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message 1: by Ace (new)

Ace (aceonroam) This years audiobooks awards will be announced this week.

Have only read a handful but loved these narrators:

Best female narrator -
The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead, narrated by Bahni Turpin

Best male narrator -
Underground Airlines by Ben H. Winters, narrated by William DeMeritt

I haven't checked all of the categories for any Aussie books or performers yet.

message 2: by Brenda, Aussie Authors Queen (new)

Brenda | 68780 comments Mod
Goodness they have awards for audiobooks?! I didn't know that!! Thanks for sharing Ace :)

message 3: by Ace (new)

Ace (aceonroam) No problem Brenda.

This is my third year of listening to them. I just love them when I'm busy doing other things..

message 4: by Li'l Owl (last edited May 29, 2017 02:45PM) (new)

 Li'l Owl | 2504 comments Oh yes! Falling Glass by Adrian McKinty was best audio book in 2011 =o) I'm glad my library has them as with my Audible membership I get one credit each month.
They are really nice when you have headaches, too!

Nice Ace! I'll have to look into those. Haven't read heard any of them. Thanks!

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