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message 1: by Diana (new)

Diana | 3 comments I remember reading this book (young adult fiction i think) a couple years back (probably 5 or 6 years ago) and it was about these two boys (at least I think it was two boys- maybe a girl too) who decide to kidnap a girl who lives alone with one of her grandparents (i believe it was her grandfather) because they feel bad for her and think they would be "saving" her from a life of misery. That's pretty much all I can remember. I think the cover had like part of a girl's face on it and I remember it being pink... I've spent a lot of time looking for this book, so any help would be very much appreciated it!!

message 2: by Kris (last edited May 30, 2017 10:22AM) (new)

Kris | 34332 comments Mod
Diana, what do the kids think they are saving the girl from?
What happened to her parents? She doesn't have siblings?

Time period and location (U.S./country, region, big city/small town)?

message 3: by Miss Mara (new)

Miss Mara | 156 comments The people who kidnap her are a girl and a boy, not two boys, but Glimmerglass by Jenna Black maybe? (https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/7...)

message 4: by Rosa (new)

Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5080 comments Glimmerglass for Rebecca's suggestion.

message 5: by Diana (new)

Diana | 3 comments They believe they are saving her from a miserable life, for I don't think she's allowed to leave the house very often and the grandparent she lives with is strict and cruel. I think her parents died but i'm not sure how. I think it was a small town they lived in in the United States-not sure where though. It was a modern day book so no historical setting or anything.

message 6: by Diana (new)

Diana | 3 comments The book was not Glimmerglass but thank you so much for the suggestion!

Roaming_library | 17 comments I'm not sure if you're still looking, and this is a long-shot, but is it Claim to Fame? It isn't exactly like your description but the beginning is similar

message 8: by Regina (new)

Regina Osiecki | 257 comments Oddly enough, the manga Kaguya Hime had two boys kidnap a girl at the beginning as per the plot, which helped her get away from an unsavory situation with her adoptive mother, but I don't think that's the one of course just made me think of that one

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