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message 1: by Ami (new)

Ami (briarwren) | 6 comments Hello! A book has been bugging me off and on for over a year now with no results so any extra help would be lovely so I stop ranting to my poor husband about it.

I read this in highschool, so no later than 2000. I have the vague notion it was a book of short stories or novellas, with at least one more than the one I recall. I know it was a paperback. It may have been published in the 70's or 60's? What I can recall of the cover are only vague impressions, but the image I do have brings to mind that type of paper & print used. Maybe trees or plants on the cover?

What I can remember is that a young girl/woman goes to stay in a creepy house in the woods with an old woman (relative?). Possible caretaker? I have the impression it was by carriage but could be wrong. Early 20th century or late 19th? The old woman proceeds to tell her life story about an abusive husband. She especially went into detail about her wedding and a whip in the fruit bowl. As they speak, the girl is drinking a beverage, tea? (I keep thinking dandelions here) and is horrified to discover there was something in it to turn her into a monster (werewolf?) like the old woman had done to herself to deal with the husband. The girl was now the old woman's heir and couldn't leave.

Thanks for any help!

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Kate Farrell | 4072 comments Mod
Ami, you can bump your thread to the top of the list every month or so. This will make it more likely for people to see it, and perhaps recognize your book.

The rockabilly werewolf from Mars | 1451 comments Still looking for this?

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