5/5
Annihilation Omni if available, if not, Annihilation Book 1-3

ILLUMINATI – The Illuminati collect the gems – 5/5
New Avengers: Illuminati TPB

ANNIHILATION CONQUEST – In the aftermath of Annihilation, the Phalanx sweep the galaxy – 5/5
Annihilation Conquest Omni

LEGACY – Warlock and the other cosmic heroes form The Guardians - 5/5
War of Kings: Prelude Omni

WAR OF KINGS – War breaks out between the Kree & Shi’ar – 5/5
War of Kings Omni

REALM OF KINGS – A rift in space-time opens a gateway to the Cancerverse – 5/5
War of Kings: Aftermath Omni

INFINITY QUEST – The Hood attempts to steal the gems - 4/5
Avengers by Bendis v2

EARTHFALL – The Church of the Universal Truth reaches Earth – 4/5
War of Kings: Aftermath Omni

THANOS VS THE AVENGERS – Thanos returns to Earth to reclaim the cosmic cube - 2/5
Avengers Assemble OHC

THANOS VS DEADPOOL – Thanos and Deadpool unite to save Death - 1/5
Deadpool vs Thanos TPB. Lead up issues included together in Deadpool by Joe Kelly Omni, or separately in Deadpool Classic v5 & 8.

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Ooh_jim | 251 comments Hickman Era
MEMENTO MORI – The Illuminati use the gems to ward off the incursions 5/5
Avengers by Hickman v1 Omni

THANOS RISING – Thanos’ Origin - 4/5
Thanos Rising OHC

THANOS SHORT STORIES III – Thanos cameos in a couple of comics – 1/5
Guardians of the Galaxy v2: Angela & Legendary Star-Lord v1: Face It, I Rule

INFINITY – Thanos attacks Earth whilst The Avengers are busy with the threat of The Builders – 5/5
Avengers by Hickman v1 omni & Infinity Companion OHC

ORIGINAL SIN – The Time Gem propels Cap into the future, and Star-Lord explains how he and Thanos escaped the Cancerverse – 4/5
Original Sin Companion OHC contains both stories, Avengers By Hickman v3 OHC has the Avengers story if you don’t want to wait for the Avengers by Hickman v2 Omni to be announced; GOTG v4: Original Sin has the Guardians tie ins.

A GOD UP THERE LISTENING – Thanos fights Ego – 2/5
Thanos: A God Up There Listening OHC

THE NEW CABAL – Thanos and a group of villains conquer the multiverse to delay the incursions – 4/5
Avengers by Hickman v2 OHC, Avengers: Time Runs Out & Avengers World: Before Time Runs Out TPB. Hopefully this will all be included in Avengers by Hickman v2 Omni

SECRET WARS (2015) – As one of the few Survivors from 616, Thanos arrives in Battleworld – 5/5
Secret Wars OHC, & Secret Wars – Battleworld: Siege

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Ooh_jim | 251 comments Post Secret-Wars Era
ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT INFINITY TRILLOGY – Whilst Annihilous draws power from The Hulk, Thanos meets an alternative-universe Warlock – 4/5
Thanos vs Hulk TPB, The Infinity Revelation OGN, The Infinity Relativity OGN, The Infinity Entity & The Infinity Finale OGN

CIVIL WAR II – Thanos’ actions precipitate the second Super Hero Civil War – 1/5
Civil War II OHC & Ultimates – Omniversal v2: Civil War

THANOS RETURNS – Free from Earth, Thanos sets about reclaiming command of The Black Order - 3/5
Thanos v1: Thanos Returns

UNWORTHY – The Odinson, The Collector, and Thanos all make a play for Ultimate Thor’s Hammer - 1/5
The Unworthy Thor TPB

message 7: by guanaeps (new)

guanaeps (saethron) | 88 comments Great work here Jim, I've been using that spreadsheet to fill the gaps between major storylines like Avengers vs. Thanos and Infinity Gauntlet.

Some off it isn't necessarily the best reading, but it's worth it for the little links in continuity.

Thanks for doing this massive undertaking, highly appreciated.

message 8: by Reece (new)

Reece (mrrallentando) | 309 comments Yeah, great info! I doubt I'll ever try to read through all of this, but being able to see how it's all connected and the rating system for their importance is very helpful.

I really enjoy most of the Marvel cosmic titles I've read, but it's been spotty and out of order.

message 9: by Blindzider, Moderator (new)

Blindzider | 3119 comments Mod
Impressive! Thanks!

message 10: by Relstuart, Mod+ (new)

Relstuart | 2789 comments Mod
I started reading the Thanos ongoing when Lemire took over and continued with Cates' run to the end. I was going to try to do a custom bind. But... Cates 2/3rds of the Thanos run is getting an OHC with the 6 issue Cosmic Punisher mini-series.

I was going to bind the Lemire issues, the recent Gamora mini-series and then a second volume with the Infinity Wars and all the tie-ins (Infinity Warps etc). The Infinity event is also getting an OHC but contains none of the tie-ins.

I bought the Black Order mini-series that just came out. Anyone following all this that can comment on where it should go?

I'm torn on whether to proceed with binding these two volumes since there will be two OHC - they will be nicer than the custom bind but they won't have everything in them.

message 11: by Ooh_jim (new)

Ooh_jim | 251 comments If it were up to me, the Duggan-era cosmic stuff would have been collected in three lumps:

Infinity Legacy Omnibus
All-New GOTG FCBD '17
All-New GOTG 1-12
Material from Marvel Legacy (frost giants v Avengers & Wolverine return bits)
Darkhawk (legacy) 51
Captain Marvel (legacy) 125-129
GOTG (legacy) 146-150

Infinity Countdown Omnibus
Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock
Infinity Countdown Prime
Infinity Countdown 1-4
Infinity Countdown: Daredevil
Infinity Countdown: Captain Marvel
Infinity Countdown: Black Widow
Doctor Strange (2018) 3
Infinity Countdown: Champions 1-2
Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk 1-4
Infinity Countdown 5

Infinity Wars Omnibus
Infinity Wars Prime
Infinity Wars 1-6
Thanos Legacy one shot
Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme 1-2
Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer 1-2
Infinity Wars: Weapon Hex 1-2
Infinity Wars: Arachknight 1-2
Infinity Wars: Ghost Panther 1-2
Infinity Warps 1-2
Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker 1-4
Asgardians of the Galaxy 1-4
Infinity Wars: Fallen Guardian
Infinity Wars ∞

That'd give you a trilogy of (roughly) evenly sized stories that combine into one long story about the rebirth of the gems.

As for your binds, the stuff that isnt going to be included in the Infinity Countdown/Wars OHC is going to be collected in a bunch of tpbs that you could make into a couple of Infinity Countdown/Wars Companion HCs.

I think the Cates OHC works best on its own, as it's mostly alternative future stuff.

That leaves the 12 Lemire issues, Gamora, and The Black Order, which you could get bound into a Thanos and Friends or whatever book.

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Relstuart | 2789 comments Mod
Thanks, that is very helpful. :)

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