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message 1: by shay arabella (new)

shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 13 comments
if you have any questions or concerns, please do not be afraid to ask here. me or somebody else will be happy to help. suggestions are also accepted.

message 2: by Angel (new)

Angel (angelyh) there's one key factual error- austin is a huge city, and there are no "acres of land" that are open for horse riding... maybe change the setting to outside austin?

message 3: by shay arabella (new)

shay arabella (voidkosmic) | 13 comments
I'm aware of this. But this a roleplay, it can go every which way. It doesn't have to be accurate to real life. The ranch isn't inside of Austin, it is on the outskirts. But the roleplay still takes place in Austin, Texas. Because characters are aloud to leave the ranch and go into the city.

message 4: by Hallie (new)

Hallie (inkyhallie) Is there a basic template that we can use while creating characters? Also, where do we post our finished characters?

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