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Miscellaneous > Cannes 2017 - Sofia Coppola won Best Director - Second Female Director to win since 1961

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message 1: by Jason (new)

Jason | 20 comments TIFF just posted this on Facebook.


message 2: by Ross (new)

Ross | 1444 comments Progress, let's hope its the start of a trend

message 3: by MotorCityMomma (new)

MotorCityMomma | 17 comments I'm very pleased to hear this. Sofia is a very talented director, and very deserving of all recognition that comes her way.

message 4: by Ash (new)

Ash (goodreadscomashna_gulati2609) | 205 comments Well,I don't know why women don't take this up as a career.I mean I myself am very interested in sharing my own stories with the world ,but I have my own constraints which are completely other than inability or the capability to do it.Why do you think we don't want the world to know our side of the stories?Women can be really creative when it comes down to being all artsy and fun.Then why such a small proportion?It is indeed such a fun job and involves so much of the leadership and creative qualities.

I actually recently happened to write an online application to LA film school and wrote an essay for the application.Even though the application hasn't been processed ,because my parents don't approve of such uncertain professions,I'd like to share the essay with you.I hope all those who really have passion and ability for it,find some inspiration in it.

The following essay is about why I wish to pursue the course and my aims and ambitions for it.Just as a sidenote,it isn't any kind of bragging,but you have to mention your achievements,is all.

"I am Ashna Gulati,an ordinary girl from India,who has no high hopes if she'll ever be known for anything interesting besides studies.I have just completed high school claiming the toppership in science,scoring a 96.4%.

I had never really thought that anything else could ever give me enough happiness,and even though I have topped school in this particular field,I feel like something is missing.I feel like I am not being true to myself,to what I want to do,to what I want to be.Yes,now some might criticise the fact that it is a terrible waste of brains to give up everything just right now,but then this is just the beginning of life and this is the time we make mistakes and again and again,so that we can truly discover beyond the horizons of our intelligence and creativity.I have always wished to work towards women empowerment and thus my intended path was to work in the United Nations.But then I feel that if all women are making massive strides in fields of education and science and commerce,then there must be someone with enough abilities and talent to tell the world about these warrior princesses and the war they fight within and outside.Not only related to women,I also wish to tell the world about stories which will change there outlook towards life as we know it.I wish to bring to the silver screen,movies that would revolutionise our ideas and thoughts about how we think of life as so limited,whereas it is this vast ocean of adventures and misadventures,beauty and braun,brains and wisdom,creativity and luxury,poverty and world direst,loneliness and fear,failures and success.Thus,I am very enthusiastic to do something that other people might not actually.And I know the circumstances of this decision i am making,because it won't come easy to convince my parents or society that what I wish to do is something out of the box,whose limits have been defined to live a mere lonely,superficial and stereotypical life.I hope that this path I am going to choose prepares me for what is out there and helps me broaden my horizons as well as gives me some sort of magic to make it happen for other people.Thusforth,I am choosing the course of Bachelors in filmmaking at Los Angeles film School.I feel this would be the best for me,because of such close proximity to Hollywood.I am of the opinion that such close proximity to where you want to be,helps in giving this subconscious support and enthusiasm and a sense of security,and so we tend to flail less under other pressures and feel welcome to what we might call home in a few years.

Honestly,I don't know a thing about professional filmmaking.However,I have a leverage over the fact that up until now i.e.17 years of my life,i have seen more than a 1000 films,ranging from sound of music in my early days to harry potter and divergent in my teenage years to if i stay and ant man recently.More than watching these movies I have enjoyed seeing behind the scenes to movies such as Beauty and the Beast,where Dan Stevens had to be on stilts and a muscle suit or Harry Potter where there was so much of CGI involved and the actors had to act looking either LEDs or some inanimate object.Taking all this into consideration,I would frankly say that our experiences make us more than our degrees can ever.My current skills include singing,playing the guitar,reading,talking about women empowerment,studying,observing life as it is,clicking nature,writing stories and script writing.Also it may interest you to know that I have a diploma in German language proficiency and I have written and composed one song by the name "hug in a mug".

Also I am in the process of writing a script that would bring back together the 7 main characters from Harry Potter.What i have in mind while i am writing this script is to explain to the world that reverence till as long as it is inspirational is alright,but reverence when it becomes obsession for your favourite can be the difference between having a life and not having one.

To conclude I would say,i would love to come and study in Los Angeles and be a part of this wonderful journey.Even though I am registered for the online course,I would give anything to come and study there,where my dreams can actually take flight."

message 5: by Erin (new)

Erin While I'm happy that a woman won the award I don't know if Sophia Coppola winning is a step forward. Ms. Coppola makes films for and starring white woman. Her form of feminism is why woman of color often have a hard time viewing themselves as feminist.

But good for her... I guess.

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