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shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 13 comments
━━ [ Out of Character Rules ] :

[♛] - ( Proper Grammar ) :
I cannot stress this enough!! Proper spelling and grammar is a big big must! This is an advanced roleplay anyways, you're expected to know the simple things. It really bugs me when people don't know the difference between "your" and "you're" and such. I can understand simple little spelling mistakes here and there, but try not to make it a continuous thing please. Read over your post before posting them! And yes, this also goes for text-talk. I'm alright with it in the chat area and if your character is literally texting.
[♛] - ( Permission ) :
Please ask me or a mod before doing something extreme in the roleplay. For example, your character getting pregnant. The types of things that would involve a huge amount of the members.
[♛] - ( Respect Everybody ) :
Please please please be nice and respectful to ALL members! Nobody wants fighting, we're all here to have fun and be friends. I don't want anybody messaging me and telling me they're being bullied, it's a big no-no for me. But please, if anybody is bullying you, please message me so I can help you. Try and talk to everybody, nobody wants to feel left out!
[♛] - ( Leaving/Hiatus ) :
I will always understand if you need a break or are leaving. Whether it's a personal reason or whatever. But please, it'd be very appreciating if you could let me or a mod know. I don't need a reason, just something telling me that you are leaving or taking a break. If you are taking a break, let me know when you'll be back if you can.

message 2: by shay arabella (new)

shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 13 comments
━━ [ Roleplay Rules ] :

[♛] - ( Literacy ) :
If you haven't already noticed, this is an advanced roleplay. Therefore, I expect a lot of writing and detail in everybody's post! You must be able to write up to at least two paragraphs with 7+ detailed sentences in every post. I understand writer's block, but don't use that as an excuse all the time. It's not that hard, use your imagination.
[♛] - ( No Power-playing ) :
I will not, under any circumstances, allow any kind of power-playing, godmodding, or gary/mary sue's. Its quite annoying when someone makes their character the best. this also means your characters cannot win everything, give other members a chance. If the character it not yours, you cannot control them.
[♛] - ( Mature & PG-13 ) :
This is a mature roleplay. If a member feels uncomfortable with the subject you are going into, do not force them into reading it, just let them know and such before hand. If they want you to stop, please do so. This roleplay might involve drug use, cigarettes and alcohol. Also, the romance. We all know sexual intercourse is not allowed on goodreads, so DO NOT roleplay it on this group! I will allow simple make out sessions but that's as far as it will go, you will either time skip or move it to private messaging. I do allow cussing. Please don't cuss directly at other members when out of character. Also, don't go overboard with the cussing please.
[♛] - ( Third Person ) :
I would like if everybody wrote in the third person point of view. If its written any other way, some members may find it confusing. Journals and such may be written in 1st or 2nd person though. Just make sure your paragraphs are in third person.
[♛] - ( Include ) :
Please try and involve everybody, roleplay with everybody. Don't just roleplay with one person, it's boring that way anyways. Like I said, nobody wants to feel left out.

message 3: by shay arabella (new)

shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 13 comments
━━ [ Characters ]:

[♛] - ( Basics ) :
I don't want characters being to old or to young. So, characters must be between the ages of 16-25. Do not use any anime pictures for your characters. Face claims are required, so make sure to claim some in the appropriate thread before making a character or else you won't be accepted.
[♛] - ( Romance ) :
I don't really want a lot of "love at first sight" things. You can't have your characters start dating a few posts after they've met - give it awhile. The only time i'll allow that is if the two character have known each other for a long time and are already close friends. I don't want anybody dating/crushing on their own characters either.
[♛] - ( Templates ) :
I'll give the basics that are required in the forms. You're more than welcomed to use your own template - please, pretty it up! Simple and pretty is what I like. I'm not asking for paragraphs of information.

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