Thick as Thieves (The Queen's Thief, #5) Thick as Thieves question

Who was who?
Bipeda Implume Bipeda Implume May 28, 2017 10:51AM
Maybe I read the book too quickly, or maybe I`m just expecting people to show up, but:
Who was de wine merchant?
And who is the new attendant of the king (I believe he is a new character buy not sure)

I believe the wine merchant is the Wise King from Kamet's stories.I thought earlier that he might be Gen's father, but as the story progressed it became more clear that it's the Wise King.After all his friend helped Kamet and the Attolian twice.So the Wise King had to make an appearance.

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Also, who was Kamet addressing on that map he drew?
It was addressed to 'P' and signed 'K' which I'm guessing is Kamet.
I thought he sent it to the person he was addressing in Relius's letter -Relius's new student, who I thought was the young Erondite.

I agree.. I think the wine merchant and the stranger in Zaboar are Immakuk and Ennikar. Especially the stranger in Zaboar, giving the perfect advice to get Kamet to return to the well and rescue Costis, and then disappearing so suddenly with his camels- I think that hints at something supernatural.

And the King's new attendant was referred to as the 'young Erondite'. Remember Baron Erondite whose two heirs were each improsoned and exiled in King of Attolia? Does that mean he managed to get another heir now? Would he be a threat to the throne?

I thought the stranger in Zaboar who told Kamet to not assume his friend was dead must have been Ennikar. That made me wonder if the wine merchant who helped him earlier might have been Immakuk. Will have reread and look for more clues.

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