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Blood War (The Healers of Meligna, #5)
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Adding New Books > Please add novel to my Goodreads Profile (Name slightly different)

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message 1: by K.J. (new)

K.J. Colt (kjcolt) | 4 comments I'm the author of this book, K. J. Colt, but unfortunately my author name has been slightly different on Goodreads for a while so I need to have books manually added under K.J. Colt (the J is closer in the Goodreads profile).


message 2: by Paul (new)

Paul W. Feenstra | 3 comments Paul W. Feenstra

The author name on my novel 'Boundary' is Paul W. Feenstra This is correct.

The author name on my novel 'The Breath of God' is Paul W Feenstra this is incorrect. There is a missing period after 'W'

Many thanks

message 3: by free (new)

free (frdn) | 5182 comments #1 fixed author name & added to series...

message 4: by free (new)

free (frdn) | 5182 comments #2 fixed author name, added cover from amazon & combined...

next time, please start in a new thread since this one is for specific book...

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