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Ellen | 2051 comments In war-torn France during the Nazi occupation, two sisters do whatever they have to in order to survive. Vianne Mauriac lives in the small town of Carriveau with her husband Antoine and their daughter Sophie. Antoine has gone to fight with the French army and soon after his departure the Nazis occupy Carriveau. A young German officer, Beck, is billeted with Vianne who now must be completely circumspect even in her own home. Younger sister Isabelle has felt abandoned her entire life of 18 years. Her mother's death when Isabelle was a toddler, her father's estrangement from his daughters as he left them with someone else to raise them, and even Vianne sent her away to school once Vianne married and began a family. Impulsive and stubborn, Isabelle throws herself whole-heartedly into the French resistance movement, placing her life, and even the lives of those she loves, in extreme danger over and over again. Both sisters suffer greatly during the war and each must learn to accept the things they must do to survive.

This was such a good story. I loved both sister's characters and their bravery in the face of such cruel circumstances. The descriptions of the occupation of the town, the constant hunger and lack of everyday items, and the incessant fear are nearly unbearable at times. Once I hit the midway point of the book I just couldn't put it down. It is a heartbreaking but inspiring book and one that I recommend.

message 2: by Amy (new) - rated it 5 stars

Amy | 8153 comments What a beautifully well done review of a wonderful book. I loved it too! 5 stars for me!

Karin | 6880 comments I liked this quite a bit, but at 4 stars.

Joni | 599 comments I think it's on my TBR ....I have several. 😃

Hahtoolah | 405 comments I loved this book and also gave it 5 stars.

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