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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Older Historical Romance: Book Published prior to 1999. Setting London perhaps Regency. The villain lures the heroine by kidnapping the baby. I'm not sure it's possibly either the hero or heroine stalked by villain. Spoiler ahead...

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Gayle (gaylee) | 2 comments Hero marries heroine maybe she has a villain attepting to scare her or the villain is attempting a forced marriage for her inheritance or heroine has ran away from villain & or villain forces heroine to lure men to be robbed?

OK, to complicate my post perhaps it is the hero who has the sworn enemy & instead he is the one stalked? (I do not think it is the hero with the enemy but I thought I would post just in case I confused another similar books plot.

Lots of conflict & angst in their relationship. Plus the hero very reluctantly marries heroine.

This book is a historical romance,set I believe during the regency period in London.It was published pior to 2000 even as far back as the '80s.I remember very little about the title,darn. I do remember the hero is titled or wealthy.There is distrust & suspicion between them.) Now this is what I remember best is the heroine towards the end of story has a baby.Also important to the plot is the villain(could be the real villain or his hired thugs stalk hero or heroine ).The goal is to abduct heroine For revenge?Because of 'suspicions things' happening the hero forbids her to leave the house until the villain is found. The heroine does leave the house when the villain contrives an emergency to lure her away.Because of the 'suspicious events' there are strict orders for the nanny/nurse not to leave the house. But,unfortunately the nanny decides to take baby for fresh air/stroll. (NOTE Possible Spoiler )Nanny and baby are kidnapped by thugs/villain.When the heroine gets back home and discovers the baby has been abducted,she knows exactly where the villain is holding them hostage. She of course gets imprisoned with the nanny and baby. Meanwhile the hero comes home to find out that both the baby and heroine are missing . I am not sure how he figures out how to find them but he does. Perhaps the hero finds the 'note ' from the villain that lured heroine away?Hero goes in hot pursuit. Hero manages to kill the villain and save the heroine,baby and nanny.

I hope this is not too confusing or mixing up plot lines? Anyhow I wanted to include as many details as possible, hoping it will tickle someones memory.I know your thinking instead of writing all that why doesn't she just write the book?(Smiling)Thanks to all for taking time to read my question.As an aside this query was posted to Romantic Times in 2007 & I am still hoping by posting it here to solve it!

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Gayle (gaylee) | 2 comments On another query I received a SUGGESTION ' it could be Heart of the Falcon by Diane Wicker Davis 1990 'here is a synopsis a reviewer posted. Just a heads up I will need to order the out of print book to verify if it is my book:

Tabitha Fell is a Quaker and she is betrothed to a man well respected in the Quaker community but before she marries she decides to become a governess to two rambunctious boys. Her new job brings her into danger and she is kidnapped by enemies of her employer.

Her employer has a wayward brother, Viscount Robert Langley who rides to her rescue and in the process of freeing her is injured along with his father. Tabitha feels quite responsible for their injuries and since she is a kind soul, nurses Robert back to health. Her fiance is furious over her attentive care to Robert and cries off and her Quaker friends believe her reputation is in shatters. Robert is pressed from all sides to marry her and save her reputation, however he longs to take up his adventure seeking life again.

For her part, Tabitha's Quaker roots of kindness continue and she begins charity work in London helping urchins living in the streets. She does this all under Robert's nose since he spends as little time as possible with her.

In Conclusion:
I am going to order this book to find out if it is the same one I am searching for. The synopsis doesn't mention a baby which is in plot line of book I am searching for.

In the meantime if anyone else has an idea of the book please post ( I will be forever in your debt!(smile)

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Kris | 34460 comments Mod
Heart of the Falcon by Diane Wicker Davis - mentioned by Gayle

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Gayle, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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