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((Meulin's cottage, filled with cats and flowers))

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"Alright. We're here!" Exclaimed Terra. She pranced over to one of the windows. It was open slightly. So she pulled it away from the house, so it was wide enough for the three to fit through. Terra hopped through the window, landing on the door with a thud. There were several cats roaming the floors. "Meulin!!" She yelled, then cursed loudly. "How could I be so stupid! Of course she can't hear me.." Terra then stood up, scanning around the room for any sign of Meulin. A few moments later, Meulin came padding down the stairs. "Terra!!!" She exclaimed, running over and squeezing the girl tightly.
(( this is Meulin's appearance))

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Max When Laura saw Meulin, she wasn't sure whether to start laughing hysterically, scream and run, or just sit there questioning the universe and the living creatures in side of it. Instead Laura decided to simply focus on not staring at her. Meulin might have been more scary if it hadn't been for the fact that she lived in the most enchanting cottage Laura had ever seen. The cats, although they made her vaguely suspicious, were still quite cute, and the cottage seem filled with flowers.

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Flying through the window. Enki quickly took a seat and watched as the two girls interacted. Muelin was certainly... something. Enki still couldn't find it in herr heart to judge though, I mean she had a human body with dragon wings. She by herself had enough experience with being judged. Enki may have been a murderer in the kingdoms eyes, but in her eyes it was self defense. I mean would you fight back if someone tried to kill you?

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"H-Hi!" Exclaimed Terra, Hugging Meulin back. She then turned to the other two, smiling slightly. Meulin smiled at the girls, cats swarming around her feet. Today, she only had six cats. "So, may I ask why you two are here?" Asked Meulin, rocking on her toes a bit. For a split second, her eyes flashed a bright white. Nothing on any of their minds..that's good.. thought Meulin. She knew her appearance was odd, and just wanted to make sure they weren't thinking about her.

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((I CALLED IT! I SO CALLED IT! I KNEW IT, IF SHE WAS DEAF AND MAGICAL SHE READ MINDS, IT'S LIKE THE EQUATION FOR EVERYTHING! or another trope is that she's either really cool and bada))

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Max Laura shifted from one foot to the other absentmindedly. "I think Fairdragon would be a little better at answering that question." She glanced at Fairdragon and shrugged a bit. "I mean, she won't tell us where she's going, or even if she knows where she's going." Laura knelt down and scratched the head of one of the cats. She used to have a kitten when she was younger, and she missed having a cat around.
"Maybe you'll have better luck getting her to say something." Suddenly remembering the Meulin was deaf, she turned to Terra.
"Can you like... do sign language or something?"

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Enki sighed while Luke rambled on, snickering at the fact she was speaking to a deaf person. Though, maybe she could read lips or something. "I'm going to Ironheart Kingdom. I found him." When she said that there was a gleam of that savage beast inside of her was about to rip him to shreds. It stayed there for a few moments before disappearing like it would even fathom being near Enki. "Understand all that?"

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Terra didn't answer. Meulin giggled a bit. "Please don't worry about that, I can read lips! I do know sign language though. Reading lips is much easier, and it's something I've been able to do for a while now." She said. Meulin then turned to Terra. "I'd like to speak to the two, would you mind going out to the back and get some wood for the fire?" She asked. Terra nodded and turned around. She skipped to the back door and disappeared outside. "I understood perfectly." she said.

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((Crap, I posted too early, I'm sorry;;;))

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Max Laura turned to Fairdragon with a look of over-dramatic amazement on her face.
"So she does know who she's looking for! Huh, I guess you're not as hopelessly stupid as I thought." Laura said, smirking at Fairdragon. She wasn't usually that mean or annoying, but Fairdragon didn't seem to mind, and plus, she didn't seem like one to respond to kindness. Turning back to Meulin she smiled politely.
"So, you wanted to talk to us?"

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"Yet, I still would've been smarter than you." Enki remarked the same amount tone as Luke. "Wow, isn't that just fascinating!" She gave another mischievous grin before turning back to place her gaze on Meulin. "Yeah, what was that about. You don't need more fire, I saw an abundance of wood stacked behind your house. I have an eye for these things. Whats the big idea?" Enki bombarded her with thses questions. Most people would question who he his, this woman made her a bit uneasy.

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Meulin ignored the question. "So, what are you two doing here with Terra?" she asked. Meulin probably had asked this earlier, but she didn't care. Terra was outside, gathering bundles of wood in her arms, careful not to stain her dress or anything.

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Max Laura glanced at Fairdragon. She seemed a bit worried, which worried her, since Fairdragon let of a vibe of unworried calm most of the time. Rocking back and forth on her heels, she paused before looking back at Meulin.
"We needed a place to rest on our journey. Terra offered to bring us here." She wasn't lying, she was just trying to be as vague as possible.
"And we are very grateful for your hospitality, by the way." She added, smiling again. She could see why Fairdragon looked a bit uneasy, Meulin seemed to know things she shouldn't. For example, Laura had flipped up her hood before going into the cottage, but she was pretty sure Meulin was not at all under the impression that Laura was a boy.

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"Yeah, very thankful." Enki said regaining her confidence. Though this woman could only see her mouth, it felt as if she was staring deep into her eyes. Taking out a peach, Enki began to reluctantly chew on it. It was strange... Meulin's eyes matched the look in her own. Fulled to the brim with knowledge, but still she kept taking more in, as if she hungrily searching for more. Thats when it hit Enki, she kept her mind blank, as if she was staring into the distance. This woman was like the guards, they wanted to get into her brain and take out information. How could you though, if it had none?

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Meulin was cut off by Terra running back inside, without any wood, and a panicked expression on her face. She looked absolutely terrified, shaking and everything. Meulin raised an eyebrow, concerned for the girl. "Um..what's..wrong?" asked Meulin. "Ugh!! It was so gross...a-a b-bug...landed on my s-shoulder.." said Terra.

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Max Laura's hand drifted to her dagger the second Terra came running in. When she started freaking out about a bug, she sighed in relief and chuckled.
"A bug?" She asked skeptically. Terra was an elf with a magical sword, the idea of her being afraid of bugs was ludicrous. Letting Meulin deal with it, she edged over to Fairdragon.
"How come you look so nervous? It's freaking me out, does it have something to do with Meulin?" She whispered. She knew that Meulin couldn't hear them, but for some reason she felt safer whispering.

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As soon as Terra came running in, Enki immediately went for her swords to attack. When she stated her problem, she felt as if she was going to slap the sh*t out of her. Remebering that she was supposed keep a clear mind, Enki seethed inwardly before diluting her anger to something... immature almost. When Luke came over to her, she quirked an eyebeow at her. "I suggest you stop asking questions, and focus on something unimportant. Especially if you want things to remaim private."

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Max ((Fairy? Don't feel pressured to post... but just don't forget about us!))

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((I'm sorry, School has been really busy! You can continue without me if you want, I'll post when I can!))

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